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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year
==========< F >==========      
Fab Box Music from the Fab Box AOR 2009
Face Dancer  This World AOR 1979/2009
Face Dancer  Brave new Faces AOR 2016
Face Face  Childhood Dreams AOR 2000
Face Face  Bridge to Nowhere AOR 2006
Face It Let's face it AOR 1994
Face to Face  Face to Face +2 AOR 1984/2006
Face to Face  Confrontation +2 AOR 1985/2006
Face to Face  One big Day AOR 1988
Fahrenheit  Talking 'bout Love (EP) AOR 1989
Fahrenheit  Talking 'bout Love AOR 1989
Fair Ground Down in it Melodic Rock 2006
Fair Warning  4 Melodic HR 1990
Fair Warning  Fair Warning Melodic HR 1992
Fair Warning  Go! Melodic HR 1997/2006
Fair Warning  Brother's Keeper Melodic HR 2006
Faith Nation  Faith Nation Melodic HR 1997
Faith Nation  Ordinary People Melodic HR 1999
Faithealer Welcome to the Edge of the World Melodic HR 2010
Faithfull Light this City Melodic Rock 2003
Faithfull Horizons Melodic Rock 2008
Fake I.D.  Dreaming Ezekiel Westcoast 1997
Falcons Dangerous Life AOR 1994
Falling Mirror Zen Boulders / Storming of the Loft  AOR 1978
Falling Mirror Johnny calls the Chemist AOR 1985
Fandango  Fandango  AOR 1977/2006
Fandango  Cadillac AOR 1980/2006
Far Cry  Far Cry Melodic HR 1991/2007
Far North  What ?! Melodic HR 1993/2003
FarCry  High Gear Melodic HR 2009
FarCry  Optimism Melodic HR 2011
Fargo  Frontpage Lover Melodic HR 1980/2003
Fargo  Frontpage Lover Melodic HR 1991/2010
Faro  Dawn of Forever Melodic HR 2003
Farrenheit  Farrenheit AOR 1987
Farrenheit  Raise the Roof AOR  
Fast Forward  Living in Fiction Hi-Tech AOR 1984/2009
Fastway  Fastway  Melodic HR 1983
Fastway  Waiting for the Roar Melodic HR 1986/2006
Fatal Attraction  Simplicity rules Melodic HR 2003
Fatal Smile  Beyond Reality Melodic HR 2002
Fate  Fate AOR  
Fate  A Matter of Attitude AOR 1986
Fate  Cruisin' for a Bruisin' AOR 1988
Fate  Scratch 'n Sniff AOR 1990/2005
Fate  V AOR 2006
Fate  Ghosts from the Past AOR 2011
Fate  If not for the Devil AOR 2013
Fates Warning Awaken the Guardian Prog Metal 1986/2015
Fates Warning Awaken the Guardian / No Exit Prog Metal 1986/1988
Fates Warning Perfect Symmetry Prog Metal 1989
Fates Warning Chasing Time (Best of …) Prog Metal 1995
Fates Warning Darkness in a different Light Prog Metal 2013
Fee Waybill  Read my Lips AOR 1985
Feeling, The Boy cried Wolf Melodic Rock 2013
Feline Melinda Feline Melinda Melodic HR 2004
Felony  First Works Melodic HR 2006
Fergie Frederiksen  Equilibrium Lite AOR 1999
Fergie Frederiksen  Happiness is the Road AOR 2011
Fergie Frederiksen  Any given Moment AOR 2013
Ferreira Better run!!! Melodic HR 2010
Fierce Heart  Fierce Heart Melodic HR 1985/2007
Fierce Heart  Fierce Heart Melodic HR 2015
Fighter The Waiting Melodic HR 1991
Final Conflict  Stand up Prog Rock 1997
Final Frontier  The first Wave AOR 2002
Final Frontier  High Tension Wire AOR 2004
Final Frontier  The second Wave AOR 2004
Find Me Wings of Love AOR 2013
Find Me Dark Angel AOR 2015
Finger Print  On File AOR 1984/2007
Fiona  Heart like a Gun AOR 1989
Fiona  Squeeze AOR 1992
Fiore  Body Electric AOR 1998
Fire (Malta) Thrill me Melodic HR 2009
Fire Town  The good Life AOR 1989
Firebird  Firebird Melodic HR 2000
Firebird  Deluxe Melodic HR 2001/2007
Firefly Where you gonna run Melodic Rock 1998
Firehouse  Firehouse Melodic HR 1990
Firehouse  Hold your Fire Melodic HR 1992
Firehouse  O2 Melodic HR 2000
Firehouse  Prime Time Melodic HR 2003
Firenote Firenote Melodic HR 2009
First Shot Midnight Madness AOR 2003
First Signal First Signal AOR 2010
First Signal One Step over the Line Melodic Rock 2010
Flag  Across the Stars Prog Rock 1994/2017
Flag  Perihelion Prog Rock 2010
Flag  Perihelion Prog Rock 2010/2017
Flag  Book of Conquest Prog Rock 2005/2017
Flagship  Maiden Voyage Prog Rock 2005
Flame Blaze Melodic HR 1989
Florence 99  Florence 99 AOR 1990
Flyleaf  Flyleaf Modern Rock 2006
Flyte Flyte AOR 1995
Flyweil Flyweil AOR 1990
FM (Canada)  Tonight AOR 1987
FM  Indiscreet AOR 1986/2005
FM  Tough it out AOR 1989/2005
FM  Takin' it to the Streets AOR 1991
FM  Aphrodisiac AOR 1992
FM  Live - No Electricity required AOR 1993/2008
FM  Metropolis AOR 2010
FM  Heroes and Villains AOR 2015
FM  Atomic Generation AOR 2018
Force 10  Force 10 Pomp Rock 1981/2008
Fore  The Race AOR 1990
Foreigner  Double Vision AOR 1978
Foreigner  4 AOR 1981
Foreigner  Inside Information AOR 1987
Foreigner  Unusual Heat AOR 1991
Foreigner  The very Best and Beyond AOR  
Foreigner  Mr. Moonlight AOR 1994
Form I choose my own Melodic Metal 1995
Form, The  Informal AOR 1989
Forsale  Stranger in Town Melodic HR 1988/2010
Forte'  A dead Breed AOR 1996
Fortress Hands in the Till AOR 1981/2008
Fortune (USA)  Fortune AOR 1985
Fortune  Fortune AOR 1993
Fosterchild  On the Prowl AOR 1990
Fosterchild  Independence Day AOR 2007
Fotomaker  Fotomaker AOR 1978
Fotomaker  Vis-a-Vis AOR 1978
Four Horsemen, The  Nobody said it was Easy Melodic HR 1991
Four Horsemen, The  Gettin' pretty good … at barely getting by … Melodic HR 1996
Four56 Edge of the Storm Melodic HR 2013
Fragile The Album AOR 1983/2009
Frail Pieces of Silence Melodic HR 2006
Frank Johnson One AOR 1992
Frank Stallone  Frank Stallone AOR 1984
Frank Stallone  Full Circle AOR  
Franke & the Knockouts  Franke & the Knockouts AOR 1981/1998
Franke & the Knockouts  Below the Belt AOR 1982
Franke & the Knockouts  Makin' the Point AOR 1984
Franke & the Knockouts  The Best of: Sweetheart - Anniversary Edition  AOR 2011
Frankie Bleu Who's foolin' who? Westcoast 1982/2002
Fraze Gang Fraze Gang AOR 2006
Fraze Gang 2 AOR 2012
Freddy Curci  Dreamer's Road AOR 1994
Freddy Curci  Then & Now AOR 2000
Frederiksen - Denander  Baptism by Fire AOR 2007
Free  Fire and Water Melodic HR 1987
Free Spirit Pale Sister of Light Melodic HR 2008
Free Spirit All the Shades of darkened Light Melodic HR 2014
Freefall  Rebel hard AOR 1996
Freudian Slip Inc. Group Therapy AOR 1988
Friction  Baby Talk AOR 1990
From the Fire  Thirty Days and dirty Nights AOR 1992
From the Fire  Evil Men do AOR 2014
From the Fire  Octopus AOR 2016
From the Inside  From the Inside Melodic HR 2004
Front, The  The Front Melodic HR 1989
Front, The (Tommy Funderburk) The Front CCM AOR 1984
Frontline  The State of Rock Melodic HR 1994
Frontline  Heroes Melodic HR 1997
Frontline  Right Attitude Melodic HR 2000
Frontline  Against the World Melodic HR 2002
Frontline  Almost unreleased Melodic HR 2003
Frontline  The Seventh Sign Melodic HR 2004
Frontline  Circles (incl. Heroes) Melodic HR 2006
Frontline (US) Frontology 1983 - 1993 AOR 2009
Frontrunner  Without Reason Melodic HR 1988/2007
Frontrunner  Up n Cummin' Melodic HR 1994
Froon  Froon AOR 1988
Frost  Milliontown    (CDR) Prog Rock 2006
Frost  Experiments in Mass Appeal Prog Rock 2008
Frozen Ghost  Frozen Ghost AOR 1987
Frozen Ghost  Nice Place to visit AOR 1988
Frozen Ghost  Shake your Spirit AOR 1991
Frozen Rain Frozen Rain AOR 2008
Frozen Rain Ahead of Time AOR 2012
FS Orlonn Books of Beyond Westcoast 1995
Funny Money  Stick it ! Melodic HR 2007
Fury (LeBlanc Brothers)  Fury AOR 1985/2007
Fury  Fury Melodic HR 2002
Furyon Gravitas Melodic HR 2012
FX In Motion Hi-Tech AOR 1987
FX In the Sky Hi-Tech AOR 1992
==========< G >==========      
Gaia Gaia AOR 1996
Galahad Empire never last Melodic Metal 2007
Gallery Behind the Wall AOR 1991
Gambler Teenage Magic/Love and other Crimes  AOR 1979/2018
Gamma  Gamma 2 Melodic HR 1980
Garbo Talks  Garbo Talks Melodic HR 1998
Garnett Ford  Postcard AOR 1995
Garrison The Demo Recordings Melodic HR 2013
Gary John Barden  Love & War Melodic HR 2007
Gary John Barden  Eleventh Hour Melodic HR 2011
Gary Hughes  Strength of Heart AOR 1990
Gary Hughes  Gary Hughes AOR 1997
Gary Hughes  Precious Ones AOR 1998
Gary Hughes  Once and Future King - Part 1 AOR 2003
Gary Hughes  Once and Future King - Part 2 AOR 2003
Gary Hughes  Veritas AOR 2007
Gary Moon Still Moon AOR 2002
Gary Moore  Back on the Streets Blues Rock 1978
Gary Moore  After the War Blues Rock 1988/2003
Gary Moore  Still got the Blues Blues Rock 1990
Gary Moore  After Hours Blues Rock 1992
Gary Moore  Ballads & Blues, 1982 - 1994 Blues Rock 1994
Gary Moore  The Rock Collection Blues Rock 2004
Gary Schutt  Sentimetal Melodic HR 1995
Gary Schutt  Palisade - Lost in Paradise Melodic HR 2006
Gary Wright The Dream Weaver Symphonic Rock 1975/1990
GAS GAS Melodic Rock 1990
Gaskin End of the World Melodic HR 20111
Gathering, The Mandylion Melodic HR 1995
Gathering, The If then else Melodic HR 2000
Gatling Gun  Turn back the Time AOR 2000
GB Arts The Lake Prog Rock 2000
Gene Walk Group Gene Walk Group (EP '93) AOR 1993
Genesis Nursery Cryme Prog Rock 1971/1994
Genesis Foxtrot Prog Rock 1972/1994
Genesis Wind and Wuthering Prog Rock 1977/1994
Genesis And then there were three … Prog Rock 1979
Geneva Temptation Melodic Rock 2013
Geoff Moore & The Distance  A Place to stand AOR 1988
Geoff Moore & The Distance  A Friend like U AOR 1992
Geoff Moore & The Distance  Greatest Hits AOR 1996
George & G. So much to say Westcoast 2011
Georgia Satellites, The  Let it rock  The best of … Southern Rock 1993
Ghost  The other Side AOR 1995
Ghost Poets, The The Ghost Poets AOR 1993
Giant  Last of the Runaways AOR 1989
Giant  Time to Burn AOR 1992
Giant  III AOR 2001
Giant  Promise Land AOR 2010
Gideon's Army  Warriors of Love AOR 1986/2013
Gideon's Army  Grace AOR 1990/2015
Giraffe The Power of Suggestion Prog AOR 1987/2012
Giraffe The View from here Prog AOR 1989/2012
Giuffria  Giuffria AOR 1984
Giuffria  Silk and Steel AOR 1986
Glacier Monument Prog Rock 2001
Glacier Ashes for the Monarch Prog Rock 2015
Glass Canoe Glass Canoe AOR 1992
Glass Moon Glass Moon/Growing In The Dark  AOR ??/2004
Glass Tiger  Simple Mission AOR 1990
Glass Tiger  Best of … AOR  
Glazzhouse  Life in G Melodic HR 2003
Glen Burtnick  Talking in Code AOR 1986/2008
Glen Burtnick  Heroes & Zeroes AOR 1987
Glen Stace Buddhahotel AOR 1991
Glory Danger in the Game Melodic HR 1989
Go West  Go West AOR 1996
Goddo  King of broken Hearts Melodic HR 1992/2001
Golden & Carillo  A Fire in new Town AOR 1992
Golden & Carillo  Toxic Emotion AOR 1994
Golden Earring  Golden Earring Melodic HR 1970/2001
Golden Farm  Angel's Tears AOR 2001
Good Rats Cover of Night Melodic HR 2000
Goodbye Thrill  Goodbye Thrill Melodic HR 2007
Gorky Park Gorky Park Melodic HR 1989
Gotthard  Gotthard AOR 1992
Gotthard  Dial hard AOR 1993
Gotthard  G AOR 1996
Gotthard  Homerun AOR 2001
Gotthard  Human Zoo Melodic Rock 2003
Gotthard  Lipservice Melodic Rock 2005
Gotthard  Made in Switzerland Melodic Rock 2006
Gotthard  Domino Effect Melodic Rock 2007
Gotthard  Need to believe (Ltd. Ed. Box) Melodic Rock 2009
Gotthard  Firebirth Melodic Rock 2012
Gowan  Gowan AOR 1982/1998
Gowan  Strange Animal AOR 1985
Gowan  Lost Brotherhood AOR 1990
Gowan  The Good catches up AOR 1994
Gowan  Home Field AOR 1998
GPS  Window of the Soul Prog Rock 2006
Grady Cain Faces of Cain Melodic HR 1995
Grafite Grafite Melodic HR 1994
Graffiti Rock the World! Melodic Rock 2013
Graffiti Obsession Melodic Rock 2015
Graham Goble Encounter, The Nautilus AOR 1993
Graham Goble Stop AOR 1995
Gral The Man from the Moon Prog Rock 1988
Granati Bros The continuing Adventures of the Granati Bros Melodic Rock 2002
Grand Alliance  Grand Alliance AOR 1983/2013
Grand Design Time Elevation Melodic HR 2009
Grand Design Idolizer Melodic HR 2011
Grand Design Thrill of the Night Melodic HR 2014
Grand Design Viva La Paradise Melodic HR 2018
Grand Hotel Do not disturb AOR 2009
Grand Illusion  The Book of how to make it AOR 2001
Grand Illusion  View from the Top AOR 2002
Grand Illusion  Ordinary just won't do AOR 2004
Grand Illusion  Prince of Paupers AOR 2011
Grand Masquerade, The MMXVI AOR 2016
Grand Prix  The first Album AOR 1981
Grand Prix  Samurai AOR 1982
Grand Prix  There for None to see AOR 2000
Grand Slam Rhythmic Noise Melodic Rock 1990
Grant Stevens Grant Stevens AOR 1999
Gravy Train  Gravy Train  Prog Rock 1970
Gravy Train  Staircase to the Day Prog Rock  
Gravy Train  Ballad of a peaceful Man Prog Rock  
Great White  Shot in the Dark Melodic HR 1986
Great White  Once bitten Melodic HR 1987/2000
Great White  Hooked Melodic HR 1991/2005
Green  Life Melodic HR 2003
Green Day  American Idiot AOR  
Greenhouze  Greenhouze AOR 2005
Greenway Serious Business AOR 1988
Greg Rollie  Hands in Time (Gringo) AOR 1987
Greg Rollie  Rough Tracks AOR 1997
Greg Russell  Make a Fool out of me AOR 1995
Groundstar Forced Landing AOR 1978/2011
GTO Angels calling AOR 2005
GTS Tracks from the Dustshelf AOR ??
GTS Time stood still AOR 1996
Guess Who, The  Lonely One AOR  
Guido Mineo In Staccato Heaven AOR 1990
Guild of Ages  One AOR 1998
Guild of Ages  Citadel AOR 2001
Gun  Taking on the World Melodic HR 1989
Gun  Gallus Melodic HR 1992
Gun  Swagger Melodic HR 1995
Gun  The River Sessions Melodic HR 2005
Gunner Keep fighting Melodic HR 2014
Gunner All Access Melodic HR 2016
Guns N' Roses  Appetite for Destruction Melodic HR 1987
Gunshy  Mayday Melodic HR 1995
Guy Buttery Guy Buttery AOR 2015
GÜRU GÜRU Melodic HR 2010
GÜRU White Melodic HR 2013
GÜRU Red Melodic HR 2016
Gynger Lynn Baby's gone bad Melodic HR 2012
Gypsy Blue  Creative Tension Melodic HR 1993/2007
Gypsy Rose (SW) Another World Melodic HR 2008
==========< H >==========      
H.e.a.t. H.e.a.t. AOR 2008
H.e.a.t. Beg Beg Beg (EP) AOR 2010
H.e.a.t. Freedom Rock AOR 2010
H.e.a.t. Address the Nation AOR 2012
H.e.a.t. A Shot at Redemption (EP) AOR 2014
Halestorm Halestorm Melodic Rock 2009
Halestorm ReAnimate 2.0: The Covers EP Melodic Rock 2013
Hall & Oates War Babies AOR 1974/1998
Hall & Oates X-Static AOR 1979/2008
Hall & Oates H2O AOR 1982/2004
Hall & Oates Do it for Love AOR 2002
Halo  Halo CCM AOR 1990
Halo  Heaven calling CCM AOR 1991
Hammered Blue Seas of Black Melodic HR 1996
Hamish …The Mac  River of Hope AOR 1994/2007
Hand of Fate  Hand of Fate AOR 1990
Hang Loose  Perfect World Melodic HR 2001
Hank Decken  Life around the Edges AOR 1999
Hank Erix Nothing but Trouble Melodic Rock 2018
Hansel Mission to Rock Melodic HR 2008
Hansel Never say die Melodic HR 2010
Hansel Fluorescent Blue Rain Melodic HR 2013
Hard Rain  Hard Rain AOR 1997/2006
Hard Rain  When the Good Times come AOR 1999
Hardline  Double Eclipse Melodic HR 1992
Hardline  II Melodic HR 2002
Hardline  Leaving the End open Melodic HR 2009
Hardreams The Road goes on … Melodic Rock 2008
Harem Scarem  Harem Scarem AOR 1991
Harem Scarem  Mood swings AOR 1993
Harem Scarem  Voice of Reason AOR 1995
Harem Scarem  Believer AOR 1997
Harem Scarem  Weight of the World AOR 2002
Harem Scarem  Higher AOR 2003
Harem Scarem  Overload AOR 2005
Harem Scarem  Hope AOR 2008
Harem Scarem  Thirteen AOR 2014
Harlan Cage  Harlan Cage AOR 1996
Harlan Cage  Double Medication Tuesday AOR 1998
Harlan Cage  Forbidden Colours AOR 1999
Harlan Cage  Temple of Tears AOR 2002
Harlequin  One false Move AOR 1982/2012
Harlequin  Love Crimes AOR 1980
Harlequin  Greatest hits AOR 1986
Harlequin  II Melodic HR 2004
Harlequin  Waking the Jester Melodic HR 2007
Harlot  Room with a View AOR 1988/1993
Hartmann  Out in the Cold AOR 2005
Hartmann  Home AOR 2007
Hartmann  3 AOR 2009
Hartmann  Balance AOR 2012
Harvest Holy Fire CCM AOR 1980
Haven  The Road AOR 2001
Hawkwind Levitation Prog Rock 1989
Haywire  Bad Boys AOR 1986
Haywire  Don't just stand there AOR 1987
Head East  Flat as a Pancake AOR 1975
Head East  A different Kind of Crazy AOR 1979
Head East  A different Kind of Crazy AOR 1979/2013
Head East  Choice of Weapons AOR 1988
Headmaster The Kids said Rock Melodic Rock 1992
Headpins  Line of Fire AOR 1983
Heart  Brigade AOR 1990
Heart  Jupiters Darling AOR 2004
Heartbanger Through the Dark AOR 2016
Heartbreak Radio  Heartbreak Radio AOR 2005
Heartbreak Radio  On Air AOR 2013
Heartland  Heartland AOR 1991
Heartland  Miracles by Design AOR 1998
Heartland  As it comes AOR 2000
Heartland  Communication down AOR 2002
Heartland  Move on AOR 2005
Heartland  Mind your Head AOR 2007
Heartland  Travelling through Time AOR 2011
Heartless Heartless Melodic Rock 1990/2005
Heartplay  The Album AOR 2001
Heartplay  Where the Deadends Meet AOR 2004
Hearts of Saints For all of us Modern Rock 2012
Heat, The The Heat Melodic HR 1994
Heaven (NO) Take me back AOR 1989/2003
Heaven and Earth/Stuart Smith Windows to the World AOR 2001
Heaven and Earth/Stuart Smith Dig AOR 2013
Heaven's Edge  Heaven's Edge Melodic HR 1990
Heaven's Touch The Best - 1988-1995 Melodic HR 2009
Heavy Pettin'  Rock A'int Dead AOR 1985
Heavy Pettin'  Big Bang AOR 1989
Hedley  Hedley Modern Rock 2006
Helix  It's a Business doing Pleasure AOR 1993
Hell in the Club Let the Games begin Melodic HR 2011
Hemingway Corner Hemingway Corner AOR 1993
Hemingway Corner Under the big Sky AOR 1995
Henry Lee Summer  Henry Lee Summer  AOR 1988
Henry Lee Summer  Way past Midnight AOR 1991
Henry Lee Summer  Slamdunk AOR 1993
Henry Lee Summer  Smoke & Mirrors AOR 1998
Henry Lee Summer  Live AOR 1999
Henry Paul Band Henry Paul AOR 1982/2003
Hens Hensen  Wild & Free AOR 2006
Herborn High Heels AOR 1995
Herland One small Step Melodic Rock 1995
Hess  Just another Day AOR 2003
Higher Ground  Perfect Chaos Melodic Rock 2000
Higher Ground  A Thousand Pieces Melodic Rock 2004
Higher Ground  Gravity Melodic Rock 2013
Highest Dream Far away from here AOR 2009
Highland  One more Time AOR  
Highlanders, The A perfect Crime AOR 1989
HIM  Dark Light Melodic HR 2005
Hinder  Extreme Behaviour Modern Rock 2005
Hinder  Take it to the Limit Modern Rock 2008
Hit the Ground Runnin'  Control yourself AOR 2000
Hit the Ground Runnin'  Hit the Ground Runnin' AOR 2007
Hittman Vivas Machina Melodic Metal 1993
Ho Sai Tightropes Westcoast 1987
Hobbit 2 Feet tall AOR 1999
Hobbit Rockin' the Shire AOR 2001
Hobbit All for the One AOR 2003
Hodson This strange World AOR 2004
Hollies, The Staying Power AOR 2006
Holly Woods  Live it up! AOR 1985/2007
Hollywood Burnouts  Hollywood Burnouts  Melodic HR 2011
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier CCM Melodic Metal 1990
Holyhell Holyhell Melodic HR 2009
Honeymoon Suite  The big Price AOR 1985
Honeymoon Suite  Racing after Midnight AOR 1987
Honeymoon Suite  Singles AOR  
Honeymoon Suite  Monsters under the Bed AOR 1991
Hooters  Nervous Night AOR 1985
Hooters  Zig Zag AOR 1989
Hooters  One Way Home AOR  
Hope All of my Days AOR 2008
Horyzon Horyzon Melodic Rock 2015
Hot Boy  Barely Legal AOR 1989
Hotel Hotel AOR 1979/2018
Hotel Half Moon Silver AOR 1980/2018
Hotel Hunger  This is where the Fun starts AOR 1989
Hotline Help AOR 1982/2005
Hotshot  Hotshot Melodic HR 2005
Hotwire  Hotwire Melodic HR 1995
Hotwire  Devil in Disguise Melodic HR 2006
House of Lords  House of Lords Melodic HR 1988
House of Lords  Sahara Melodic HR 1990
House of Lords  Demons Down Melodic HR 1992
House of Lords  World upside down Melodic HR 2006
House of Lords  Live in the UK Melodic HR 2007
House of Lords  Come to my Kingdom Melodic HR 2008
House of Lords  Cartesian Dreams Melodic HR 2009
House of Lords  Big Money Melodic HR 2011
House of Mirrors  Nightflight to Paradise AOR 2004
House of Mirrors  Desolation Melodic HR 2006
House of Shakira  Lint AOR 1997
House of Shakira  On the Verge AOR 1998
House of Spirits Turn of the Tide Prog Hard Rock 1994
House of X House of X Melodic HR 2014
Houston Houston AOR 2010
Houston Houston II AOR 2013
Houston Houston III AOR 2017
Hughes/Thrall  Hughes/Thrall AOR 1982/2007
Hughes/Turner Project Hughes/Turner Project Melodic HR 2002
Hugo  Hugo AOR 1997
Hugo  Time on Earth AOR 2000
Hugo  Fire in the Night AOR 2004
Human Clay Human Clay Melodic HR 1996
Human Condition Human Condition AOR 1991
Human Temple  Insomnia Melodic HR 2001
Human Temple  Murder of Crows Melodic HR 2010
Human Zoo  Precious Time Melodic HR 2006
Human Zoo  Over the Horizon Melodic HR 2007
Human Zoo  Eyes of the Stranger Melodic HR 2011
Human Zoo  My own God Melodic HR 2016
Humanimal  Humanimal Melodic HR 2002
Hungryheart One Ticket to Paradise Melodic Rock 2010
Hunt, The The Thrill of the Kill Melodic Rock 1982
Hunter (Dragon) Dreams of ordinary Men AOR 2004
Hunter (US) L.A. Crossfire Melodic HR 1990/2009
Hunter (Chile) Hunter Melodic HR 2018
Hunter-Greer Tales from Stoney's Bar & Grill AOR 1994
Hurricane  Take what you want Melodic HR 1985
Hurricane  Over the Edge Melodic HR 1988
Hurricane  Slave to the Thrill Melodic HR 1990
Hurricane  Liquifury Melodic HR 2001/2010
Hurricane Party Get this Melodic HR 2004
Hush (US)  Hush (feat. Robert Berry) AOR 1998
Hush (NO)  If you smile AOR 1998
Hybrid Ice  Hybrid Ice AOR 1983/2000
Hybrid Ice  No Rules AOR 1987
Hybrid Ice  Mind's Eye AOR 2009
Hydrogyn Bombshell Melodic HR 2006
Hyts  Hyts AOR 1983
Hyts  Looking from the Outside AOR 1985
==========< I >==========      
i-Ten  Taking a cold Look Westcoast 1983
Ian Cussick  Forever Lite AOR 1991
Ian Gomm Summer Holiday AOR 1995
Ian Hunter  Ian Hunter AOR 1975
Ian Lloyd Goosebumps AOR 1979
Ian Parry Visions AOR 2006
Ian James Stewart Junk DNA AOR 2013
Ian Thomas  Still here AOR 1978/2010
Ian Thomas  Glider AOR 1979/2013
Ian Thomas  The Runner AOR 1981/2013
Ian Thomas  Levity AOR 1988
Ice Blue  Ice Blue Melodic HR 2002
Icon  Night of the Crime / A more perfect Union AOR  
Iconic Eye Well begun (EP) AOR 2015
Iconic Eye Hidden in plain Sight AOR 2015
Iconic Eye Time (EP) AOR 2017
Iconic Eye Into the Light AOR 2017
ICU  Stand on your own AOR 1992
Idle Cure  Idle Cure  CCM AOR 1986
Idle Cure  Tough Love CCM AOR 1988
Idle Cure  2nd Avenue CCM AOR 1990
Idle Cure  Inside out CCM AOR 1991
Idle Cure  Breakaways CCM AOR 1992
Idle Cure  Eclipse CCM AOR 1994
Idle Eyes Idle Eyes AOR 1984/2011
Idle Tears Idle Tears AOR 1986/2014
If Only Destiny AOR 1990
If Only No Bed of Roses AOR 1992
If Only No Bed of Roses AOR 1992/2011
Illi-Noize  Get ready AOR 1990
Illusion  Illusion AOR 1985/2008
Illusion Suite Final Hour Prog Metal 2009
Illustrator  Illustrator AOR 1987
Illustrator  Somewhere in the World AOR 1989
Imaginary Few Crimes in the Night AOR 1991
Immigrants, The One Planet under one Groove AOR 1995
Impera Pieces of Eden AOR 2013
Impulsia Expressions Melodic HR 2009
In and Out In and Out Melodic HR 1992
In Faith There 's a Storm coming Melodic Rock 2014
In Reach Waterline CCM AOR 1992
In2Focus Rise CCM AOR 1991
Incura Incura Melodic Rock 2014
Infinite Dreams  Touch my Skin Melodic HR 2003
Infinite Dreams  Big World Melodic HR 2006
Inglorious Inglorious Melodic HR 2016
Innocent, The (US)  Livin' in the Street AOR 1985/2009
Innocent, The  The only Answer AOR 1989
Innocent  Innocent AOR 1997
Inspector Russian Prayer Melodic HR 1993
Intelligent Music Project II My Kind o' Lovin' AOR 2014
Intruder  Dangerous Nights AOR 1998
Intruder  Believer AOR 2000
Intuition Turn it on Melodic HR 1994
Iona Journey into the Morn Prog AOR 1995
IronHorse Bring it on Melodic HR 2004
IronHorse Change my Religion Melodic HR 2007
Irrwisch Forbidden Fruits AOR 1991
Isom  Hearts on Fire Melodic HR 1987/2007
Issa The Storm Melodic Rock 2011
Issa Can't stop Melodic Rock 2012
Issa Crossfire Melodic Rock 2015
It Bites  Once around the World Prog Rock 1988
It Bites  Eat me in St. Louis Prog Rock 1989
It Bites  Calling all the Heroes (The Best of) Prog Rock 1995
It Bites  Tall Ships Prog Rock 2008
It Bites  Map of the Past Prog Rock 2012
Ivan Neville  If my Ancestors could see me now Westcoast 1988
Izabella Iza AOR 1991
No. of CD's  591    
Total No. Of CD's 4370    
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