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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year Label
==========< C >==========        
C.O.P. State of Rock AOR 2015 AOR Heaven Records
C.O.P. Enemy AOR 2022 Pride & Joy Music
Cacumen  Cacumen Melodic HR 1981  
Cacumen  Bad Widow Melodic HR 1983  
Cacumen  Down to Hell Melodic HR 1984  
Cadillac Bratz Fasten your Seatbelt Melodic HR 1991/2009 Retrospect
Cain & Abel Cain & Abel AOR 1996  
Cain Rising Cain Rising AOR 2015 That'll do Records
Call, The Let the Day begin AOR 1989 MCA Records
Call Me Call Me AOR 1981/1992 RCA Records/BMG
Call Me Vorübergehend nicht erreichbar … AOR 1983/1992 RCA Records/BMG
Calling, The II Pop AOR 1990 RCA Records/BMG
Calvin Russell  A Crack in Time Roots Rock 1990  
Camel Camel Prog Rock 1973/2002 Universal Music
Camel Mirage Prog Rock 1974/2002 Deram Records
Camel The Snow Goose Prog Rock 1975/2002 Decca Records
Camel Moonmadness Prog Rock 1976/2002 Decca Records
Camel Rain Dances Prog Rock 2009  
Canedy, Feinstein, Bordonaro & Caudle Hollywood Melodic HR 2015 Saga Records International
Cannata  Images of Forever AOR 1988/2007  
Cannata  Watching the World AOR 1993  
Cannata  Mysterium Magnum AOR 2006  
Cannata  My Back Pages Volume 1 AOR 2009  
Cannon  The History Melodic HR 2004  
Captain Beyond Captain Beyond / Sufficiently breathless Prog Rock 1972/1973/2003 Progressive Line
Captain Black Beard Neon Sunrise Melodic Rock 2022 Mighty Music
Captive Heart  Home of the Brave AOR 1996  
Caravan Caravan Prog AOR 1968/2002 Verve Records
Cardinal Line Cardinal Line Melodic Rock 2024 Lions Pride Music
Care of Night Care of Night (EP) AOR 2014  
Care of Night Connected AOR 2015 AOR Heaven Records
Care of Night Reconnected AOR 2023 Frontiers Records
Cariot Right between the Eyes Melodic HR 1993  
Carl Dixon One AOR 1993/2019 AOR Heaven Records
Carmen Gray  The Portrait of Carmen Gray Melodic HR 2006  
Carmen Gray  Welcome to Grayland Melodic HR 2008  
Carousel Vertigo Carousel Vertigo (EP) Melodic Rock 2009 Self released
Carousel Vertigo Mighty Melodic Rock 2013 Molano Music
Cars, The  Heartbeat City AOR 1984  
Cars, The  Door to Door AOR 1987  
Cars, The New  It's Alive AOR 2006  
Cars, The Move like this AOR 2011  
Caryl Mack Caryl Mack AOR 1988  
Casanova  Casanova AOR 1991  
Casanova  One Night Stand AOR 1992  
Casanova  All Beauty must die AOR 2004  
Cast, The Heat and Serve AOR 1993 Dance Plant Records
Cast, The Heavy AOR 1995 Dance Plant Records
Cast of Shadows  Face the Time AOR 1993  
Catch 22  Catch 22 AOR 1990  
Cats, The Take me with you AOR 1970/2003  
Cats in Space Too many Gods AOR 2015 Harmony Factory
Cats in Space Scarecrow AOR 2017 Harmony Factory
Cats in Space Daytrip to Narnia AOR 2019 Harmony Factory
Cats in Space Atlantis AOR 2021 Harmony Factory
Cats in Space Kickstart the Sun AOR 2022 Harmony Factory
Caught in Action Devil's Tango Melodic Rock 2022 Steelheart Records
Cauterize  So far from Real Modern Rock 2003  
Cauze, The  The Cauze AOR 1987  
CC-Rock  CC-Rock (EP) Melodic HR 2007  
Celion Dion Union AOR 1990  
Celestium Sanctuary Westcoast 1984 Sony BMG Music
Celleste Ready to fly Melodic Rock 2010  
Central Park  Unexpected Prog Rock 2006  
Cerafim  Sides of a different Kind Prog Rock 1995  
Cerrone Angelina (V) / Panic (VI) Pop AOR 1979/1980  
Chad Steele  For You AOR 1997 Chason Records
Chad Steele  Chad Steele  AOR 2002  
Chalice  Digital Boulevard Melodic HR 2000  
Chalice  Shotgun Alley Melodic HR 2005  
Chalk Circle Mending Wall AOR 1987 Duke Street Records
Chalk Circle As the Crow flies AOR 1989 Duke Street Records
Champion (feat. Alex Machin)  Champion AOR 1994  
Champion Halfway to Heaven AOR 1987/2008 Retrospect
Chance, The The Chance Prog AOR 1993 Skydoor Records
Change of Heart  Change of Heart AOR 1998  
Change of Heart  Continuum AOR 2000  
Change of Heart  Truth or Dare AOR 2005  
Change of Heart  Last Tiger AOR 2016 Escape Music
Channel  Channel AOR 2009 Rock Candy Records
Channel 5  The Colour of a Moment Hi-Tech AOR 1985  
Channel 5  Painted Nights Hi-Tech AOR 1986  
Channel 5  Channel 5 Hi-Tech AOR 1988  
Channel 5  Twilight Hi-Tech AOR 1997  
Charade  II AOR 2004  
Charizma  To be continued … Melodic HR ??  
Charlemagne Charlemagne Melodic HR 2009  
Charlie  Fantasy Girls AOR 1976/1993  
Charlie  Here comes Trouble AOR 1980/2008  
Charlie  Charlie AOR 1983/1994  
Charlie  Kitchens of Distinction AOR 2009  
Charlie Farren  Deja Blue AOR    
Charlie Sexton Charlie Sexton Melodic Rock 1989 MCA Records
Charlotte Medusa Groove Melodic HR 1992/2010  
Charming Grace Charming Grace AOR 2013 Avenue of Allies
Chase  In Pursuit AOR 1993  
Chasing Magic Chasing Magic Melodic Rock 2011  
Chat, The  Head or Tail AOR 1995  
Chat, The  One Smile AOR 1998  
Cheap Trick  In Color Melodic HR 1977  
Cheap Trick  Dream Police Melodic HR 1979  
Cheap Trick  Woke up with a Monster Melodic HR 1994  
Cheap Trick  Rockford Melodic HR 2006  
Cheater  1983 AOR 1980  
Cher  Cher  AOR 1987 Geffen Records
Cher  Heart of Stone AOR 1989 Geffen Records
Cheri Heat Indian Summer AOR 1994  
Cherry Suede Cherry Suede Modern Rock 2006  
Chez Kane Chez Kane Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Chicago  Stone of Sisyphus AOR 1993/2008  
Chicago  19 AOR 1988  
Chicago  Twenty1 AOR 1991  
Chicago  XXX AOR 2006  
Chickenfoot Chickenfoot Melodic HR 2009  
Chickenfoot III Melodic HR 2011 Edel Germany
Chilliwack  Opus X AOR 1982/2002 Solid Gold Records
Chilliwack  Look in Look out AOR 1984  
China  China Melodic HR 1988  
China  Sign in the Sky Melodic HR 1989  
China  So far Melodic HR 1992  
China  Light up the Dark Melodic HR 2011  
China Rain  Bed of Nails Melodic HR 1991  
China Sky  China Sky AOR 1988  
Choirboys  Big bad Noise AOR 1988  
Cholane Black Box Melodic HR 1997 Blue Stone Music
Chris Barr & Don Cromwell A Story unfolds AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Chris Eaton Vision AOR 1986  
Chris Eaton Wonderful World AOR 1995  
Chris Eaton Cruisin' AOR 1997  
Chris Farren In so many Words AOR 2021 MelodicRock Records
Chris Irvine Chris Irvine AOR 1992 Red Bus Records
Chris Irvine Frozen River    (2-track CD) AOR 1992  
Chris Irvine Frozen Rivers AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Chris Laney Only come out at Night Modern Rock 2010  
Chris Norman The Album AOR 1994 Polydor
Chris Ousey Rhyme & Reason Melodic Rock 2011 Escape Music
Chris Ousey Dream Machine Melodic Rock 2016 Escape Music
Chris Rosander King of Hearts Melodic Rock 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Chris Rosander The Monster inside Melodic Rock 2023 Pride & Joy Music
Chrissy Steele Magnet to Steele AOR 1991 Chrysalis Records
Christian Liljegren Melodic Passion Melodic HR 2021 Melodic Passion Records
Christillow Standing in the Rain Melodic HR 2016 Heaven & Hell Records
Christopher Cross  Christopher Cross AOR 1989  
Christopher Cross  Another Page AOR 1989  
Christopher Cross  Every Turn of the World AOR 1995  
Chryztyne  Tales of Paradise Melodic Metal 1993  
Chyld Conception Melodic Rock 1988  
Cinderella  Night Songs Sleaze Glam 1986  
Cindy Bullens  Cindy Bullens AOR 1989  
Cinema  Break the Silence AOR 1986/2008 Retrospect Records
Cinema Face  Cinema Face AOR 1994  
Cinema Face  Face Card AOR    
Circle of Friends Cherokee Moon Melodic Rock 2024 Escape Music
Circus In the Arena AOR 2001  
Circus Maximus The 1st Chapter Prog Metal 2005 Frontiers Records
Circus Maximus Isolate Prog Metal 2007  
Circus Maximus Nine Prog Metal 2012 Tokyo Music
Circus Maximus Havoc Prog Metal 2016 Frontiers Records
CITA  Act 1 - Relapse of Reason AOR 1995  
CITA  Heat of Emotion AOR 1996  
City Boy The Day the Earth caught Fire AOR 1979/2008  
City People Higher AOR 1994 SPM Music
Civilization One Revolution rising Melodic Metal 2007  
Clark  Two of a Kind AOR 2005  
Clark Datchler Raindance AOR   Virgin Records
Clark Kent Reloaded AOR 2009  
Classic Crime, The Albatross Modern Rock 2006  
Classic Crime, The The silver Cord Modern Rock 2008  
Claymen Claymen AOR 1996  
Cleopatra Rain AOR 1996 Self released
Clepsydra Hologram Prog Rock 1991  
Clearland Gift from Time Melodic Rock 2004  
Clif Magness  solo AOR 1994  
Clif Magness  Road to Gold - Official Collection of lost Demos AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Climb  Take a Chance AOR 1988  
Clint & Co. Clint & Co. Special Edition AOR   Self released
Clint Schuler Total Stranger AOR 1993 Rain-Likely Records
Clocks Clocks AOR 1982/2009  
Clockwise  Nostalgia Melodic HR    
Clouseau In every small Town AOR 1983  
Clouseau Close Encounters AOR 1991  
Coastland Ride  Coastland Ride AOR 2003 AOR Heaven Records
Coastland Ride  Coastland Ride AOR 2003/2011  
Coastland Ride  On Top of the World AOR 2011  
Coastline  Coastline AOR 2003  
Cobra First Strike AOR 1983/2008  
Coda  Veinte para las doce Melodic HR 1995  
Code  The Enemy within AOR 2007  
Code Red Incendiary Melodic Rock 2017 AnderStein Music
Codex, The The Codex Melodic Metal 2007  
Cold Drop Cold Drop Melodic Rock 2023 Lions Pride Music
Cold Sweat Break out Melodic HR 1990/2018 Vanity Music Group
Cold Truth Cold Truth Melodic HR 2003  
Cold Truth Do whatcha do Melodic HR 2008 Self released
Coldplay  Parachutes AOR    
Coldplay  A Rush of Blood to the Head AOR    
Coldplay  X & Y AOR 2005  
Coldspell Infinite Stargazer Melodic HR 2009  
Coldspell Out from the Cold Melodic HR 2011  
Coldspell A new World arise Melodic HR 2017 Escape Music
Coleske Coleske AOR 1996  
Collateral Collateral Melodic HR 2020 Roulette Media
Colortone Colortone Hi-Tech AOR 1988  
Combonation Combonation AOR 1984/2009 Wounded Bird Records
Comedy of Errors Disobey Prog AOR 2011 ACH Media
Comedy of Errors Fanfare & Fantasy Prog AOR 2013  
Comedy of Erros House of the Mind Prog AOR 2017 COE Music
Company of Strangers  Company of Strangers AOR 1992  
Compass Our Time on Earth Melodic Rock 2020 Escape Music
Compass Theory Tides Prog Rock 2022 Escape Music
Compass A silent Symphony Prog Rock 2023 No Dust Records
Compilation Hot Night in the City AOR 1989  
Compulsive Behavior Help me I'm stupid AOR 1998  
Concrete Jungle Wear and Tear Melodic HR 1988  
Conditioned Response In flagranté delecto Prog Rock 1999  
Coney Hatch  Coney Hatch Melodic HR 1982  
Coney Hatch  Outa Hand Melodic HR 1983/2006  
Coney Hatch  Friction Melodic HR 1985  
Confess Haunters Melodic HR 2017 SG Records
Confusion of the Senses Better than Daydreams Westcoast 1997  
Confusion of the Senses Fall into the Night Westcoast 1998  
Conquest (UKR) Frozen Sky Melodic Metal 2005 Musical Hall
Conquest Worlds apart Melodic HR 1999 Escape Music
Conquest The Harvest Melodic HR 2012 Self released
Constancia Lost and Gone Melodic HR 2009  
Constancia Final Curtain Melodic HR 2015 MelodicRock Records
Coracko New Virus spreads Melodic HR 1992  
Corey Hart  First Offense AOR 1983  
Corey Hart  Boy in the Box AOR 1985  
Corey Hart  Fields of Fire AOR 1986  
Corey Hart  Young Man Running AOR 1988  
Corey Hart  Bang! AOR 1990  
Corey Hart  Attitude & Virtue AOR 1992  
Corey Hart  Corey Hart AOR 1996  
Corey Hart  Jade AOR    
Corin & Edman  Roc de Light AOR 2006  
Cornerstone  Arrival Melodic HR 2000  
Cornerstone  Human Stain Melodic HR 2002  
Cornerstone  Once upon our Yesterdays Melodic HR 2003  
Cornerstone  Two Tales of one Tomorrow Melodic HR 2007  
Corvus Immortals Melodic Rock 2024 Pride & Joy Music
Couchois Couchois AOR 1979/2009 Wounded Bird Records
Covenant, The Spectres at the Feast AOR 1994  
Covered Call Money never sleeps AOR 2009  
Covered Call Impact AOR 2013  
CPR CPR AOR 1998  
Craaft  Craaft AOR 1981/2012  
Craaft  Craaft AOR 1988  
Craaft  Second Honeymoon AOR 1988  
Craaft  No Tricks - Just Kicks AOR 1991  
Craig Mirijanian A perfect Fit AOR 1980/2017 Sunset Dreams Records
Crash the System The Crowning Melodic HR 2009  
Crashdiet Rest in Sleaze Melodic HR 2005  
Crashdiet Generation Wild Melodic HR 2010  
Crashdiet Rust Melodic HR 2019 Frontiers Records
Crazy Horse Left for dead Melodic HR 1990 Sisapa record Co.
Crazy Lixx New Religion Melodic HR 2010 Frontiers Records
Crazy Lixx Crazy Lixx Melodic HR 2014 Frontiers Records
Crazy Lixx Forever wild Melodic HR 2019 Frontiers Records
Crazy Lixx Street Lethal Melodic HR 2019 Frontiers Records
Credo  Field of Vision Prog AOR 1994  
Creed Creed Southern Rock 1978/2017 Rock Candy Records
Creedence Clearwater Revival The Ultimate … Folk Rock 2000  
Creek, The  The Creek / Storm the Gate AOR 2004  
Creye Straight to the Top (EP) AOR 2017 Self released
Creye Creye AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Creye II AOR 2021 Frontiers Records
Crime Hard Times AOR 1993 Self released
Crime Master of Illusion AOR 2022 Metalapolis Records
Crimson Glory Crimson Glory Prog Metal 1987 Par Records
Crimson Glory Transcendence Prog Metal 1988 Roadrunner Records
Crossbones Crossbones Melodic HR 1989 Jolly Roger Records
Crossection Breaking Ground CCM Rock 1990 Image 7 Music Inc.
Crossfade  White on Blue Lite AOR 2004  
Crossfire Dirty Games Glam Rock 2007  
Crossing Rubicon Perfect Storm Melodic HR 2022 Frontiers Records
Crossroads Hype Melodic HR 1992 EMI Electrola (Germany)
Crowcuss Crowcuss / Starting to show AOR 2008  
Crown of Thorns  Crown of Thorns Melodic HR 1993  
Crown of Thorns  Breakthrough Melodic HR 1996  
Crown of Thorns  Lost Cathedral Melodic HR 1998  
Crown of Thorns  Karma Melodic HR 2002  
Crown of Thorns  Crown Jewels Melodic HR 2004  
Crown of Thorns  Faith Melodic HR 2008  
Crowne Kings in the North Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Crowne Operation Phoenix Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Crown Lands White Buffalo Prog Rock 2021 Universal Music Canada
Crown Lands Fearless Prog Rock 2023 Universal Music Canada
Crows, The Ready when you are Melodic Rock 2024 Lions Pride Music
Crumbächer  Thunder Beach AOR 1987  
Crumbächer  Incandescent/Escape from the fallen Planet AOR ??  
Crush This … Melodic HR 1994/2008 Retrospect Records
Cruzh Hard to get Melodic Rock 2013  
Cruzh Cruzh Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Cruzh Tropical Thunder Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Cruzados Cruzados Melodic HR 1985  
Cruzados After Dark Melodic HR 1987  
Cry before Dawn  Crimes of Conscience AOR 1987  
Cry Holy  Ten from Two AOR 2001  
Cry Holy  AlieNation AOR 2005  
Cry no more Love & Power Melodic Rock 1989  
Cry of Dawn Cry of Dawn Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Cry of Love  Brother Blues Rock 1993 Columbia Records
Cry of Love  Diamonds & Debris Blues Rock 1997  
Cryptic Vision  In a World Prog Rock    
Crystal Collection AOR 2000 Rewind Records
Crystal Ball  In the Beginning Melodic HR 1999  
Crystal Ball  Hard Impact Melodic HR 2000 Point Music
Crystal Ball  Helvetia Melodic HR 2003  
Crystal Ball  Timewalker Melodic HR 2005  
Crystal Blue Out from the Blue at last Melodic Rock 1993 Nice Records
Crystal Blue Caught in the Game Melodic Rock 1994 SMC Records
Crystal Blue Detour Melodic Rock 2003 MTM Music
Crystal Project Crystal Project Melodic HR 1993/2011 Retrospect Records
Crystavox Crystavox CCM HR 1990/2018 Roxx Productions
Cutting Crew Broadcast Pop AOR 1986  
CWF (Champlin, Williams, Friestedt) Carrie (EP) AOR 2023 Black Lodge Records
Cydonian  Estranged Prog Rock 2000  
Czakan State of Confusion Melodic HR 1989 Intercord
==========< D >==========        
D Drive Straight up the Middle Melodic Rock 2007 Rock Productions Ltd.
D.A.D.  No Fuel left for the Pilgrims Melodic Rock 1989  
D.C. Cooper D.C. Cooper Melodic HR 1999
Inside Out Music
D.O.X.  Though the Fire CCM AOR 1989  
D-tale  D-tale AOR 2006  
Da Vinci  Da Vinci AOR 1987/2006 MTM Music
Da Vinci  Back in Business +1 AOR 1989/2006 MTM Music
Da Vinci  Ambition rocks AOR 2017 AnderStein Music
Dacia + the WMD Propaganda AOR 2006  
Daddy Dynamite Lookin' for Trouble Glam Rock 1993 Shark Records
Dakota  Dakota AOR 1980  
Dakota  Runaway AOR 1984  
Dakota  The last standing Man AOR 1997  
Dakota  Little Victories AOR 2000  
Dakota  Deep 6 AOR 2003  
Dakota (US) Once around the Sun Melodic Rock 1997  
Dallas Dallas AOR 2018 AOR Blvd Records
Dallas Holm  Against the Wind CCM AOR 1986  
Dalton  The Race is on AOR 1987  
Dalton  Injection AOR 1989  
Damn Yankees  Damn Yankees Melodic HR 1990  
Damnation Angels Shadow Symphony Symphonic Metal 2009 Self released
Damnation Angels Bringer of Light Symphonic Metal 2013 Radtone Music
Damnation Angels The Valiant Fire Symphonic Metal 2015 Massacre Records
Damned Nation  Road of Desire Melodic HR 1999  
Damned Nation  Grand Design Melodic HR 2000  
Damned Nation  Sign of Madness Melodic HR 2004 BL Music
Damone  Out here all Night Melodic HR 2006  
Dan Hartman I can dream about you AOR 1984  
Dan Hill  Dance of Love AOR 1991  
Dan Lucas  Canada AOR 1992/2007  
Dan Lucas  News AOR 1996 Arcade Music Company
Dan Reed Network  Dan Reed Network Melodic HR 1988  
Dan Reed Network  Slam Melodic HR 1989  
Dan Reed Network  The Heat Melodic HR 1991  
Dan Reed Coming up for Air Melodic Rock 2010  
Dan Seals Stones Westcoast 1980  
Dan Seals Harbinger Westcoast 1982  
Dan Seals Rage on + Rebel Heart Westcoast 1987/1983/2012  
Dana Glover  Testimony Lite AOR 2003  
Dance with a Stranger  Fool's Paradise AOR 1989  
Dance with a Stranger  Atmosphere AOR 1991  
Dance with a Stranger  Dance with a Stranger AOR 1992  
Dane Donohue  Dane Donohue Westcoast 1978  
Danger Danger Melodic HR 201 MBM Import Service
Danger Danger  Danger Danger Melodic HR 1989  
Danger Danger  Screw it! Melodic HR 1991  
Danger Danger  Four the Hard Way Melodic HR 1997  
Danger Danger  The Return of the great Gilderness Melodic HR 2000  
Danger Danger  Cockroach Melodic HR 2001  
Danger Danger  Revolve Melodic HR 2009 Frontiers Records
Danger Zone Line of Fire Melodic Rock 2011  
Danger Zone Closer to Heaven Melodic Rock 2016
Pride & Joy Music
Danger Zone Don't count on Heroes Melodic Rock 2021
Pride & Joy Music
Dangerous Age Troubled Times Melodic Rock 1995 Long Island Records
Daniel Andersson Days in L.A. Westcoast 2008  
Daniel Nelson  Daniel Nelson Westcoast 1993/2007  
Danny Danzi  Danziland Melodic HR 2004  
Danny Elfman Big Mess Prog Rock 2021 Self released
Danny Tate Danny Tate AOR 1992  
Danny Vaughn  Standing alone (EP) AOR 2002/2008  
Danny Vaughn  Traveller AOR 2007  
Danny Vaughn  Reprise AOR 2010  
Danny Wilde The Boyfriend AOR 1986/2022 Rock Candy Records
Danny Wilde Any Man's Hunger AOR 1988  
Danny Wilde Danny Wilde AOR 1989  
Dante Fox  Under Suspicion AOR 1996  
Dante Fox  The Fire within AOR 1999 Bareknuckle Records
Dante Fox  Under the seven Skies AOR 2007 Frontiers Records
Dante Fox  Six String Revolver AOR 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Dara Sedaka I'm your Girlfriend Westcoast 1982 Westwood Records
Darby Mills  Never Look Back AOR 1991  
Dare  Out of Silence AOR 1988  
Dare  Blood from Stone AOR 1991  
Dare  Calm before the Storm AOR 1998  
Dare  Belief AOR 2001  
Dare  Beneath the Shining Water AOR 2004  
Dare  Sacred Ground AOR 2016 Legend Records
Dark Illusion  For just another Night Melodic Rock 2003 Battlefield Records
Dark Sky  Believe it AOR 1998 Self released
Dark Sky  Edge of Time AOR 2002  
Dark Sky  Living & Dying AOR 2005  
Dark Sky  Empty Faces AOR 2008  
Darkwater Calling the Earth to Witness Prog Metal 2007 Ulterium Records
Darkwater Where Stories end Prog Metal 2010 Ulterium Records
Darkwater Human Prog Metal 2019 Ulterium Records
Darling Cruel Passion Crimes Melodic HR 1989  
Darren Phillips Project Volume Two Melodic Rock 2021 MR Records
Darren Smith Band  Keep the Spirit Alive Melodic HR 2005  
Daryl Braithwaite Edge AOR 1989 CBS Records
Dave Baldwin  Time AOR 1997  
Dave Matthews Band Everyday Melodic Rock 2001  
Dave Raynor  Rain or Shine Westcoast 1981/2000  
David Road to Poexula AOR 1998 Retrospect Records
David Presence AOR 1998 Retrospect Records
David David III AOR 2009 Retrospect Records
David & the Giants  Strangers to the Night CCM AOR 1988  
David & the Giants  Distant Journey CCM AOR 1990  
David & the Giants  Angels unaware CCM AOR 1995  
David Baerwald  Bedtime Stories AOR 1990  
David Baerwald  Triage AOR 1993  
David Carl Band  Can't slow down AOR 1998  
David Cassidy David Cassidy AOR 1990 Enigma Records
David Drew  Safety Love AOR 1988  
David Glen Eisley Stranger from the Past Melodic HR 2000 Frontiers Records
David Glen Eisley The lost Tapes Melodic HR 2001 Frontiers Records
David Forbes Tales of the Past Melodic Rock 2023 AOR Blvd Records
David Foster David Foster AOR 1986 Atlantic Records
David Gates Never let her go AOR 1975/2008 Wounded Bird Records
David Hallyday Rock 'n' Heart AOR 1990  
David Leach  Face of Time Melodic Rock 1995  
David Mader  90 Days of Rain Westcoast 2007  
David Meece  Candle in the Rain CCM AOR 1987  
David Meece  Odyssey CCM AOR 1995  
David Pack  Anywhere you go AOR    
David Mark Pearce Strange Ang3ls Melodic Rock 2011  
David Readman  David Readman Melodic HR 2007  
David Roberts  All dressed up AOR 1982  
David Roberts  The missing Years AOR 2011  
David Roberts  Better late than never AOR 2011  
David Lee Roth  Eat 'em and Smile AOR    
David A. Saylor Kiss of Judas AOR 2013  
David A. Saylor City of Angels AOR 2012  
David A. Saylor Strength of One AOR 2014 AOR Blvd Records
David A. Saylor Built 2 fight AOR 2015 AOR Blvd Records
David A. Saylor Ship to Nowhere AOR 2016 AOR Blvd Records
David A. Saylor Kiss of Judas AOR 2019 AOR Blvd Records
David Todoran  Under my Skin AOR 2000  
David Victor  Proof through the Night AOR 1999  
David's Confession About Time Prog Rock 2001 CSR Records
Davy Vain In from out of Nowhere Melodic HR 2000 Jackie Rainbow Records
Day One One Look AOR 1985/2011 Retrospect Records
Daylight Robbery Falling back to Earth AOR 2014 MBM Import Service
DB Cooper Buy American AOR 1980/2009 Wounded Bird Records
DC Drive DC Drive Melodic HR 1992 Capitol Records
dc Talk  Jesus Freak CCM AOR 1995  
De 5 Black/White AOR    
De La Cruz Street Level Melodic HR 2013  
De Mont Body Language AOR 1989  
De-Arrow De-Arrow Melodic Rock 2019 20th Century Music
Deacon Street Project  Deacon Street Project AOR 2004  
Deacon Street  II AOR 2006  
Dead Beat Honeymooners Dead Beat Honeymooners Melodic Rock 1992  
Dead Daisies, The Make some Noise Melodic Rock 2016 Spitfire Music
Dead Man's Whiskey  Under the Gun reloaded Melodic HR 2019 McCall Records
Dead Man's Whiskey  In the Storm Melodic HR 2023 McCall Records
Dead Men Walking  Additional Parts Inside AOR 1999  
Deadringer Electrocution of the Heart Melodic HR 1989 Grudge Records
Dear Mr. President  Dear Mr. President Melodic HR 1989  
DeBarge Rhythm of the Night Pop AOR 1985 Motown Record Company
Decoy Somewhere Melodic HR 1990  
Dee Tail  Eye Owe You Melodic HR 1996  
Deep Purple Made in Japan Melodic HR 1972/2014 Universal Intl. Music
Deep Purple Who do we think we are Melodic HR 1973/2000 EMI Records
Deep Purple Burn (30th Anniversary Edition) Melodic HR 1974/2004 EMI Records
Deep Purple Stormbringer Melodic HR 1974  
Deep Purple Whoosh! Melodic HR 2020 ear Music
Def Leppard  On through the Night Melodic HR 1980  
Def Leppard  High 'n' Dry Melodic HR 1981  
Def Leppard  Pyromania Melodic HR 1983  
Def Leppard  Hysteria Melodic HR 1987  
Def Leppard  Slaves and Masters Melodic HR 1990 BMG Music
Def Leppard  Adrenalize Melodic HR 1992  
Def Leppard  X Melodic HR 2002  
Default  One Thing remains Modern Rock 2005  
Defcon Defcon Melodic HR 1989/2006 Retrospect Records
Defiants, The The Defiants Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Defiants, The Zokusho Melodic Rock 2019 Frontiers Records
Defiants, The Drive Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
DeGarmo & Key  Straight on AOR 1979/1989  
DeGarmo & Key  Commander Sozo & the Charge of the Light Brigade AOR 1985 Power Disc
DeGarmo & Key  Street Light AOR 1986  
Degreed Life, Love, Loss Melodic Rock 2010  
Degreed We don't belong Melodic Rock 2013 Spinning
Degreed Dead but not forgotten Melodic Rock 2015 Sun Hill Productions
Degreed Degreed Melodic Rock 2017 Gain
Degreed Are you ready Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Delain Lucidity Symphonic Metal 2006 Roadrunner records
Delain Moonbathers Symphonic Metal 2016 Napalm Records
DeLaurian DeLaurian AOR 1993  
Della Street Faces Melodic Rock 1989 Xclusive Records
Demon  Heart of our Time Melodic HR 1985  
Demon Drive  Burn Rubber AOR 1995  
Demon Drive  Heroes AOR 2000  
Demon Drive  Four Play AOR 2003  
Demons Down I stand Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Dennis - Churchill - Dries 1 Melodic Rock 2015 Self released
Dennis DeYoung  Desert Moon AOR 1984  
Dennis DeYoung  Back to the World AOR 1986  
Dennis DeYoung  One hundred Years from now on AOR 2007  
Departure  Departure AOR 1998  
Departure  Open your Mind AOR 2001  
Departure  Corporate Wheel AOR 2003  
Departure  Hitch a Ride AOR 2012  
Desmond Child  Discipline AOR 1991  
Destination Unknown Destination Unknown Melodic Rock 2023 AOR Blvd Records
Devay Break down the Walls AOR 1992  
Devereaux Paint'Box Melodic Rock 1999 Maple Leaf Records
Device  22B3 Hi-Tech AOR 1986  
DeVicious  Never say never Melodic HR 2018 Pride & Joy Music
DeVicious  Black Heart Melodic HR 2023 Pride & Joy Music
Devil's Train Devil's Train Melodic HR 2012 ear Music
Devilfire Dark Manoevres Melodic Rock 2017 Escape The Fire Records
Devilskin We rise Melodic HR 2015 Self released
Devil's Hand (feat. Mike Slamer & Andrew Freeman) Devil's Hand Melodic HR 2018 Frontiers Records
Devin Townsend  Ocean Machine Prog Rock    
Devonsquare Bye Bye Route 66 AOR 1991  
Dew Mitch Heartbreak Avenue AOR 1988  
Dextress Dextress Melodic HR 2017 Self released
Dhamm Dhamm AOR 1995 Kolosseo/ EMI (Italy)
Diamond Dawn Overdrive Melodic Rock 2013 Icarus Music
Diamond in the Rough Diamond in the Rough AOR 1996 Long Island Records
Diane Adventures Melodic HR 2001 Self released
Diary  To the Edge and Beyond Melodic HR 1998  
Die Laughing  Running from the Guns AOR 1990  
Dio The Last in Line Melodic HR 1984 Phonogram International
Dion  Yo Frankie AOR 1989  
Dion Bayman Smoke and Mirrors AOR 2013 Self released
Dion Bayman Afterburn AOR 2014 Self released
Dion Bayman Don't look down AOR 2016 Self released
Dirty Looks Cool from the Wire Melodic HR 1988 Atlantic Records
Dirty Rhythm  Hard as a Rock Melodic HR 1991  
Distance, The  The Distance AOR 1997  
Distance, The  Live and learn AOR 1999  
Distance  Under the One Sky AOR 1989  
Disturbance  We come out at Night Melodic HR 1993  
Disturbed  The Sickness Melodic HR 2000 Reprise Records
Disturbed  Ten Thousand Fists Melodic HR 2005  
Diving For Pearls  Diving For Pearls AOR 1989  
Divorce  Triangle AOR 1991/1993  
Dixon House Band Fighting alone AOR 1979/1993 MCA
Dizziness On the Rocks Melodic Rock 2013  
DK Rocks DK Rocks Westcoast 2007  
DK Rocks Again Westcoast 2007  
Docker's Guild The Mystic Technocracy - Season I Prog Rock 2012  
Docker's Guild The Heisenberg Diaries, Book A: Sounds of future Past Prog Rock 2015 Black Swan Records
Docker's Guild The Mystic Technocracy - Season II Prog Rock 2022 Elevate Records
Doctor Rock and the Wild Bunch  Eye of the Hurricane AOR 1991  
Doctor Rock and the Wild Bunch  Stark raving mad AOR 2000  
Dogface  Unleashed Melodic HR 2000  
Dogpound  A Night in the Gutter Melodic HR 2005  
Dogpound  III Melodic HR 2007  
Dogs of Peace  Speak AOR 1996  
Dokken  Tooth and Nail Melodic HR 1984  
Dokken  Under Lock and Key Melodic HR 1985  
Dokken  Back for the Attack Melodic HR 1987/1993 Elektra (Warner)
Dokken  Erase the Slate Melodic HR 1999  
Dokken  Lightning strikes again Melodic HR 2008  
Dollar The Dollar Album AOR 1982/2010 Cherry Red Records
Domain  Before the Storm AOR 1989 Frontrow
Domain  One Million Lightyears from Home AOR 2001  
Domino Drive Smoke and Mirrors Melodic Rock 2023 Pride & Joy Music
Dominoe  Keep in Touch AOR 1988  
Dominoe  The Key AOR 1990 Wounded Bird Records
Don Barnes Ride the Storm Melodic Rock 2017 MelodicRock Records
Don Bianchi Don Bianchi AOR 1990 Don Bianchi Music
Don Felder Airborne AOR 1983/2002  
Don Lewis Band Between the Lines AOR 2001  
Don Patrol Don Patrol Melodic HR 1990 The Record Station/BMG
Don Patrol A Wire, a Deal and the Devil Melodic HR 1992  
Donald Dean  Nightshift AOR 1990  
Donnie Iris Back on the Streets AOR 1980  
Donnie Iris The High and the Mighty Hi-Tech AOR 1982 MCA
Donnie Iris The High and the Mighty Hi-Tech AOR 2021 Rock Candy Records
Donnie Iris Fortune 410 Hi-Tech AOR 1983 MCA
Donnie Iris Fortune 410 Hi-Tech AOR 2021 Rock Candy Records
Donnie Iris Together alone AOR 1999  
Donnie Iris and the Cruisers King Cool AOR 1993  
Donnie Iris and the Cruisers Out of the Blue AOR 1993  
Donnie Miller One of the Boys Melodic HR 1989 CBS Records
Donny Osmond Eyes don't lie AOR 1990 Capitol Records
Double Dou3le AOR 1987  
Double Cross  Time after Time AOR 2003  
Doubletake So many Roads Melodic Rock 1993/2009 Retrospect Records
Doug & the Slugs Tomcat Prowl Melodic Rock 1988 BMG Records
Doug Howard  Last Man Standing Melodic HR    
Douglas  Mad AOR    
Downes Braide Association Suburban Ghosts Synth Rock 2015 Cherry Red Records
Dr. Feelgood Singles, The U.A. years Blues Rock 1989  
Dr. Grind Speechless Melodic HR 2009 Eonian Records
Dragon  O Zambezi AOR 1978  
Dragon  Body and the Beat AOR 1984  
Dragon  Bondi Road AOR 1989  
Dream Academy A different Kind of Weather Prog Rock 1990  
Dream Evil Dragonslayer Melodic HR 2002  
Dream Legacy Once in a Lifetime Melodic HR 2022 Self released
Dream Police  Messing with the Blues AOR 1991  
Dream Theater  When Dream and Day unite Prog Rock 1989  
Dream Theater  Images and Words Prog Rock 1992  
Dream Theater  Awake Prog Rock 1994  
Dream Theater  Falling into Infinity Prog Rock 1997  
Dream Theater  Metropolis Pt. 2  Scenes from a Memory Prog Rock 1999  
Dream Theater  Octavarium Prog Rock 2005  
Dream Theater  Systematic Chaos Prog Rock 2007  
Dreamer  We've got the Power AOR 2008  
Dreamhunter  Kingdom Come AOR 2000 Z Records
Dreamhunter  Bad Attitude AOR 2001  
Dreamscape End of Silence Prog Metal 2004  
Dreamstreet  Heartzone AOR 1986/2006 Retrospect Records
Dreamtide  Here comes the Flood Melodic HR 2001  
Dreamtide  Dreams for the Daring Melodic HR 2003  
Dreamtide  Dream and Deliver Melodic HR 2008 AOR Heaven Records
Dreamtide  Drama Dust Dream Melodic HR 2022 Pride & Joy Music
Drive She Said  Drive She Said AOR 1989  
Drive She Said  Excelerator AOR 1992  
Drive She Said  Real Life AOR 2003  
Driver  Sons of Thunder Melodic HR 2008  
Driver & Prophet  Driver (2 bands on 1 CD) Melodic HR 1985/1993  
Drivin n Cryin Fly me courageous Melodic Rock 1990 Island Records
Dudek, Finnigan, Krueger Band, The (DFK) The Dudek, Finnigan, Krueger Band  AOR 1980/2007 Wounded Bird Records
Dugan McNeill In the velvet Night AOR 1989 Polygram Records
Duke Jupiter  Duke Jupiter 1 AOR 1982/2023 Coast to Coast Records
Duke Jupiter  White Knuckle Ride AOR 1984  
Duke Jupiter  The Line of your Fire AOR 1985  
Dukes of the Orient Dukes of the Orient Prog AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Dukes of the Orient Freakshow Prog AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Dunmore Hypnotica AOR 1994  
Dwayne Ford  Needless Freaking Lite AOR 1981  
Dyer Street The Rock Album Melodic Rock 2002 Self released
Dynazty Titanic Mass Melodic Metal 2016 Spinefarm Records
Dynazty Firesign Melodic Metal 2018 AFM Records
Dynazty The dark Delight Melodic Metal 2020 AFM Records
==========< E >==========        
E19 All's War in Love and Fair Melodic HR 2016 Palisade Records
éVOID éVOID Hi-Tech AOR 2008  
E.G. Daily Wild Child AOR 1985  
E.G. Daily Lace around the Wound AOR 1989  
E.Z. Money Getcha Hands on Hi-Tech AOR 1991  
E.Z. Money Splinter (in my Heart)    (EP) Hi-Tech AOR 1991  
E.Z. Money More than this    (EP) Hi-Tech AOR 1992  
Eagles  Long Road out of Eden AOR 2007  
East Coast  East Coast AOR 1988  
East Temple Avenue Both Sides of Midnight Melodic Rock 2020 AOR Heaven Records
East to West North of the Sky Westcoast 1995 Benson Music Group
Easy Action That makes one AOR 1992  
Echolyn  As the World Prog Rock 1995  
Echopark  Pretty Lies Prog Rock 1995  
Eclipse  The Truth and a little More Melodic HR 2001  
Eclipse  Second to None Melodic HR 2004  
Eclipse  Are you ready to rock Melodic HR 2008  
Eclipse  Bleed & Scream Melodic HR 2012  
Eclipse  Armageddonize Melodic HR 2015 Frontiers Records
Eclipse  Monumentum Melodic HR 2017 Frontiers Records
Eclipse  Wired Melodic HR 2021 Frontiers Records
Edane  The Beast Melodic HR 1992  
Edane  Jabrik Melodic HR 1994  
Edde Maxx Hot Paint AOR 1994 Bellaphon
Eddie & the Tide  Stand tall / Dig Down Deep AOR 1990/2003  
Eddie & the Tide  I do it for you AOR 1990/2003  
Eddie Carrigan Eddie Carrigan AOR 1997  
Eddie Money  Sound of Money AOR    
Eddie Money  Right here AOR 1991  
Eddie Money  Ready Eddie / Shaking with the Money Man AOR 1999 SPV Recordings
Eddie Schwartz  Private Life (Best Shots) AOR    
Eddie Vantez Rough Diamond AOR 2022 Lions Pride Music
Eden Lost  Road of Desire Melodic HR 2005  
Eden's Curse  Eden's Curse Melodic Metal 2007  
Eden's Curse  The second Coming Melodic Metal 2008 AFM Records
Eden's Curse  Trinity Melodic Metal 2011 AFM Records
Eden's Curse  Symphony of Sin Melodic Metal 2013 AFM Records
Edenbridge  Sunrise in Eden Prog Rock 2001  
Edenbridge  The grand Design Prog Rock 2005  
Edge Heaven knows AOR 2013 Escape Music
Edge of Forever  Let the Demon Rock 'n' Roll Melodic HR 2005  
Edge of Forever  Another Paradise Melodic HR 2010 7Hard
Edguy Hellfire Club Melodic Metal 2004  
Edguy Tinnitus Sanctus Melodic Metal 2008 Nuclear Blast
Edin Adahl Big Talk AOR 1989 Royal Music Productions
EGO  EGO AOR 2007  
Eight Seconds  Big Houses AOR 1990  
Einar Solberg 16 Prog Rock 2023 InsideOut Music/Sony
Eirikur Hauksson Valentine lost Melodic Rock 2007  
Electric Light Orchestra  Eldorado AOR 1974/2001 Epic Records
Electric Light Orchestra  Out of the Blue AOR 1977/2007  
Electric Light Orchestra  Discovery AOR 1979/2001  
Electric Light Orchestra  Time AOR 1981/2001  
Electric Light Orchestra  Zoom AOR 2001  
Electrik Dynamite Hair-Denim-Sex-Metal Melodic HR 2011  
Elektradrive  … over the Space AOR 1986/2005  
Elektradrive  Due AOR 1989  
Elektradrive  Big City AOR 1993  
Elektradrive  Elektradrive AOR 1994  
Elements of Friction  Elements of Friction AOR 2001  
Elephant The Best of AOR 2000  
Elevate  Mankind's Dream AOR 2002  
Elevate  Every single Day AOR 2008  
Elevate  No Shadow without Light AOR 2011  
Elevener  When Kaleidoscopes collide AOR 2008  
Elevener  Symmetry in Motion AOR 2011  
Eli Sacred Ground Melodic HR 2015 American Pipeline
Ellen Shipley Call of the Wild AOR ??/2018 Renaissance Records
Elyte Unno Melodic HR 2000  
Emerald Rain Broken Saviours AOR 1997  
Emerald Rain Age of Innocence AOR 1999  
Emergency (CH) Boys will be Boys Melodic HR 1993/2005  
Emergency (NL)  Martial Law Melodic HR    
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson, Lake & Palmer Prog Rock 1972/2004 Sanctuary Records
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus Prog Rock 1971/2012 BMG Records
Emil Sigfridsson Back to Yesterday AOR 2023 Self released
Empire  The Power Melodic HR 1998  
Empire (SW) Trading Souls Melodic Prog Metal 2003/2012 Lion Music
Empire (SW) Chasing Shadows Melodic Prog Metal 2007 Metal Heaven
Enchant  A Blueprint of the World Prog Rock 1993  
Enchant  Juggling 9 or dropping 10 Prog Rock 2000  
Enchant  Wounded & Time Lost Prog Rock 2002  
Endgames Building Beauty Hi-Tech AOR 2019 VR
Endless No Less No More Melodic Rock 1994  
Endless Go Ahead AOR 1996  
English Electric Part Two Prog Rock 2013 Big Big Train
Entropy Entropy AOR 1993 Fractal Records
Enuff Z'Nuff  Strength Melodic HR 1991  
Epic Like a Phoenix Melodic HR 2016 Escape Music
Epica The Quantum Enigma Melodic Metal 2014 Nuclear Blast Records
Equus Equus AOR 1985/2024 Pride & Joy Music
Eric Burdon  Good Times AOR    
Eric Clapton Unplugged Blues Rock 1992  
Eric Clapton The Cream of … Blues Rock 1994  
Eric Clapton Chronicles, The Best of .. Blues Rock 1994  
Eric Clapton Reptile Blues Rock 2001  
Eric Martin  I'm only fooling myself AOR 1984/2008  
Eric Martin  Eric Martin AOR 1985/2000  
Eric Martin  Soul Sessions - The Capitol Years AOR 1996  
Eric Martin  Somewhere in the Middle AOR 1998 Atlantic
Eric Martin  I'm going Sane AOR 2002  
Eric Martin  Destroy all Monsters AOR 2004 Frontiers Records
Eric Martin Band  Sucker for a pretty Face AOR 1983  
Eric Russell Personal Westcoast 1993 Polystar
Erik Grönwall Somewhere between a Rock and a hard Place Melodic Rock 2010  
Erika  Cold Winter Night AOR 1990/2004 MTM Classix
Erika  In the Arms of a Stranger AOR 1991/2005 MTM Classix
Erika  Lady Luck AOR 1993  
Escape (D) Escape Melodic Metal 1990  
Escape  Hyp-Selfnosis Melodic HR 1993  
Esquire  Esquire AOR 1997  
Eternal Light Spread your Wings CCM AOR 1993 Pila Music
Eurogliders This Island Hi-Tech AOR 1984  
Europe  The final Countdown Melodic HR 1986  
Europe  Out of this World Melodic HR 1988  
Europe  Prisoners in Paradise Melodic HR 1991  
Europe  Last Look at Eden Melodic HR 2009  
Eva  The One AOR 2001  
Eva  Blue AOR 2008  
Evanescence Fallen Melodic Metal 2003 Wind-up Entertainment Inc.
Evanescence Evanescence Melodic Metal 2011 Bicycle Music Co./Universal
Eve's Bite Blessed in Hell Melodic Metal 2023 M&O Musc
Evenrude  One Size fits All AOR 2005  
Evergrey In Search for Truth Prog Metal 2001  
Evergrey Recreation Day Prog Metal 2003 SPV
Evidence One  Criticize the Truth Melodic Metal 2002  
Evidence One  Tattooed Heart Melodic Metal 2004  
Evidence One  The Sky is the Limit Melodic Metal 2007  
Explorers, The We always want Melodic Rock 1994 Kinetic Records
Export Contraband AOR 1984/2010 Rock Candy Records
Export Living in Fear of the private Eye AOR 1986/2010 Rock Candy Records
Extreme  Pornograffitti Melodic HR 1990  
Extreme  III Sides to every Story Melodic HR 1992  
Extreme  Six Melodic HR 2023  
Eye (US) It might rain AOR 1989  
Eye (US) Anthology AOR 1989/2023 Pride & Joy Music
Eye (SW) 2 Hearts AOR 2009  
Eye Eye  Common Ground AOR 1988  
Eyes  Eyes Melodic HR 1990  
Eyes  Full Moon (The Lost Studio Sessions) Melodic HR 1994 Empire Records (Sweden)
Eyes  Windows of the Soul Melodic HR 1994  
Eyes of Wise (feat. Lance) Eyes of Wise Melodic Rock 1994 Long Island Records
EZ Livin'  After the Fire Melodic HR 1991  
No. of CD's  784      
Total No. Of CD's 5794     06.06.2024
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