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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year
==========< # >==========      
1st Avenue  Tears and Triumph Melodic HR 1992
1st Avenue  Daily Battle Melodic HR 1994
2am  When every Second counts Westcoast 1987
2 Below 2 Below Westcoast 1993
2HOT4U Unlock your Mind Prog AOR 1994
3 Doors Down  The Basics of Life CCM AOR 1992
4 Him Hold on AOR 1990
4 Sale  Hold on AOR 1990
4 Sale  Time stood still AOR 2006
7 Months  7 Months AOR 2002
7th Heaven  Silver Melodic Rock 2003
7th Heaven  U.S.A. - U.K. Melodic Rock 2008
7th Heaven  Pop Media Melodic Rock 2011
7th Heaven  Color in Motion Melodic Rock 2018
9th Street  The Prayer AOR 1989
10 Years  The Autumn Effect Modern Rock 2005
16 Frames Where it ends Modern Rock 2009
21 Guns Salute Melodic HR 1992
24K  Pure AOR 2000
38 Special  Wild-Eyed Southern Boys AOR 1978
38 Special  Special Forces AOR 1982
38 Special  Tour De Force AOR 1983
38 Special  Strength in Numbers AOR 1986
40 Ft. Ringo  Funny Thing Melodic HR 2003
58K Circles AOR 1993
91 Suite  91 Suite AOR 2002
91 Suite  Times they change AOR 2005
101 South  101 South AOR 2000
101 South  Roll of the Dice AOR 2002
101 South  No U-Turn AOR 2009
220 Volt  Eye to Eye Melodic HR 1989
707 Mega Force AOR 1981/2004
707 707 / The second album AOR 1998
707 The Bridge AOR 2004
1927  … ish AOR 1989
1927  The other Side AOR 1990
1994  1994 Melodic HR 2005
==========< A >==========      
A.C.T.  Today's Report Prog Rock 1999
A.C.T.  Silence Prog Rock 2006
Aaron Walpole Aaron Walpole AOR 2006
Absolute Steel Womanizer Melodic Metal 2005
Absolute Zero  Never surrender AOR 2000
AC/DC Blow up your Video Melodic HR 1988
Accomplice  She's on Fire Melodic HR 2006
Aces High  Ten 'n out Melodic HR 1994
Aces High  Pull no Punches Melodic HR 1998
Aces High  Forgive & Forget Melodic HR 2004
Acrided  Wild Life Melodic HR 1993
Action Action AOR 2007
Action, The  Louder than Words AOR 1986/2008
Adellaide Adellaide AOR 2016
Adrenalin Road of the Gypsy AOR 1986/2012
Adrenalin (CA) Dedicated Melodic HR 1995
AdrianGale  Re Program Melodic HR 2002
AdrianGale  Crunch Melodic HR 2004
Adrian Dodz Adrian Dodz AOR 2010
Adrian Gurvitz No Compromise AOR 1983/2000
Aerial Manoevres AOR 1994
Aerial In the Middle of the Night AOR 1994
Aerosmith  Rocks Melodic HR 1976/1993
Aerosmith  Permanent Vacation Melodic HR 1987
Aerosmith  Pump Melodic HR 1989/2001
Aerosmith  Get a Grip Melodic HR 1993
Aerosmith  Nine Lives Melodic HR 1997
Affair  Face to Face Melodic HR 1998
Affair  No Substitute Melodic HR 2002
After Forever  After Forever Melodic Metal 2007
After Hours Take off AOR 1988
After Hours Against the Grain AOR 2011
Agent  Agent AOR 1996
Agent  Evidence … AOR 1998
Agent X Rock 'n Roll Angels Glam Rock 2011
Agnes  When the Night falls Melodic HR 2006
Aidean  Promises AOR 1988
Aina  Living in a Boy's World AOR 2005
Air Raid  Air Raid AOR 2005
Airborne  Airborne AOR 1979/2001
Airborne  The Dig AOR 2003
Airkraft  Airkraft AOR 1989
Airkraft  In the Red AOR 1990
AilaFar Long Way to Imagery AOR 2011
Airplay  Airplay AOR 1980
Airrace  Shaft of Light AOR 1984
Airrace  Back to the Start AOR 2011
Airrace  Untold Stories AOR 2018
Airtime Liberty Manifesto Melodic Rock 2007
Al Denson  Al Denson CCM AOR 1989
Al Denson  Be the One CCM AOR 1990
Al Denson  The extra Mile CCM AOR 1992
Alan Frew Hold on AOR 1994
Alan Friedman  The Test of Time AOR 2002
Alan Gorrie Sleepless Nights AOR 2004
Alan Parsons Project, The Tales of Mystery and Imagination Melodic Rock 1976
Alan Parsons Project, The Pyramid Melodic Rock 1979
Alan Parsons Project, The The Turn of a friendly Card Melodic Rock 1980/2008
Alan Parsons Project, The Eye in the Sky Melodic Rock 1982/2007
Alan Parsons Project, The I Robot Melodic Rock 1984
Alannah Myles Alannah Myles Melodic Rock 1989
Alannah Myles A-lan-nah Melodic Rock 1995
Alarm, The Eye of the Hurricane Melodic Rock 1987
Alaska  The Pack Melodic HR 2000
Alaska  Bronze Years Melodic HR 2000
Alcatrazz Disturbing the Peace Melodic HR 1985/2011
Alchemist, The Taboo AOR 1994
Aldo Nova  Aldo Nova Melodic HR 1982
Aldo Nova  Subject Melodic HR 1983
Aldo Nova  Twitch Melodic HR 1984
Aldo Nova  Blood on the Tracks Melodic HR 1991
Alec Star  Full Circle AOR 2005
Alessi Long Time Friends AOR 1982/2010
Alex Falcone AphasiA Melodic HR 2009
Alexa  Alexa AOR 2006
Alfonzetti  Ready Melodic HR 2000
Alfonzetti  Here comes the Night Melodic HR 2011
Alias  Alias AOR 1990
Alias  Never say never AOR 2009
Alibi Misdemeanours Melodic Rock 2006
Alice Cooper Killer Melodic HR 1971
Alice Cooper School's out Melodic HR 1972
Alien  Alien AOR 1988
Alien  Alien AOR 1989
Alien  Shiftin' Gear AOR 1990
Alien  Dark Eyes AOR 2005
Alien  Eternity AOR 2014
All 41 World's best Hope Melodic Rock 2017
Allen & Lande  The Battle Melodic HR 2005
Allen & Lande  The Revenge Melodic HR 2007
Allen & Lande  The Showdown Melodic HR 2010
Allen & Lande  The great Divide Melodic HR 2014
Alliance (US)  Alliance AOR 1982/2007
Alliance  Alliance AOR 1997
Alliance  Missing Piece AOR 1999
Alliance  Road to Heaven AOR 2008
Allied Nations  Touch and Go AOR 2009
Allies  Virtue CCM AOR 1985/2013
Allies  Man with a Mission CCM AOR 1992
Allies  The Light Years CCM AOR 1995
Allison  One Melodic HR 1983
Allison  Wonderland Melodic HR 1995
Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri AOR 1977/1996
Alyson Avenue  Presence of Mind AOR 2000
Alyson Avenue  Omega AOR 2004
Alyson Avenue  Changes AOR 2011
AM/PM Blue Shades Westcoast 1997
Amaranthe Amaranthe Melodic Metal 2011
Amaranthe The Nexus Melodic Metal 2013
Amaryllis Shinedown Prog Rock 2008
Amaseffer Slaves for Life Prog Rock 2008
Amaze Me  Amaze Me AOR 1995
Amaze Me  Dream on AOR 1997
Amaze Me  Wonderland AOR 1998
Amaze Me  Guilty as Sin AOR 2013
Ambition  Ambition AOR 2006
Ambrosia  Somewhere I've never travelled Prog Rock 1976
America  Here & Now AOR 2007
American Angel  EP 92 Melodic HR 1992
Ammunition (Age Sten Nilsen's) Shanghaied Melodic Rock 2015
Amy Grant  Heart in Motion CCM AOR 1991
Anatomic  In for the Thrill AOR 2000
Ancara Beyond the Dark Melodic HR 2008
Ancestors, The Brigadoon Melodic Rock 1994
Andersen, Laine, Readman  III Melodic HR  
Andrew Gold Andrew Gold + What's wrong with this Picture Melodic Rock 1975/2013
Andrew Gold All this and Heaven too + Whirlwind Melodic Rock 1976/2013
Andrew Gold Bonus Tracks Melodic Rock 1980/2013
Andy Baum  Andy Baum (Master Series) AOR 1998
Andy Baum & the Trix Extra Feathers AOR 1991
Andy Becht Band There's Somebody yet AOR  
Andy Curran Andy Curran Melodic HR 1990
Andy Fraser  Fine fine Line AOR 1984/2009
Andy Q  Legend in a Loungeroom AOR 1988
Andy Rock Into the Night AOR 2012
Andy Taylor  Thunder AOR 1987
Andy Taylor  Dangerous AOR 1990
Aniday Aniday Melodic Rock 2014
Ange Egna Prog Rock  
Angel  On Earth as it is in Heaven Pomp AOR 1977/2008
Angel  Sinful Melodic HR 1979/2005
Angel  In the Beginning Melodic HR 1999
Angeline Confessions AOR 2010
Angeline Disconnected AOR 2011
Angels or Kings Kings of Nowhere Melodic Rock 2014
Angie Aparo The American Melodic Rock 2000
Annica Badly Dreaming AOR 2004
Anxious Traveled so far AOR 1993
Anyone's Daughter  Danger World Prog Rock 2001/2010
Anyone's Daughter  Wrong Prog Rock 2004
Any Day Now Millennium AOR 1999
AOR  Dreaming of LA AOR 2003
AOR  Nothing but the best AOR 2004
AOR  L.A. Attraction AOR 2006
AOR  L.A. Concession AOR 2006
AOR  Journey to L.A. AOR 2009
AOR  L.A. Temptation AOR 2012
APD A Perfect Day Melodic Rock 2012
Aphrodite's Child 666 Melodic Rock 1971/1989
Appearance of Nothing Wasted Time Prog Rock 2008
April Wine Harder … Faster Melodic Rock 1979
April Wine The Nature of the Beast/Powerplay Melodic Rock 1981/1982
April Wine Animal Grace Melodic Rock 1982
April Wine Walking through Fire Melodic Rock 1985/2009
Arcade Arcade Melodic HR 1993
Arcade Fire Arcade Fire AOR 2005
Arcangel  Arcangel AOR 1983
Arcangel  Tamorok AOR 2002
Arcara  Arcara Melodic HR 1995
Arcara  A Matter of Time Melodic HR 1997
Arctic Foxx Window of Time Melodic Rock 2003
Area  The Falcon AOR 1997
Arena  Songs from the Lions Cage Prog Rock 1995
Arena  Pride Prog Rock 1996
Arena  Pepper's Ghost Prog Rock 2005
Arena (SW) Arena AOR 2004
Ari Koivunen  Fuel for the Fire Melodic HR 2007
Ari Koivunen  Becoming Melodic HR 2008
Aries Crash and Burn AOR 2001
Aris Rain dries AOR 2000
Ark Ark Melodic Metal 2001
ArkAngel Warrior CCM AOR 1980
Arno Carstens Atari Gala Melodic Rock 2012
Arrezt  Don't run Melodic HR 2007
Arrival  Delayed CCM AOR 1998
Arrival  Point of Origin AOR 2008
Arrival (2) Arrival 2013 AOR 2013
Armor of God  2 Face Reality Melodic HR 2002
Arrows, The  Stand back AOR 1984/2011
Arrows, The  The Lines are open AOR 1985
Arrows, The  The Best of ... AOR 1995
Art in America  Art in America Prog Rock 1996
Art Nation Revolution Melodic Rock 2015
Art Nation Liberation Melodic Rock 2017
Arti Tisi   AOR 2017
Arti Tisi   AOR 2017
Arti Tisi The Reeperbahn AOR 2017
Artica  As it should be AOR 1995
Asia  Asia AOR 1982
Asia  Alpha AOR 1983
Asia  Astra AOR 1985
Asia  Aqua AOR 1992/2006
Asia  Arena (ltd. Edition) AOR 1996
Asia  Aura AOR 2001
Asia  Silent Nation AOR 2004
Asia  Phoenix AOR 2008
Asia  Omega AOR 2010
Asia (US) Armed to the Teeth / Asia Prog AOR 2015
Ask a Stranger Stranger Things have happened AOR 1991
Askari  Askari AOR 1998
Asylum Suite  Asylum Suite Melodic HR 1999
Atlanta Rhythm Section  Truth in a structured Form AOR 1989
Atlanta Rhythm Section  The Best of ... AOR 1991
Atlanta Rhythm Section  Eufaula AOR 1999
Atlantic  Power AOR 1994
Atlas Against all Odds Melodic HR 2010
Atsushi Yokozeki Project  Raid AOR 1993/2010
Attraction  Get up 'n' Shake AOR 1999
Attraction 65  Attraction 65 AOR 2003
Audience The House on the Hill Prog AOR 197x/1991
Austin Go big or stay Home AOR 1997
Autodrive Autodrive AOR 1995
Autograph  Sign in please Melodic HR 1984
Autograph  Loud and Clear Melodic HR 1987
Autograph  Buzz Melodic HR 2003
Automatix, The  Night Rider AOR 1983
Ava Ava Hi-Tech AOR 1989
Avalon Eurasia Melodic Metal 2004
Average White Band Shine Melodic Rock 1980
Avian  From the Depths of Time Prog Metal 2005
Aviary  Aviary AOR 1997
Aviary  Ambition AOR 2003
Aviator  Aviator AOR 1997
Avion  Avion AOR 1983
Avion  White Noise AOR 1986
Avtograf  Tear down the Border AOR 1991
Awful Truth, The The awful Truth Melodic HR 1989
Axe  Axe AOR 1992
Axe  Living on the Edge AOR 1980/1992
Axe  Five AOR 1997
Axel Rudi Pell  Magic Melodic HR 1997
Axel Rudi Pell  Oceans of Time Melodic HR 1998
Axel Rudi Pell  The Ballads II Melodic HR 1999
Axel Rudi Pell  Kings and Queens Melodic HR 2004
Axxis  The big Thrill Melodic HR 1993
Axxis  Profile … The Best of Axxis Melodic HR 1994
Axxis  Back to the Kingdom Melodic HR 2000
Aztec Jade  Paradise lost Prog Metal 2000
Aztec Jade  Concrete Eden Prog Metal 2002
==========< B >==========      
B. B. King Blues at the Bayou Blues Rock 1998
B. B. King & Eric Clapton Riding with the King Blues Rock 2000
B. E. Taylor Try Love AOR 1997
B. E. Taylor Group  Our World AOR 1998
B. E. Taylor Group  Our World AOR 1998/2013
B. J. Thomas Midnight Minute AOR 1989
B-Joe  B-Joe AOR 1991
B-Joe  Ready to Ride AOR 1992
B-Joe  White, white Roses AOR 1995
Baby Animals This is not the End Melodic Rock 2013
Baby Jane Into the Spotlight Melodic HR 2012
Baby Tuckoo  Force Majeure Melodic Rock 2010
Babylon A.D.  Babylon A.D. Melodic HR 1989
Babylon A.D.  Nothing Sacred Melodic HR 1992
Babys, The  On the Edge AOR 1980/2009
Babys, The  Union Jacks AOR 1980/2009
Babys, The  Isn't it Time AOR 1997
Babys, The  I'll have some of that! AOR 2014
Back Might of Dreams AOR 2002
Bad Boy  Best of … Melodic HR 1998
Bad Company  Bad Company Melodic HR 1974
Bad Company  Dangerous Age Melodic HR 1988
Bad Company  The Original Bad Company Anthology Melodic HR 1999
Bad English  Bad English AOR 1989
Bad English  Backlash AOR 1991
Bad English  Greatest hits AOR 1995
Bad Habit  Adult Orientation AOR 1998
Bad Habit  13 Years of Bad Habits AOR 2000
Bad Habit  Revolution/r.e.d.u.x. AOR 2003
Bad Habit  Hear-Say AOR 2005
Bad Habit  Above and Beyond AOR 2009
Bad Habit  Timeless AOR 2010
Bad Habit  Atmosphere AOR 2011
Bad Influence One Way Love AOR 2000
Bad Memories Forced to be a Stranger Melodic HR 2012
Bad Moon Rising Opium for the Masses Melodic HR 1995
Bad Radiator Hypnotize Melodic Rock 2013
Bad Radiator Shanghai Melodic Rock 2014
Bad Radiator Demons Melodic Rock 2015
Bad Radiator IV Melodic Rock 2017
Badhoven Behind the Masquerade AOR 2001
Badhoven Believe AOR 2002
Badhoven Obsession AOR 2013
Badlands  Badlands AOR 1989/2010
Badlands  Voodoo Highway Melodic Metal 1991
Baghdad  Baghdad Melodic HR 1987
Baghdad  The Dark Melodic HR 1992
BAJM Biala Armia AOR 1990
Bakers Pink  Bakers Pink Melodic HR 1993
Balance  Balance AOR 1981
Balance  In for the Count AOR 2007
Balance  Equilibrium AOR 2009
Balance II Balance II Prog AOR 2005
Balance of Power  Book of Secrets Prog/Melodic Metal 1999
Balance of Power  Ten more Tales … Prog/Melodic Metal 1999
Balance of Power  Perfect Balance Prog/Melodic Metal 2001
Balanx  One AOR 1987
Baltimoore  There's no Danger on the Roof AOR 2001
Baltimoore  Double Density AOR 1992
Baltimoore  The Best of ... AOR 2001
Bamboo Brothers  No easy Way AOR 1993
Bamboo Brothers  Bamboo Brothers AOR 1994
Band of Angels Band of Angels Melodic Rock 199?
Bangalore Choir On Target Melodic HR 1992/2010
Bangalore Choir Cadence Melodic HR 2010
Barclay James Harvest Time honourd Ghosts Melodic Rock 1975/2003
Barclay James Harvest Octoberon Melodic Rock 1976/2003
Barclay James Harvest Gone to Earth Melodic Rock 1977
Barclay James Harvest Face to Face Melodic Rock 1987
Barclay James Harvest Caught in the Light Melodic Rock 1993
Bar-Fly First Impression AOR 1997
Baron Love Valley AOR 2002
Baton Rouge  Shake your Soul AOR 1990
Baton Rouge  Lights out on the Playground AOR 1991
Baton Rouge  Baton Rouge AOR 1997
Battle Beast Battle Beast Melodic HR 2014
Baxter Robertson  Panorama View AOR  
Baxter Robertson  Mere Mortals AOR 1988
Baysixx Secrets and Lies Melodic Rock 2006
BB MAK Sooner or Later AOR 2000
BB MAK Into your Head AOR 2002
BB Steal On the Edge Melodic HR 1991
Be For You (E) The Things I never told you Melodic Rock 2018
Beau Coup  Born & Raised (On Rock 'n Roll) AOR 1987
Beau Coup  Then and Now AOR 2006
Beau Geste  Beau Geste AOR 1982
Beau Geste  Another Night in the City AOR 1986
Be-Bop Deluxe Sunburst Finish AOR 1976/1990
Be-Bop Deluxe Modern Music AOR 1978/1990
Beckett Beckett Westcoast 1991
Beggars & Thieves  Beggars & Thieves Melodic HR 1990
Beggars Opera Waters of Change Melodic Rock 1971/2006
Believers, The Extraordinary Life AOR 1992
Ben Granfelt Melodic Relief Melodic Rock 2012
Benjamin Orr  The Lace AOR 1986/2006
Benny Mardones  Never Run Never Hide AOR 1980
Benny Mardones  American Dreams AOR 1986
Benny Mardones  Benny Mardones AOR 1989
Benny Mardones  Let's hear it for Love AOR 2006
Bentwood Rocker  Not taken AOR 2000
Bentwood Rocker  Take me to Heaven AOR 2000
Bentwood Rocker  Taken from the Vaults A/CD AOR 2000
Bentwood Rocker  Taken from the Vaults B/CD AOR 2000
Bernie LaBarge  Bargin' in AOR 1984/1995
Bernie Shanahan Bernie Shanahan Melodic Rock 1989
Bert Heerink  Better yet … Melodic Rock 2009
BFD BFD Westcoast 1994
Big Apple  Rock Area Melodic HR 1996
Big Bad Forgiven? Melodic HR 1995
Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolf Melodic HR 1998
Big Country The Buffalo Skinners Melodic Rock 1993
Big Country The Seer Melodic Rock 1996
Big Dish, The Satellites Hi-Tech AOR 1990
Big Idea Big Idea AOR 1990
Big Krush  Again Melodic HR 2007
Big Life Big Life AOR 2011
Big Mouth  Hands of Time AOR 1997
Big Skip, The Temple of my Love Melodic Rock 1993
Big Talk  Time of Dreams AOR 198?
Big Star #1 Record AOR 1972/2009
Bighorn Bighorn Melodic Rock 1978/1999
Bill Baumgart  The Kindling Westcoast 1988
Bill Cantos Who are you Westcoast 2000
Bill Hughes Dream Master AOR 1979/2016
Bill LaBounty Bill LaBounty Westcoast 1982
Bill Wolfer Call me (The Best of ..) Westcoast 2002
Billionaires Boys Club  Something wicked comes Melodic HR 1993
Billy Falcon Pretty Blue World AOR 1991
Billy Klippert  Billy Klippert AOR 2004
Billy Klippert  Naked and the simple Truth AOR 2006
Billy Newton-Davies  Spellbound AOR 1989
Billy Satellite  Billy Satellite 1 AOR 1984
Billy Squier The Tale of the Tape AOR 1980/2006
Billy Squier Don't say no AOR 1981
Billy Thermal Billy Thermal AOR 2014
Biloxi Right the Music Melodic HR 2003
Bite the Bullet  Bite the Bullet AOR 1989
Bitter Suite  Crime of Love AOR 2005
Bittersweet Loaded Up Melodic HR 1990/2005
Black Bambi Black Bambi Melodic HR 2001/2017
Black 'n Blue  Black 'n Blue Melodic HR 1984/2003
Black 'n Blue  Black 'n Blue - The Ultimate Collection Melodic HR 1984/2008
Black 'n Blue  Without Love - The Ultimate Collection Melodic HR 1984/2008
Black 'n Blue  Nasty Nasty - The Ultimate Collection Melodic HR 1984/2008
Black 'n Blue  In Heat - The Ultimate Collection Melodic HR 1984/2008
Black Rain Black Rain Melodic Rock 2003
Black Rose (A) Black Rose / Rainbow in your Eyes Melodic Rock 1996
Black Rose (A) Time doesn't matter at all Melodic Rock 1998
Black Sand  Rock Ballads (I can dream) AOR ??
Black Sweden, The  Gold Melodic HR 2000
Blackfield  Blackfield Melodic HR 2004
Blackfish  Blackfish Melodic HR 1993
Blackhawk  Blackhawk Country AOR 1993
Blackhawk  Strong enough Country AOR 1995
Blackhawk  The Sky's the Limit Country AOR  
Blackhawk  Love & Gravity Country AOR 1997
Blackhawk  Spirit Dancer Country AOR 2002
Blackjack Anthology (Blackjack + Worlds apart, 2 on 1) Melodic HR 2006
Blackwood Creek Blackwood Creek Melodic Rock 2009
Blanc Faces  Blanc Faces AOR 2005
Blanc Faces  Falling from the Moon AOR 2009
Blind The Fire remains Melodic Rock 2010
Blind Alley  Infinity ends Melodic Rock 2003
Blind Alley  Destination Destiny Melodic Rock 2007
Blind Date Blind Date Melodic HR 2004
Blind Ego  Mirror Prog Rock 2006
Blind Ego  Numb Prog Rock 2009
Blind Fish  2000 BBF AOR 1994
Blindman  Pain for the Pleasure Melodic HR 2006
Blindside Blues Band Smokehouse Sessions Blues Rock 2009
Blitz, The  Get it on Melodic HR 1988/2006
Blizz  The mini Album AOR 1989
Blonde on Blonde  Labyrinth of Love Melodic HR 1989/2006
Blood Red Saints Speedway AOR 2015
Blood Red Saints Love - Hate - Conspiracy AOR 2018
Bloody Heels Through Mystery Melodic Rock 2017
Blue  Blue AOR 1991
Blue 46 Blue 46 AOR 1991
Blue Blud  The big Noise Melodic HR 1989
Blue Cartoon Are you getting on? Prog Rock 2013
Blue Murder  Blue Murder AOR 2004
Blue Öyster Cult  Curse of the hidden Mirror Melodic HR 2001
Blue Rodeo  Lost together AOR 1992
Blue Rodeo  Outskirts AOR 1986
Blue Rodeo  Palace of Gold AOR 2002
Blue Rose  Blue Rose AOR 1983/2012
Blue Tears  Blue Tears Melodic HR 1990
Blue Tears  Dancin' on the Back Streets AOR 2005
Blue Tears  The innocent Ones AOR 2006
Blue X  Know now no AOR 1992
Blueminded Blueminded (EP) Melodic Rock 2014
Bo Bice  The real Thing Modern Rock 2006
Bob Catley  The Tower AOR 1998
Bob Catley  Legends AOR 1999
Bob Catley  When Empires Burn AOR 2003
Bob Catley  Immortal AOR 2008
Bob Halligan Window in the Wall AOR 1991
Bob Hawkins Band, The The hard Road CCM AOR 2003
Bob Welch  French Kiss AOR  
Bob Wheeler Bob Wheeler Melodic Rock 1987/2016
Bobby Barth  Two Hearts - One Beat Lite AOR 1994
Bobby Caldwell What you won't do for Love Westcoast 1978
Bobby Caldwell Cat in the Hat Westcoast 1980
Bobby Caldwell Perfect Island Nights Westcoast 2005
Bobby Cameron  Bobby Cameron AOR 1995
Bobby Eaton  Two lost Souls AOR 1991
Bobby Kimball  Rise up Lite AOR 1994
Bobby Kimball  All I ever needed Lite AOR 1999
Bocellian Lifelines Melodic Metal 2013
Body Electric  Walking through Walls Hi-Tech AOR 1987
Bogart  No. 1 AOR 1983/2002
Bogart Co.  Only lonely Hi-Tech AOR 1986
Bogart Co.  New Games Hi-Tech AOR 1987
Bogart Co.  I want you Hi-Tech AOR 1988
Bolus Delayed Reaction Prog Rock 2010
Bolus Watch your Step Prog Rock 2011
Bolus Triangulate Prog Rock 2013
Bon Jovi  Bon Jovi Melodic HR 1984
Bon Jovi  7800° Fahrenheit Melodic HR 1985
Bon Jovi  New Jersey Melodic HR 1988
Bon Jovi  Keep the Faith Melodic HR 1992
Bon Jovi  Always (4-track EP) Melodic HR 1994
Bon Jovi  Crush Melodic HR 2000
Bon Jovi  Have a nice Day Melodic HR 2005
Bone Machine  Dogs Melodic HR 1994
Bone Machine  Disappearing Inc. Melodic HR 1996
Boneyard Dog Bluesbound Train Melodic HR 2016
Bonfire  Point Blank Melodic HR 1989
Bonfire  Double X Melodic HR 2006
Bonrud Bonrud AOR 2004
Bootcamp  Final Drill AOR 1979/2008
Born Yesterday  Born Yesterday AOR 1991
Born Yesterday  Three Sides of a Story (3-track EP) AOR 1997
Born Yesterday  Regrets Punk Rock 2002
Boston  Boston Melodic HR 1976
Boston  Don't look back Melodic HR 1978
Boston  Third Stage Melodic HR 1986
Boston  Walk on Melodic HR 1994
Boulder Boulder AOR 1979/1997
Boulevard  Boulevard AOR 1988
Boulevard  Into the Street AOR 1990
Boulevard  IV - Luminescence AOR 2017
Bounce the Ocean  Bounce the Ocean AOR 1991
Bourgeois Tagg Yoyo AOR 1987
Bowes & Morley  Moving swiftly along AOR 2002
Box, The The Pleasure and the Pain AOR 1989
Boy meets Girl Reel Life AOR 1988/2004
Boys Club Boys Club AOR 1992
Boys of the Band (BOB) Does I can? AOR 1992
Boystown  Angels with dirty Faces AOR 2005
Boysvoice Boysvoice Melodic HR 1990
Boysvoice Dirty Talks Melodic HR 1993
Brad Love  Through another Door AOR 2002
Brad Love  Colours AOR 2004
Brandos, The  Gunfire at Midnight Melodic Rock 1992
Brandos, The  Honor among Thieves Melodic Rock 1993
Brandos, The  Pass the Hat Melodic Rock  
Brave, The  Battle Cries Melodic HR 1992
Brazen Abbot  Eye of the Storm Melodic Metal 1996
Brazen Abbot  Bad Religion Melodic Metal 1997
Brazen Abbot  Guilty as Sin Melodic Metal 2003
Break Point  First Serving AOR 2007
Breathless  Nobody leaves this Song alive AOR 1992
Breathless  Picture this (The Best of) AOR 1993
Breit Bros, The The Breit Bros AOR 1988
Brenda Kahn Destination Anywhere Pop-AOR 1996
Brett Raymond Only Love Westcoast 1986
Brett Walker  Nevertheless AOR 1994
Brett Walker  Lift Off AOR 1999
Brett Walker  Spirit Junky AOR 2008
Brett Walker  Straight Jacket Vacation AOR 2013
Brian Black Thunder  Spirit with a Mask AOR 1995
Brian Howe Touch Melodic Rock 2003
Brian Howe Circus Bar Melodic Rock 2010
Brian Jack Promise of Love AOR 1992
Brian McDonald Group Desperate Business AOR 1987/2010
Brian McDonald  Wind it up AOR 2000
Brian McDonald  Voyage AOR 2003
Brian Spence  Brothers AOR 1986
Brian Spence  Reputation AOR 1988
Briar Reach out - The lost 1988 Albu AOR 1991/2018
Bricklin Bricklin AOR 1986
Brickyard Brickyard AOR 1991/2010
Bridge 2 Far  Bridge 2 Far Westcoast 1989
Bright, The In lucid Dreams Melodic Rock 2008
Bright, The Objects of my Affection Melodic Rock 2011
Bright, The Diamonds in the Snow (EP) Melodic Rock 2011
Brighton Promise of Love AOR 1991
Brighton Rock Take a dreep Breath Melodic HR 1988
Brinx Rain on the City AOR 1089/2006
Britton  Alien Stomper Room Melodic HR 2001
Brocelian Lifelines Melodic Metal 2013
Brock Walsh Dateline: Tokyo AOR 1983
Broke (N) Blue  Northern Light AOR 2001
Broke (N) Blue  The Waiting AOR 2005
Broken Silence Shout it out loud AOR 1994
Broken Voices  Broken Voices AOR 1997
Broken Wings Broken Wings Westcoast 1996
Bronz  Taken by Storm AOR 1984/2001
Bronz  Carried by the Storm AOR 2010
Brother  Exit from Screechville AOR 1995
Brother Brother Warriors CCM AOR 1993
Brother Firetribe  False Metal Melodic HR 2006
Brother Firetribe  Heart full of Fire Melodic HR 2008
Brother Firetribe  Diamond in the Firepit Melodic HR 2014
Bruce Hibbard Never turnin' back Westcoast 1980
Bruce Hornsby and the Range  The Way it is AOR  
Bruce Hornsby and the Range  Scenes from the Southside AOR 1988
Bruce Hornsby  Harbour Lights AOR  
Bruce Roberts Intimacy AOR 1995
Bruce Springsteen  Darkness at the Edge of Town AOR  
Bruce Springsteen  Nebraska AOR  
Bruce Springsteen  The Rising AOR  
Bruce Turgon  Outside looking in AOR 2005
Brunorock  Interaction AOR 2005
Bryan Adams  Reckless Melodic HR  
Bryan Adams  Into the Fire Melodic HR  
Bryan Adams  Waking up the Neighbours Melodic HR 1991
Bryan Adams  18 'til I die Melodic HR  
Bryan Adams  MTV unplugged Melodic HR  
Bryan Adams  On a Day like Today Melodic HR  
Bryan Cole Sands of Time AOR 2017
Bryan Hughes Group, The  Break the Rules AOR 1990
Bubble Gum Orchestra (BGO) Out of this World Pop-AOR 2011
Buckcherry  15 Melodic HR 2006
Bullet Highway Pirates Melodic HR 2011
Burke Roney  Let it all come down Westcoast 2003
Burn  Spark to a Flame Melodic HR 1995
Burn  Global Warning Melodic HR 2007
Burn  Ice Age Melodic HR 2017
Burning Rain  Pleasure to burn Melodic HR 2001
Burns Blue  What if … AOR 2003
Burns Sisters, The Endangered Species AOR 1989
Butch Walker  Letters Melodic HR 2004
Buxx Knickers down Melodic HR 2004/2013
Buzz Band Buzz Band AOR 1990
Byrne & Barnes An Eye for an Eye Westcoast 1981/2001
Bystander  Not so innocent AOR 1987
Bystander  Stranger Things have happened AOR 1995
No. of CD's  625    
Total No. Of CD's 4370    
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