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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year Label
==========< T >==========        
T. Clemente Band Illusions Melodic HR 2008  
T. Clemente Band Lost in Time Melodic HR 2013 Clemente Music
T.O. Joker  Life goes on Melodic HR 1994  
Taboo (CH) The same Word Hi-Tech AOR 1988 ZAR Musikverlag
Taboo (US) Taboo Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Tainted Angel  Say a Prayer AOR 1993  
Tainted Nation F.E.A.R. Melodic Rock 2013 Massacre Records
Tainted Nation On the Outside Melodic Rock 2016 Pride & Joy Music
Takara  Eternal Faith AOR 1994  
Takara  Blind in Paradise AOR 1998  
Takara  Perception of Reality AOR 2001  
Takara  Eternity (The Best of …) AOR 2004  
Tak Matsumoto Group  TMG I Melodic HR 2004  
Take, The Get taken AOR 1985/2021 Metallic Blue Records
Takida The burning Heart Melodic Rock 2011 Seven Records
Takida Falling from Fame Melodic Rock 2021 Self released
Takida The angry Flame Melodic Rock 2024 Napalm Records
Talisman  Talisman Melodic HR 1990  
Talisman  Cats and Dogs Melodic HR 2003  
Talisman  7 Melodic HR 2006  
Talk of the Town  Talk of the Town AOR 1999  
Talk of the Town  The Ways of the World AOR 2000  
Tall Stories  Tall Stories Melodic HR 1991  
Talon Talon Melodic HR 2002 Frontiers Records
Talon Fallen Angels Melodic HR 2008 Kivel Records
Talon III Melodic HR 2011 Escape Music
Talon Fourplay Melodic HR 2015 Escape Music
Talor Made Talor Made Melodic HR 1996  
Tami Dark Secrets AOR 1993  
Tane Cain Tane Cain AOR 1982/2009  
Tandym City out of Time AOR 1997  
Tangier  Tangier  Southern Rock 1985 Wolfe Records
Tangier  Four Winds Southern Rock 1989  
Tangier  Stranded Southern Rock 1991  
Tango Down Bulletproof Melodic Rock 2016 Kivel Records
Tank War Nation Melodic HR 2012 Metal Mind Productions
Tank Valley of Tears Melodic HR 2015 Metal Mind Productions
Tantrum  Breaking Away AOR 2005  
Tanzen Piece by Peace AOR 2018 Steelheart Memories
TAO Magical Moments Hi-Tech AOR 1988  
Tara's Secret Tomorrow the Wold AOR 2006 Blackcat Music
Tara's Secret Vertigo AOR 2009  
Taraxacum  Spirit of Freedom Melodic Metal 2001  
Tarja  My Winter Storm Melodic HR 2007  
Tarner/Spencer Band, The  Run for your Life AOR 1979/2008  
Tarner/Spencer Band, The  Run for your Life AOR 1979 A&M Records
Taste Taste AOR 2013  
Taste Moral Decay AOR 2018 AOR Heaven Records
Tattoo Rodeo Rode hard - Put away wet Melodic HR 1991 Atlantic Records
Taxxi Chequered Past AOR 2001 Fantasy Records
Taxxi Traxx AOR 2011 MelodicRock Records
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders AOR 2006  
Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders Red Light Fever  AOR 2010  
Taylor Hicks  Taylor Hicks AOR 2006  
Taz Taylor Band  Welcome to America Melodic HR 2006  
Taz Taylor Band  Straight up Melodic HR 2009 Escape Music
T'Bell  Replay Westcoast 2000  
TC Express  Awaiting … AOR 1994  
Ted Poley  Collateral Damage Melodic HR 2006  
Ted Poley  Smile Melodic HR 2007  
Ted Poley  Beyond the Fade Melodic HR 2016 Frontiers Records
Teaze One Night Stand Melodic HR 1979/2006 Unidisc Music Inc.
Teer  Teer Melodic HR 2001  
Temple Balls Traded Dreams Melodic Metal 2017 Ranka Kustannus
Temple Balls Untamed Melodic Metal 2019 Ranka Kustannus
Temple Balls Pyromide Melodic Metal 2021 Frontiers Records
Temple Balls Avalanche Melodic Metal 2023 Frontiers Records
Tempt Runaway Melodic Rock 2016 Rock Candy Records
Tempt Tempt Melodic Rock 2023 Better Noise Music
Ten  Ten AOR 1996  
Ten  The Name of the Rose AOR 1996  
Ten  The Robe AOR 1997  
Ten  Spellbound AOR 1999  
Ten  Babylon AOR 2000  
Ten  Far beyond the World AOR 2001  
Ten  Return to Evermore AOR 2004  
Ten  The Twillight Chronicles AOR 2006  
Ten  The Twillight Chronicles AOR 2006  
Ten  Stormwarning AOR 2011  
Tenacity Tenacity Melodic HR 1995 Long Island Records
Tercer Acto Eternidad De Un Instante Melodic Rock 1994 Fonovisa Mexico
Terje Recalibrate Melodic Rock 2023 Self released
Terra Nova Livin' it up AOR 1997  
Terra Nova Escape AOR 2005  
Terra Nova Come alive AOR 2010  
Terry Brock Back to Eden AOR 2001  
Terry Brock Diamond Blue AOR 2010  
Terry Carolan Inbalance Melodic Rock 2023 MelodicRock Records
Terry Reid The Driver Melodic Rock 1991 Warner Music
Tesla  Mechanical Resonance Melodic HR 1986  
Tesla  Psychotic Supper Melodic HR 1991  
Tesla  Into the Now Melodic HR 2004  
That Rock Guy Nothing to lose Melodic HR 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Theander Expression, The Strange Nostalgia AOR 2013 Avenue of Allies
Theatre  Sexy Lady + City Lights    (2 on 1) Melodic HR 1990/2013  
Thin Line Finally Melodic HR 2000 Thin Line Records
Thin Lizzy Waiting for an Alibi (The Collection) Melodic HR 2011  
Think Out Loud Think Out Loud AOR 1988/2009  
Think Out Loud Shelf Life AOR 2000  
Thought Chamber  Angular Perceptions Prog Rock 2007  
Thomas Helmig  Thomas Helmig Westcoast 1992  
Thomas Helmig  Stupid Man Westcoast 1994  
Thomas Lassar From now on Melodic Rock 2023 Art of Melody Music
Thomas Vikström  If I could fly AOR 1993  
Thomas Vikström  If I could fly (2 track EP) AOR 1993  
Those damn Crows Point of no Return Melodic HR 2020 Earache Records Ltd.
Thought Chamber  Angular Perceptions Prog Metal 2007  
Thowsen Call Me Stranger AOR 2022 Norske Albumklassikere
Thread  Thread AOR 1995  
Threshold  Wounded Land Prog Rock 1993 Giant Electric Pea
Threshold  Psychedelicatessen (Definitive Edition) Prog Rock 1994/2001 SPV/Inside Out
Threshold  Extinct Instinct (Definitive Edition) Prog Rock 1997/2012 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  Clone (Definitive Edition) Prog Rock 1998/2012 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  Hypothetical Prog Rock 2001 SPV/Inside Out
Threshold  Critical Mass Prog Rock 2002 SPV/Inside Out
Threshold  Subsurface Prog Rock 2004 SPV/Inside Out
Threshold  Dead Reckoning Prog Rock 2007 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  March of Progress Prog Rock 2012 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  For the Journey Prog Rock 2014 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  Legends of the Shires Prog Rock 2017 Nuclear Blast
Threshold  Dividing Lines Prog Rock 2022 Nuclear Blast
Thrills  First Thrills AOR 1980/2018 Secret Jazzer Records
Thrills  Front Page News AOR ??/2008  
Thrills  3 AOR 2000  
Thunder  Back Street Symphony Melodic HR 1990  
Thunder  Laughing on Judgement Day Melodic HR 1991  
Thunder  Behind closed Doors Melodic HR 1995  
Thunder  The Thrill of it all Melodic HR 1995  
Thunder  Giving the Game away (10th Anniv. Ed.) Melodic HR 1999  
Thunder  The magificent Seventh Melodic HR 2005  
Thunder  Robert Johnson's Tombstone Melodic HR 2006  
Thunder  Bang! Melodic HR 2008  
Thunder  All the right Noises Melodic HR 2021 BMG
Thunder (US) Thunder AOR 1980 Wounded Bird Records
Thunderbird Thunderbird (EP) Melodic HR 2017 Delinquent Records
Thunderhead Thunderhead Melodic HR 1975/2009 Crossroad Productions
Thunderstone  The Burning Melodic Metal 2004  
Tiger Tiger Space Age Indian AOR 1994 Sound of America Records
Tight Fit The fine Line AOR 1996 Long Island Records
TIM TIM AOR 1982/2021 MelodicRock Records
Tim Feehan  Carmalita AOR 1983  
Tim Feehan  Tim Feehan AOR 1987/2005  
Tim Feehan  Tim Feehan AOR 1987/2008  
Tim Feehan  Full Contact AOR 1990  
Tim Feehan  Pray for Rain Westcoast 1996  
Tim Hunter The Pathway of Light Prog AOR 2011  
Tim Hunter The Aura Prog AOR 2012  
Tim Hunter Ascension Prog AOR 2013  
Tim Karr Everybody bleeds Melodic Rock 1998  
Tim Wright  Survival AOR 1992  
Time Gallery  Time Gallery AOR 1989  
Time Gallery  Kaleidoscope AOR 1992  
Timeless Miracle Into the Enchanted Chamber Melodic Metal 2005  
Timo Tolkki  Hymn of Life AOR 2002  
Timothy B. Schmit  Feed the Fire AOR 2001  
Timothy B. Schmit  Expando AOR 2010  
Timmy  The Atlanta Project AOR 1999  
Timmy  The damn Thing's still alive ! AOR 2002  
Timson Forever's not enough Melodic Rock 2024 Self released
Tin Man Anthology AOR 2023 MelodicRock Records
Tindrum  Drums of War Melodic HR 1988  
Tintenfish  Evolution AOR 1989  
Tirith, The Tales from the Tower Prog Metal 2015 Convergent Recordings
Titan Steps AOR 2009  
Titanic Eagle Rock Melodic HR 2000  
Tito & Tarantula  Little Bitch AOR 2000  
TKO  Below the Belt Melodic HR 2001  
TNT  Knights of the New Thunder Melodic HR 1984 PolyGram Records
TNT  Intuition Melodic HR 1989  
TNT  My Religion Melodic HR 2004  
TNT  All the Way to the Sun Melodic HR 2005 MTM Music
To/Die/For Wounds wide open Gothic Metal 2006  
Tobruk Wild on the Run AOR 1985/2004  
Toby Hitchcock Mercury's down Melodic Rock 2011  
Toby Hitchcock Reckoning Melodic Rock 2019 Frontiers Records
Todd Hobin Band  Todd Hobin Band AOR 1978  
Todd Hobin Band  Keepin' the Dream alive AOR 1982  
Todd Hobin Band  Passion and the Pain AOR 1980  
Todd Hobin Band  The Dream, Live '74-'91 AOR 2000  
Todd Hobin and The Heat  Turn It On AOR 1985  
Toi, The Water into Wine AOR 2013 Sushi Roll
Toja  Train of Life Melodic HR 2009  
Token  Tomorrowland Melodic HR 2002  
Tokyo Tokyo AOR 1981/2011 YesterRock Records
Tokyo (UK) Listen to your Heartbeat Melodic HR 2014 Steelheart Memories
Tokyo Blade  Blackhearts & Jaded Spades Melodic HR 1985  
Tokyo Motor Fist Tokyo Motor Fist Melodic HR 2017 Frontiers Records
Tokyo Motor Fist Lions Melodic HR 2020 Frontiers Records
Tokyo Storm Optimistic State of Mind AOR 2020 Self released
Tom DeLuca Down to the Wire AOR 1986/2009 YesterRock Records
Tom DeLuca Street Rock AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Tom Keifer The Way Life goes Melodic HR 2013 Merovee Records
Tom Kimmel  5 to 1 AOR 1987  
Tom Kimmel  Circle back Home AOR 1990  
Tom Snow Hungry Nights Westcoast 1982/2016 Sony Music
Tomas Bodin  I Am Prog Rock 2005  
Tommy Conwell Rumble AOR 1989 CBS Records
Tommy Decarlo Dancing in the Moonlight Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Tommy Denander Less is more, Part One AOR 1995 Local Dealer
Tommy Denander Skeleton, Part Two AOR 1995 Local Dealer
Tommy Funderburk Anything for you Westcoast 2005  
Tommy James Hi-Fi AOR 1990  
Tommy Nilsson IT! AOR 1988 Alpha Records AB
Tommy Nilsson Follow the Road AOR 1990 Alpha Records AB
Tommy Shaw  Girls with Guns AOR 1984/2007 American Beat Records
Tommy Shaw  What if AOR 1985  
Tommy Shaw  Ambition AOR 1987  
Tommy Tyser Young and Rockin' Crazy AOR 1990 Planet Records
Toms, The Yawning for Pleasure AOR 2023 MelodicRock Records
Tone Norum One of a Kind AOR 1986  
Tone Norum This Time … AOR 1988  
Tone Norum Red AOR 1990  
Tony Banks Still AOR 1991  
Tony Borg  Tony Borg Melodic HR 1992  
Tony Carey Some tough City Melodic Rock 1984  
Tony Franklin  Brave new Tomorrow AOR 2000  
Tony Harnell & Morning Wood  Morning Wood Melodic HR 2002  
Tony Kishman  Catch 22 AOR 1997  
Tony Mitchell Beggar's Gold Melodic HR 2018 MelodicRock Records
Tony Mitchell Church of a restless Soul Melodic HR 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Tony Mitchell Hot endless Summer Nights Melodic HR 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Tony Sciuto Island Nights AOR 1979/1999  
Tony Joe White Closer to the Truth Blues Rock 1991 Remark Records
Top Left Corner Nowhere Prog Rock 1996  
Topas  Topas AOR 1980  
Topper Only for the Money Melodic Rock 1992 Ring Records
Torben Schmidt  A bit on the Side AOR 1991/2007  
Torino Customized AOR 1981/2002  
Torok Addiction of Fools Melodic HR 2007 G & J Records
Toronto  Lookin' for Trouble AOR 1980  
Toronto  Head on AOR 1981/2002  
Toronto  Get it on Credit AOR 1982  
Toronto & Holly Woods Assault & Flattery AOR 1984  
Torstein Flakne Shoot the Moon AOR 1995 PolyGram
Total Stranger  Obsession/Total Stranger AOR 2002  
Toto  Hydra AOR 1979/1988  
Toto  IV AOR 1982  
Toto  Isolation AOR 1984/1989  
Toto  Fahrenheit AOR 1986  
Toto  The Seventh One AOR 1988  
Toto  Tambu AOR 1995  
Toto  Falling in Between AOR 2006  
Toto  Bottom of your Soul - Tour Edition (EP) AOR 2006  
Toto  XIV AOR 2015 King Records
Touch  The Complete Works AOR 1998  
Touch  Tomorrow never comes AOR 2021 Escape Music
Touchstone Discordant Dreams Prog Rock 2007/2012 Steamhammer/SPV
Touchstone The City sleeps Prog Rock 2011 Steamhammer/SPV
Touchstone Wintercoast Prog Rock 2012 Steamhammer/SPV
Touchstone Oceans of Time Prog Rock 2013 Hear No Evil Recordings
Tour de Force  World on Fire Melodic HR 1995  
Tower Turn the Page Melodic HR 2003 Self released
Tower City  A little bit of Fire Melodic HR 1996  
Tower City  All or Nothing Melodic HR 1998  
Toxic Melons Bus Therapy Pop AOR 2014 Self released
Toy Cannon Forever One Melodic HR 1990/2022 Eönian Records
Toys of Joy  One of these Days Westcoast 1990  
Toyz House of Cards Melodic Rock 2004 Escape Records
Trace Balin Champions CCM AOR 1988  
Trade Mark Fatal Blues Melodic HR 1992  
Tradia  Trade Winds AOR 1988  
Tradia  Welcome to Paradise AOR 1995  
Tragik Poetic Justice AOR 2007  
Trans Am Fasten Seatbelts Melodic HR 1989 Bernie Productions
Trans Am Unlimited Melodic HR 1990 Bernie Productions
Transcendence The Way it could be … Melodic Rock 2001  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  Christmas Eve and other Stories Symphonic Rock 1996  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  The Christmas Attic Symphonic Rock 1998  
Trans-Siberian Orchestra  Tales of Winter Symphonic Rock 2013  
Transatlantic  SMPTe Prog Rock 2000  
Transatlantic  The Whirlwind Prog Rock 2009  
Transit  Dirty Pleasures Melodic HR 1989  
Transit  Heartcore Melodic HR 1991  
Transit  Catch Fire Melodic HR 1994  
Treasure Treasure AOR 1977/2011 Wounded Bird Records
Treat  The Pleasure Principle AOR 1986  
Treat  Dreamhunter AOR 1987  
Treat  Organized Crime AOR 1989  
Treat  Treat AOR 1992  
Treat  Weapons of Choice, 1984 - 2006 AOR 2006  
Treat  Coupe De Grace AOR 2010  
Treat  Ghost of Graceland AOR 2016 Frontiers Records
Treat  Tunguska AOR 2018 King Record Co.
Treat  The Endgame Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Trevor Rabin Trevor Rabin AOR 1978  
Trevor Rabin Wolf AOR 1981/2002  
Trevor Rabin Rio AOR 2023 Sony Music
TRF (The Rock Files) A Life on Earth Prog Rock 2011  
Trillion  Trillion AOR 1978  
Trillion  Clearapproach AOR 1980  
Triple Threat We ain't here to dance Melodic Rock 2014  
Triumph  Just a Game AOR 1979/2005 Sanctuary Records
Triumph  Progressions of Power AOR 1980 TML Entertainment Inc.
Triumph  Never surrender AOR 1982  
Triumph  Thunder Seven AOR 1984/1995 TRC Records
Triumph  The Sport of Kings AOR 1986  
Triumph  Surveillance AOR 1987 MCA Records
Triumph  Classics AOR 1989  
Triumvirat  Spartacus Prog AOR 1975 EMI Elektrola
Triumvirat  Pompeii Prog AOR 1977/2008  
Triumvirat  Russian Roulette Prog AOR 1980  
Trixie  Lift you Up Glam Rock 2005  
Trombi Better than me Melodic Rock 2000 Wissmach Music GmbH
Trooper Hot Shots AOR 1979  
Trophy, The The Gift of Life Melodic HR 2009  
Trouble Tribe Trouble Tribe Melodic HR 1990 Chrysalis Records
Troy Newman  Gypsy Moon AOR 1991  
Troy Newman  It's like this AOR 1995  
Truth, (Dennis Greaves and the) Jump AOR 1989  
Truth & Janey No Rest for the Wicked Melodic HR 1978/2007  
TRW Rivers of Paradise AOR 2007  
TU  Secrets in the Dark AOR 1989  
Tubes  The Completion Backwards Principle AOR 1981  
Tuesday Blues Shibumi AOR 1988  
Tuple Salmela Wooden Box Melodic Rock 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Tuple Salmela Welcome to Hell Melodic Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Turbulence Walk through Fire (EP) AOR 2008  
Turbulence Keepers of the Light (EP) AOR 2011  
Turkish Delight Turkish Delight AOR 2022 Escape Records
Turn Turn back Time Melodic Rock 2001 Big Buck Records
Twenty Twenty  Twenty Twenty AOR 1985/2020 Refuge
Twenty Twenty  Altered AOR 1987/2020 Refuge
Twilightning Delirium Veil Melodic HR 2002 Spinefarm Records
Twinball  Remnants of a broken Soul Melodic HR 2002  
Two are One A Question of Time Pop AOR 1995/2018 Minotaur Records
Two Fires  Two Fires AOR 2000  
Two Fires  Burning bright AOR 2010  
Two of a Kind Two of a Kind AOR 2007  
TX Barryt TX's Melodic HR 1992  
Tycoon Tycoon AOR 1978/2004 Renaissance Records
Tycoon Opportunity knocks AOR 2009 Renaissance Records
Tyketto  Don't come Easy AOR 1991  
Tyketto  Strength in Numbers AOR 1994  
Tyketto  The last Sunset: Farewell 2007 AOR 2010  
Tyketto  Reach AOR 2017 Frontiers Records
==========< U >==========        
U.K. U.K. Prog Rock 1978/2017 Eclipse Records
U.K. Danger Money Prog Rock 1979/2017 Eclipse Records
U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. 2011 Essential Media Group
U-Turn No Filler Melodic Rock 2003  
UFO Strangers in the Night Melodic HR 1979/2008 Rock Candy Records
UFO Misdemeanor Melodic HR 1995/2009  
UFO Phenomenon Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Force it Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO No heavy Pettin' Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Lights out Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Obsession Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO No Place to run Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO The Wild, The Willing and the Innocent Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Mechanix Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Making Contact Melodic HR 2014 Chrysalis Records
UFO Misdemeanor Melodic HR 1995/2014 Chrysalis Records
Ultimatum  Ultimatum AOR 1995  
Ultra Ultra Melodic HR 1977/2007  
Ultranite I want my own Planet Melodic Rock 1989 Koch International
Ultravox  Revelation - Ingenuity Pop Rock ??  
Ulysses Neronia Prog Rock 1993 PyraMusic
Umphrey's McGee  Anchor Drops Prog Rock 2004  
Under Fire  Under Fire Melodic HR 1997  
Under Suspicion  Under Suspicion AOR 2001  
Undercover All lined up Melodic HR 1994  
Undercover Undercover Melodic HR 1997 Busted Records
Underride One of Us Melodic HR 2008/2011  
Underride Distorted Nation Melodic HR 2011  
Unicorn Too many Crooks AOR 1976/2009  
Union (Various Artists)  Vol. 4 AOR    
Union Mac  Lost in Attraction AOR 2007  
Unisonic Unisonic Melodic Rock 2012 Edel Records
Unisonic For the Kingdom (EP) Melodic Rock 2014  
Unisonic Light of Dawn Melodic Rock 2014 Edel Records
United Crash Let's rock! Melodic Rock 2007  
United Nations 2014 Melodic Rock 2014 Steelheart Memories
United Pogressive Fraternity Fall in Love with the World Prog Rock 2014 Inside Out Music
United Pogressive Fraternity Planetary Overload - Part 1: Loss Prog Rock 2019 Giant Electric Pea
Universe (GE) Bad Child Melodic HR 1992 Intercord Record Service
Universe (GE) Waiting for … Melodic HR 1993 Solid Rock
Universe Infinity Rock is alive Melodic Rock 2018 Pride & Joy Music
Unleash the Archers Abyss Melodic Metal 2020 Napalm Records
Unruly Child  Unruly Child AOR 1992  
Unruly Child  Waiting for the Sun AOR 1998  
Unruly Child  UC III AOR 2002  
Unruly Child  Worlds collide AOR 2010  
Urban Creep Best of … Melodic Rock 1995/2004  
Urban Creep Tightroper Melodic Rock 1996  
Urban Tale  Urban Tale AOR 2001  
Urban Tale  Signs of Times AOR 2003  
Urgent (US)  Cast the first Stone AOR 1984/2001  
Urgent (US)  Thinking out loud AOR 1987  
Urgent (Canada)  Timing AOR 1984 Long Island Records
Uriah Heep  … very 'Eavy … very 'Umble Melodic HR 1970/2016 Sanctuary Records
Uriah Heep  Salisbury Melodic HR 1971/2003 Sanctuary Records
Uriah Heep  Demons and Wizards Melodic HR 1972/2004 Sanctuary Records
Uriah Heep  The Magician's Birthday Melodic HR 1972/2004 Sanctuary Records
Uriah Heep  Abominog Melodic HR 1982/1997  
Uriah Heep  Head first Melodic HR 1983/1990 Castle Records
Uriah Heep  Raging Silence Melodic HR 1989 Castle Records
Uriah Heep  Different World Melodic HR 1991/1998 Castle Communications
Uriah Heep  Sea of Light Melodic HR 1995  
Uriah Heep  Sonic Origami Melodic HR 1998 Eagle Records
Uriah Heep  Wake the Sleeper Melodic HR 2008  
Uriah Heep Into the Wild Melodic Rock 2011  
Uriah Heep Outsider Melodic Rock 2014  
Uriah Heep Living the Dream Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
Uriah Heep Chaos & Colour Melodic Rock 2022 Silver Lining Music Ltd.
Urs Wiesendanger The real me AOR 1998  
Ursa Major Ursa Major Melodic HR 1972/??  
Used Records Used Records AOR 1994 Long Island Records
==========< V >==========        
V.A.N Out in the Rain Melodic HR 1992 T.A.O.B. Products
Vagh  Into the Future Zone Melodic HR 2004  
Vain No Respect Melodic HR 1989/2009 BGO Records
Vain All those Strangers Melodic HR 2009  
Vainglory Vainglory Melodic Metal 2007  
Valensia  Valensia AOR/Pomp 1993  
Valensia  Gaia (3-track EP) AOR/Pomp 1993  
Valensia  White Album AOR/Pomp 2004  
Valensia  Blue Album AOR/Pomp 2004  
Valentine  Valentine AOR 1990  
Valentine  Soul Salvation AOR 2008  
Valentine  Demos from the Attic AOR 2019 20th Century Music
Vamp The Rich don't rock Melodic HR 1989/2022 Bad Reputation
Van Der Graaf Generator Still Life Prog Rock 2005 Virgin Records
Van Der Graaf Generator Godbluff Prog Rock 2005 Virgin Records
Van Halen  Fair Warning Melodic HR 1981 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Van Halen  5150 Melodic HR 1986  
Van Halen  For unlawful carnal Knowledge Melodic HR 1991  
Van Halen  A different Kind of Truth Melodic HR 2012  
Van Leer  I hate myself (for loving you) AOR 1987  
Van Stephenson  China Girl AOR 1981/2013 Riverman Music
Van Stephenson  China Girl AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Van Stephenson  Righteous Anger AOR 1984  
Van Stephenson  Suspicious Heart AOR 1986  
Van Stephenson  Van's Versions AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Van Wilks Bombay Tears Westcoast 1980  
Van Wilks Bombay Tears Westcoast 1980/2016 Rock Candy Records
Van Zant  Van Zant AOR 1985  
Vanadium  Seventheaven Melodic HR 1989  
Vancouver  Vancouver AOR 1994 Long Island Records
Vandamne  Nightcrimes Melodic HR 1994 Long Island Records
Vanden Plas Colour Temple Prog Rock 1994/2002 Inside Out Music
Vanden Plas Colour Temple Prog Rock 1994/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas AcCult (EP) Prog Rock 1996/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas The God Thing Prog Rock 1997/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Far off Grace Prog Rock 1999/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Spirit of Live (Live) Prog Rock 2000/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Beyond Daylight Prog Rock 2002/2011 Inside Out Music
Vanden Plas Beyond Daylight Prog Rock 2002/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Christ 0 Prog Rock 2006/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas The Seraphic Clockworrk Prog Rock 2010/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld (Path I) Prog Rock 2014/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Chronicles of the Immortals: Netherworld (Path II) Prog Rock 2015/2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas Bonus Treasures 1991-2015 Prog Rock 2019 Frontiers Records
Vanden Plas The Empyrean Equation of the long lost Things Prog Rock 2024 Frontiers Records
Vandenberg's Moonking Vandenberg's Moonking Melodic HR 2014 Mascot Records
Vanderhoof Vanderhoof Melodic Rock 1997  
Vanessa Vanessa Melodic HR 1995  
Vanishing Point  Embrace the Silence Melodic Metal 2005  
Vanishing Point  From Jump Street AOR 1990  
Vanity Are you wild enough ? AOR 1995  
Various Artists MTM Ballads Vol. 2 AOR    
Various Artists MTM Ballads Vol. 3 AOR 2000  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 1 AOR 1996  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 2 AOR 1997  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 5 AOR 2000  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 6 AOR 2001  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 7 AOR 2001  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 8 AOR 2002  
Various Artists MTM Compilation Vol. 10 AOR 2004  
Various Artists MTM Compilation 10th Anniversary AOR 2006  
Various Artists MTM Rock Ballads - Thomas Hässler presents … AOR 2001  
Various Artists MTM Rock Ballads Vol. 5 AOR 2004  
Various Artists MTM Rock Ballads Vol. 6 AOR 2005  
Various Artists MTM Rock Radio Hits AOR 2001  
Various Artists Rock for Japan Melodic HR 2011  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 1 Melodic Rock 2003  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 2 Melodic Rock 2003  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 3 Melodic Rock 2003  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 4 Melodic Rock 2004  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 5 Melodic Rock 2004  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 6 Melodic Rock 2005  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 7 Melodic Rock 2005  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 8 Melodic Rock 2005  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 9 Melodic Rock 2007  
Various Artists Munich's Hardest Hits, Vol. 10 Melodic Rock 2010  
Various Artists Frontiers Rock Festival - Official Compilation Melodic Rock 2014  
Various Artists Voices Westcoast 1987 Cool Sound
Various Artists (Simon Phillips, John Lawton, Joseph Williams) My Kind of Lovin' Westcoast 2014 Intelligent Music
Various Artists Best of Rock Disco - Vol. 2 Melodic Rock 1987 Cool Sound
Vauxdvihl To Dimension Logic Prog Metal 1994 Advent
Vega Kiss of Life Melodic Rock 2010  
Vega What the Hell! Melodic Rock 2013  
Vega Stereo Messiah Melodic Rock 2014 Icarus/Frontiers
Vega Who we are Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Vega Only human Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
Vega Grit your Teeth Melodic Rock 2020 Frontiers Records
Vega Anarchy and Unity Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Vega Battlelines Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Veilside This Time … Melodic HR 2011  
Velocity  Impact Melodic Rock 2010  
Vendetta  Vendetta Melodic HR    
Vengeance  Back in the Ring Melodic HR 2006  
Venice  Venice  AOR 1990 Atlantic Records
Venice  Born and Raised AOR 1997  
Venice  Welcome to the Rest of your Life AOR 2003  
Venus & Mars  Grand Trine AOR 1994  
Venus & Mars  New Moon rising AOR 1998/2003  
Verity Interrupted Journey Melodic HR 1983/2016 VaVoom Records
Verity Rock Solid Melodic HR 1986/2016 VaVoom Records
Vertigo  Vertigo AOR 2003  
Vertigo  Takes me back Melodic Rock 2007 Renegade Productions Inc.
Viana Viana AOR 2017 Street Symphonies Underground Records
Viana Forever free AOR 2019 Escape Records
Vibe-A-Tribe  Tribal Instinct AOR 1994  
Vice (GE) Made for Pleasure Melodic HR 1988  
Vice (GE) Second Excess Melodic HR 1990 BMG Ariola
Vice Hot … just looking at you Melodic HR 2015 Demon Doll Records
Vice Na Na Naughty Melodic HR 2015 Demon Doll Records
Vicious Head Society, The Abject Tomorrow Prog Metal 2017 Hostile Media
Vicious Head Society, The Extinction Level Event Prog Metal 2021 Hostile Media
Vicious Mary  Vicious Mary Melodic Metal 2002  
Victor Victor Melodic Rock 1996 Atlantic Records
Victory  Culture killed the Native Melodic HR 1989  
Victory  Temples of Gold Melodic HR 1990  
Victory  You bought it, you name it Melodic HR 1992 Metronome Musik
Victory Group  Tomorrow AOR 1982/2008 Retrospect Records
Vienna  Guess what? Hi-Tech AOR 1987  
Vince Cardillo First Step AOR 1993 E.S.I.S. Belgium
Vince DiCola Only Time will tell Prog AOR 2021 Escape Records
Vinci Vinci AOR 1995  
Vindictiv  Vindictiv Melodic Metal 2007  
Vinnie Kay Where do we go frome here Melodic Rock 1995 Long Island Records 
Vinny Burns The Journey AOR 1999  
Violet Illusions AOR 2022 Yellow Muffin Records
Virginia Value Pray for Rain Melodic Rock 1993 Self released
Virginia Value Miles away Melodic Rock 1995 Bekegg Records
Virginia Wolf  Virginia Wolf AOR 1986  
Virginia Wolf  Push AOR 1987  
VishusgruV Dirty little Secrets Melodic HR 2009 AOR-FM
Vision (US) Mountain in the Sky Melodic HR 2010 Born Twice Records
Vision 180  More to Believe in AOR 2001  
Vision Fields  Vision Fields AOR 1988  
Vision Fields  Voices AOR 1990  
Vision Fields  Ice Sail AOR 1992 DSB Records
Visionary (US, CCM) Highest Calling CCM AOR 1999  
Visionary (US) Visionary Melodic HR 1996 Nightmare Records
Visionary (US) Power to spare Melodic HR 2000 Nightmare Records
Visionary (US) Strange, but familiar Shores Melodic HR 2002 Nightmare Records
Visions of Atlantis Eternal endless Infinity Symphonic Metal 2004  
Vital Signs  Vital Signs AOR 2002  
Vitalines Wheels within Wheels Melodic Rock 2024 Frontiers Records
Vitrea  No Answers Melodic HR 2003  
Vixen Vixen Melodic Rock 1988 EMI-Manhattan Music
Vixen Rev it up Melodic Rock 1990  
Vizions Vizions Melodic Rock 1994 Palomba Music
Voices of Rock MMVII Melodic Rock 2007  
Voices of Rock High & Mighty Melodic Rock 2009  
VOLA Innmazes Prog Metal 2016 Mascot Records
VOLA Applause of a distant Crowd Prog Metal 2018 Mascot Records
Volbeat For Outlaw Gentlemen & shady Ladies Modern HR 2013 Universal Records
Volbeat Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood Modern HR   Universal Records
Volbeat Beyond Hell / Above Heaven Modern HR   Universal Records
Volbeat Rewind - Replay - Rebound Modern HR 2019 Universal Records
Volbeat Servant of the Mind Modern HR 2021 Universal Records
Von Groove  Von Groove AOR 1992  
Von Groove  Drivin' off the Edge of the World Melodic HR 2000  
Von Hertzen Brothers New Day rising Prog Rock 2015 Universal/Spinefarm Records
Von Hertzen Brothers War is over Prog Rock 2017 Music Theories Recordings
Vonray  Vonray Melodic HR 2003  
Voodoo X  Vol.1 - The Awakening Melodic HR 1989  
Voyager Something New Melodic Rock 199? UCAN
Voyager UK Run away Heart Melodic Rock 2014 Steelheart Memories
Voyager (AU) V Prog Metal 2014 IAV Records
Voyager (AU) Ghost Mile Prog Metal 2017 IAV Records
VU, The  Phoenix rising AOR 2000  
VXN VXN AOR 1985/1999 Osmosis Records
==========< W >==========        
W.A.S.P. The Crimson Idol Melodic Metal 1992  
W.E.T. W.E.T. Melodic Rock 2009  
W.E.T. Rise up Melodic Rock 2013  
W.E.T. Earthrage Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
W.E.T. Retransmission Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Wa Wa Nee  Wa Wa Nee AOR 1986  
Wall of Silence  Shock to the System Melodic HR 1992  
Walk on Fire  Blind Faith AOR 1989  
Walk the Sky  Walk the Sky Melodic HR 2005  
Walk the Walk Walk the Walk Musical Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Walk the Wire  Walk the Wire AOR 1994  
Walk this Way  Walk this Way AOR 1988  
Wallflowers, The  Bringing down the Horse AOR    
Wallflowers, The  Breach AOR    
Walter Trout  Livin' every Day Blues Rock 1999  
Waltham  Permission to build Melodic HR 2003  
Waltham  Waltham  Melodic HR 2005  
War & Peace The Flesh & Blood Sessions Melodic HR 1999/2013 Deadline Music
War Babies War Babies Melodic HR 1992  
War of the Worlds, The (Jeff Wayne) The War of the Worlds Musical Rock 1978/2009 Sony Music
War Pipes War Pipes Melodic HR 1990/2000  
Ward Brother, The Madness of it all Hi-Tech AOR 1986 Siren Records Ltd.
Warrant Cherry Pie Melodic HR 1990 CBS Records
Warrior Fighting for the Earth Melodic Metal 1985 Metal Blade
Watch, The  The Vacuum Prog Rock 2004  
Waterboys, The  An Appointment with Mr.Yeats AOR 2011 Proper Records
Wayne Smart  Wayne Smart AOR 1996  
Wayne Smart  Just another Stranger AOR 1996  
Wayne Smart  Live and Learn AOR 1997  
Waysted Save your Prayers Melodic HR 1986  
We are the Fallen Tear the World down Symphonic Metal 2010 Universal Republic Records
Weathervane Roll like Thunder Southern Rock 1997  
Well Well Well Dangerous Games AOR 1988 BMG Eurodisc Ltd.
Wendell Nightfall Troupe Clumsy Grace AOR 2009  
West Alley A Night to remember AOR 2023 Pride & Joy Music
West of Sunset West of Sunset Westcoast 2009  
Westworld  Skin Melodic HR 2000  
Westworld  Cyberdreams Melodic HR 2002  
Wetton-Downes  Icon Lite AOR 2005  
Wetton-Downes  Icon II Lite AOR 2006  
What If What If  AOR 1987  
Wheels of Fire Hollywood Rocks Melodic Rock 2010 Avenue of Allies Music
Wheels of Fire Up for anything Melodic Rock 2012 Avenue of Allies Music
Whisper Alley Up yer Alley Melodic HR 2022 Steelheart Records
White Flame  Yesterday's News Melodic HR 2007  
White Heart  Freedom CCM AOR 1989  
White Heart  Power House CCM AOR 1990 Star Song Communications
White Heart  Tales of Wonder CCM AOR 1992  
White Heart  Highlands CCM AOR 1993  
White Heat  We never heard of you either Melodic HR 1989  
White Highway Hittin' the Road Melodic Rock 2019 Lynx Music
White Lion Pride Melodic HR 1987 Atlantic Records
White Lion Mane Attraction Melodic HR 1991 Atlantic Records
White Sister  White Sister AOR 1984  
White Sister  Fashion by Passion AOR 1986  
White Skies Black Tide Melodic Rock 2022 Pride & Joy Music
White Spirit Right or Wrong Melodic Rock 2022 Conquest Records
White Vision White Vision Melodic HR 1995 Long Island Records
White Widdow White Widdow (EP) Melodic Rock 2009  
White Widdow White Widdow Melodic Rock 2010  
White Widdow Serenade Melodic Rock 2011  
White Widdow Silhouette Melodic HR 2016 AOR Heaven Records
White Widdow Victory Melodic HR 2018 AOR Heaven Records
White Wing White Wing Prog AOR 1976/2017 Blood & Iron Records
White Wolf  Endangered Species Melodic HR 1986  
White Wolf  Standing alone / Endangered Species Melodic HR 2007  
White Wolf  Victim of the Spotlight Melodic HR 2007  
Whitehouse Wanderland Whitehouse Wanderland Melodic Rock 1991 Fazer Finnlevy
Whitesnake  Slide it in Melodic HR 1984  
Whitesnake  1987 Melodic HR 1987  
Whitesnake  Slip of the Tongue Melodic HR 1989 EMI Records
Whitesnake  Good to be Bad Melodic HR 2008  
Whitesnake  Forevermore Melodic HR 2011 Frontiers Records
Whitford/St. Holmes Whitford/St. Holmes Melodic HR 1981  
Wicked Sensation  Reflected Melodic HR 2001  
Wicked Sensation  Exceptional Melodic HR 2004  
Wickman Road Wickman Road Melodic Rock 2016 AOR Heaven Records
Wig Wam  Hard to be a Rock 'n Roller Glam Rock 2005  
Wig Wam  Wig Wamania Glam Rock 2006  
Wig Wam  Non Stop Rock 'n Roll Glam Rock 2010  
Wig Wam  Never say die Glam Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Wigelius Reinventions AOR 2012  
Wigelius Tabula Rasa AOR 2016 AOR Heaven Records
Wighthouse Wanderland Wighthouse Wanderland Melodic Rock 1991 Dig It
Wild America Gasoline Melodic HR 2018 Kivel Records
Wild America Old School Cool Melodic HR 2022 Kivel Records
Wild Bitch Streets of Danger Melodic HR 2013  
Wild Blue No more Jinx Hi-Tech AOR 1986/2009 Renaissance Records
Wild Force Wild Force AOR 1987 Lace Factory
Wild Force Jungle of Love AOR 1990 Epic Records
Wild Frontier  Thousand Miles away Melodic HR 1998  
Wild Frontier  Stick your Neck out Melodic HR 2003  
Wild N Fool When the Time has come Melodic HR ??  
Wild One Wild One Melodic HR 1996 Bums Records
Wild Rhubarb  Iron Bridge Melodic HR 1993  
Wild Ride Stop the Fighting (EP) Melodic HR 1993 Ray's Music B.V.
Wild Ride Tension & Desire Melodic HR 1993 Ray's Music B.V.
Wild Rose Half past Midnight Melodic Rock 2011 Retrospect Records
Wild Rose Dangerous Melodic Rock 2013 AOR Heaven Records
Wild Rose Hit 'n Run Melodic Rock 2014 AOR Blvd
Wild Rose 4 Melodic Rock 2016 Steel Gallery Records
Wild Souls On the Road Melodic Rock 2013 Final Touch
Wild Souls Queen of my Heart Melodic Rock 2020 Lions Pride Music
Wild West Second to None Melodic Rock 2003  
Wildhearts, The Fishing for Luckies Melodic HR 1996  
Wildkard  Megalomania AOR 2007  
Wildlife (UK) Wildlife AOR 1983  
Wildness Wildness AOR 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Wildness Ultimate Demise AOR 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Wildness Resurrection AOR 2022 Frontiers Records
Wildlife  Wildlife AOR 1990  
Wildside  Under the Influence Melodic HR 1992  
Wildstreet Wildstreet Melodic HR 2009 Retrospect Records
Williams/Friestedt Williams/Friestedt AOR 2011  
Willow Lost in Love Melodic Rock 1994 Battery Records
Wilshire Second Story Pop AOR 2000  
Wilshire New Universe Pop AOR 2003  
Winding Road Winding Road Melodic Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Windows, The  Runnin' alone AOR 1987/2001  
Windows Mr. Bongo Pop AOR 1988 Munchkin Valley Productions
Winebible  Winebible AOR 1996  
Winger  Sahara (Winger) Melodic HR 1988  
Winger  In the Heart of the Young Melodic HR 1990 Atlantic Records
Winger  Pull Melodic HR 1993  
Winger  IV Melodic HR 2006  
Winger  Demo Anthology Melodic HR 2007  
Winger  Karma Melodic HR 2009  
Winger  Seven Melodic HR 2023 Frontiers Records
Wings Venus & Mars Pop AOR 1975/1993  
Winter Parade  Midnight in Paradise Melodic Rock 2002  
Winter Parade  Two AOR 2008  
Winter Rose Winter Rose Melodic HR 1989/1997 InsideOut Music
Winter's Reign  The Mini Album Melodic HR 1985/2018 Steelheart Memories
Winter's Reign  The Beginning … Melodic HR 1987 Tokyo Music
Winterhawk Revival Melodic HR 2006  
Winterkat The Struggle Melodic HR 1988/2018 Vanity Music Group
WinterStrain Shifting Sands Melodic Metal 2008  
Wireless  The Anthem Years AOR 1994  
Wishing Well Little Dreamer AOR 1992 Rockwerk Records
Wiszdom Stone The Battle rages CCM Metal 2008 Self released
Wiszdom Stone Rise CCM Metal 2009 Self released
Within Temptation  Mother Earth Melodic Metal 2003  
Within Temptation  The silent Force Melodic Metal 2004  
Within Temptation  The Heart of Everything Melodic Metal 2007  
Within Temptation  The Unforgiving Melodic Metal 2011  
Without Love Trouble Melodic HR 2000 Metal Mayhem Music
Witness  Witness AOR 1988/2009  
Wood Songs from Stamford Hill AOR 2001 Columbia
Wolverine Still Prog Rock 2006  
Wonderland Is this … Melodic HR 1997  
Wonderworld Wonderworld I Melodic Rock 2014 Key Music
Wonderworld Wonderworld II Melodic Rock 2016 Key Music
Wonderworld Wonderworld III Melodic Rock 2018 Sliptrick Records
Work of Art  Artwork AOR 2008  
Work of Art  In Progress AOR 2011  
Work of Art  Framework AOR 2014 Frontiers Records
Work of Art  Exhibits AOR 2019 Frontiers Records
Work Force Work Force AOR 1989  
Work Force  Wrecked, welded & wet AOR 2004  
Works, The From out of Nowhere AOR 1989  
World, The Break the Silence Pop AOR 1983/2011  
World on Edge  World on Edge Melodic HR 1990  
World on Edge  Against all Gods Melodic HR 1993  
World Trade World Trade Prog Rock 1989  
World Trade Euphoria Prog Rock 1995  
Worral Worral AOR 1991  
Wrabit  Wrough & Wready AOR 1981/1993 MCA
Wrabit  Tracks AOR 1981/1993 MCA
Wrabit  West Side Kid AOR 1983 MCA Records
Wrabit  West Side Kid AOR 1983/2022 Geffen Records
Wyred Image Melodic HR 2020 MCA
==========< X >==========        
Xenon  America's new Design AOR 1995  
Xenon  Simple AOR 1995  
Xenon  Defying Gravity AOR 1996  
Xinema Different Ways Prog AOR 2002  
XL New York  Walkin' New York Melodic HR 1990/2006 Retrospect Records
XOrigin State of the Art Melodic Rock 2011  
Xpress Hard Work Melodic HR 1994 CC Records
XT XT CCM AOR 1992 Viva Records
Xtasy Second Chance Melodic HR 2018 The Junction
Xteria  Outshine Melodic HR 2000  
XYZ  XYZ  Melodic HR 1989 Enigma Records
XYZ  Letter to God Melodic HR 2003  
==========< Y >==========        
Y & T  Earthshaker Melodic HR 1981/2008 Krescendo Records
Y & T  Black Tiger Melodic HR 1982/2008 Krescendo Records
Y & T  Mean Streak Melodic HR 1983/2008 Krescendo Records
Y & T  In Rock we trust Melodic HR 1984/2005  
Y & T  In Rock we trust Melodic HR 1984/2006  
Y & T  Contagious Melodic HR 1987  
Ya Ya  Scarred AOR 1984  
Ya Ya  II AOR 1988  
Ya Ya  II (Deluxe Edition) AOR 1988/2022 MelodicRock Records
Year Zero  Year Zero AOR 1987  
Yellowstone Situation on Planet Earth AOR 1996 Emond Publishing Inc.
Yes Fragile AOR 1972/1994 Atlantic Records
Yes Going for the One AOR 1977/2003  
Yes Talk AOR 1994  
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force Odyssey Melodic HR 1988  
YO YO YO YO (Day after Day) Hi-Tech AOR 1990  
YOSO Elements AOR 2010  
Youngblood Youngblood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Melodic Rock 1985 RCA / Ariola International
Young Guns All our Kings are dead Alternative Rock 2010 Live Forever
Young Guns Bones Alternative Rock 2012 Play it again Sam
Young Guns Heroes and Zeros Alternative Rock 2015 Virgin EMI Records
Yoyo Rocking through the Night AOR 1987  
Yukon  Rich becomes poor Melodic HR 1993  
==========< Z >==========        
Z-Plan  Circus Melodic HR 1998  
Z-Plan  A Change from within Melodic HR 2001  
Zac Master Take no Prisoners AOR 1988 Lodestar Records
Zahalan Zahalan AOR 1990/2016 Creole Stream Music
Zaneta Tales from the Sun AOR 2015 Lions Pride Music
Zaneta Tales from the Sun AOR 2015/2017 AnderStein Music
Zappacosta  Over 60 Minutes with … AOR 1987  
Zappacosta  Quick! … Don't ask any Questions … AOR 1990  
ZAR Live your Life forever Melodic HR 1989/2016 Metalapolis Records
ZAR From Welcome … to Goodbye Melodic HR 1993 Solid Rock Records
ZAR Hard to the Beat Melodic HR 2003 MTM Music
Zayne Adams Love is a Poison Hi-Tech AOR 1992 Mountain Records
Zealand  Zealand AOR 1997  
Zebra  Zebra Melodic HR 1983  
Zebra  3.V Melodic HR 1986/2016 Rock Candy Records
Zebra  IV Melodic HR 2003  
Zelbo In my Dreams AOR 2021 Frontiers Records
Zello Zello Pomp Rock 1996 Ad Perpetuam Memoriam
Zello Quodlibet Pomp Rock 1999 Musea
Zeno  Zeno Melodic HR 1986  
Zeno  Zenology Melodic HR 1995  
Zeno  Listen to the Light Melodic HR 1998  
ZERO  From ZERO to HERO Melodic HR 1995  
Zero Nine White Lines Melodic HR 1985/2003  
Zero Nine Intrigue Melodic HR 1986/2003  
Zero Nine Voodoo you Melodic HR 1988  
Zero Nine N.E. Files Melodic HR 2004  
Zero Nine Eyes on the Rear-view Mirror Melodic HR 2006  
Zero Zero Heroes like forever Melodic HR 2014 Steelheart Memories
Zhenx Zhenx Melodic Rock 2017 AOR Blvd
Ziggurat Melodic Scandal AOR 1979/2009 Retrospect Records
Zillion  Zillion Melodic Metal 2004  
Zinatra  Zinatra AOR 2004  
Zinatra  The great Escape AOR 2004  
Zion Knight Zion Knight Melodic HR 2019 20th Century Music
ZO2 Ain't it beautiful Melodic HR 2006  
Zombies, The Breathe out, Breathe in AOR 2011  
Zon  Astral Projector / Back down to Earth AOR 2003  
Zoo, The Shakin' the Cage AOR 1992  
Zuka Supplemented Restraint AOR 1996  
Zuka From here to where AOR 2000 Asi Music Group
ZZ Top  Eliminator Melodic HR 1983  
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