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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year Label
==========< M >==========        
M Pire Chapter One Melodic HR 1995 Long Island Records
M.T. Eyes  First Look AOR 1994  
MacAlpine  Eyes of the World Melodic HR 1990  
Machiavel  Jester Prog Rock/AOR 1977/1994  
Machiavel  New Lines Prog Rock/AOR 1993  
Machiavel  Urban Games Prog Rock/AOR 1994  
Machiavel  The Best of Prog Rock/AOR 2006  
Mad Max  Night of white Rock Melodic HR 2006  
Mad Max  White Sands Melodic HR 2007  
Magenta Periode Prog Rock 1998  
Magenta Little Girl lost Prog Rock 2002  
Magenta Chameleon Prog Rock 2011  
Maggie's Farm  Glory Road AOR 1992  
Magic Dance The Mirror of Dreams AOR 2014 Self released
Magic Dance Kiss Scene (EP) AOR 2015 Self released
Magic Dance Haunting Me (EP) AOR 2016 Self released
Magic Dance Vanishings AOR 2016 Self released
Magic Dance New Eyes AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Magic Dance Remnants AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Magnificent, The The Magnificent AOR 2011 Spinning
Magnum  On a Storyteller's Night AOR 1985  
Magnum  Vigilante AOR 1986  
Magnum  Wings of Heaven AOR 1988  
Magnum  Goodnight L.A. AOR 1990  
Magnum  Breath of Life Melodic HR 2002/2013 SPV
Magnum  Brand new Morning Melodic HR 2004  
Magnum  Brand new Morning Melodic HR 2004/2013 SPV
Magnum  Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow Melodic HR 2007  
Magnum  Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow Melodic HR 2007/2013 SPV
Magnum  Into the Valley of the Moonking Melodic HR 2009/2013 SPV
Magnum  The Visitation Melodic HR 2011  
Magnum  The Visitation Melodic HR 2011/2013 SPV
Magnum  Lost on the Road to Eternity Melodic HR 2018 SPV
Magnum  Live at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham 2018 Melodic HR 2019 SPV
Magnum  Here comes the Rain Melodic HR 2024 SPV
Magnus Baecklund Never say never Pop AOR 2006  
Magnus Karlsson's Freefall Magnus Karlsson's Freefall Melodic Metal 2013 Frontiers Records
Magnus Karlsson's Freefall Kingdom of Rock Melodic Metal 2015 Frontiers Records
Magnus Karlsson's Freefall We are the Night Melodic Metal 2020 Frontiers Records
Main Attraction  Keep on coming back AOR 2006  
Mainstream  Open your Eyes AOR 2002  
Mallet Everybody needs Somebody AOR 1990 TRC Tanit Records
Mama's Boys Power & Passion Melodic HR 1985/2009 Beat Goes On Records
Mama's Boys Growing up the hard Way Melodic HR 1987 Jive Records
Mama's Boys Relativity Melodic HR 1992 Intercord Record Service
Mama's Pride Guard your Heart Melodic Rock 2015 Crossroads Productions
Mando Diao  Bring 'em in Modern Rock 2003  
Mando Diao  Hurricane Bar Modern Rock 2004  
Mandoki Strangers in a Paradise AOR 1988 Titan
Mandoki People In Room No. 8 AOR 1997 Polygram
Manic Eden Manic Eden Melodic HR 1994  
Manila Thrills  Tomorrow's waiting Melodic HR 1988/2006  
Manito Park Manito Park AOR 1991  
Mantas Winds of Change Melodic HR 1988  
Manteye  Manteye Melodic HR 1990  
Mara  Poetry & Motion Prog AOR 1994  
Mara  Mara Prog AOR 1995 Long Island Records
Mara  America Prog AOR 1995 Long Island Records
Marathon (US) Early Works AOR 1999  
Marathon (NL) The first Run Prog AOR 1994  
Marathon (NL) Norm Prog AOR 1996  
Marc Ferrari & Friends  Guest List AOR 1995  
Marc Jordan  Blue Desert Westcoast 1979  
Marc Jordan  A Hole in the Wall Westcoast 1983/2012  
Marc Jordan  Talking through Pictures AOR 1987  
Marc Jordan  COW (Conserve our World) Westcoast 1990  
Marc Jordan  Cool Jam Black Earth Westcoast 1996  
Marc Lafrance  Out of Nowhere AOR 1994  
Marc Tanner  No Escape AOR 1979/2006  
Marcello-Vestry  Marcello-Vestry Melodic HR 2008  
Marchello  Destiny Melodic Metal 1989 CBS Records
Marcie Free  Tormented AOR 1995  
Marco & the missing Parts Station AOR 2008  
Marco Taggiasco  This Moment Westcoast 2008  
Marek Arnold's Artrock Project Marek Arnold's Artrock Project Melodic Rock 2015 Imperative Music
Marenna My unconditional Faith Melodic Rock 2015 Imperative Music
Margaret Becker Never for Nothing CCM AOR 1987 Sparrow Corporation
Mariah (1) Mariah Melodic HR 1990/2005 Retrospect Records
Mariah (1) Somewhere between Heaven and Earth Melodic HR 1990/2005 Retrospect Records
Mariah (2) Mariah  Melodic Rock 1975/2021 Bad Reputation
Marillion  Script for a Jester's Tear Prog Rock 1997  
Marillion  Misplaced Childhood Prog Rock 1998  
Marillion  Brave Prog Rock 1998 EMI Records
Marillion  Holidays in Eden Prog Rock 1998  
Marillion  Clutching at Straws Prog Rock 1999  
Marilyn Martin  Marilyn Martin AOR 1986/2005  
Marino The unexpected Alliance AOR 2000 Marino Soundwaves 
Mario Resto Scenes from the Reality AOR 1992  
Marizane Stage One (EP) Prog Rock 2003 Vibrophonic Recordings
Mark Allen Band Six interlocking Pieces Melodic Rock 1997  
Mark Ashton  Modern Pilgrims AOR 1988  
Mark Baker The Future ain't what it used to be AOR 2019 MelodicRock Records
Mark Edwards Land of the Living AOR 2021 MelodicRock Records
Mark Free  Long Way from Love AOR 1993  
Mark Korven  This must be the Place AOR 1992  
Mark Pogue & Fortress Restoration AOR 1991  
Mark Spiro Now is then, then is now AOR 1996 Westcoast Records
Mark Spiro Devotion AOR 1997  
Mark Spiro King of the Crows AOR 2003  
Mark Sweeney Slow Food AOR 2007  
Mark Vigil Project Mark Vigil Project AOR 2006  
Mark Williamson  Time slipping by AOR 1994 Peak Records
Markonee Club of broken Hearts Melodic HR 2013 New Venture Music
Mars Electric  Beautiful Something Melodic HR 2000  
Mars Electric  Fame among the Vulgar Melodic HR 2003  
Marseille Rock you tonight (The Anthology) Melodic Rock 2003  
Martee Lebow Rock Anthology (1986 - 1993) Melodic Rock 2024 MelodicRock Records
Martie Peters Group (MGP) Road to Salvation Melodic HR 2007  
Martin Briley  Dangerous Moments AOR 1984  
Martin Briley  The Mercury Years AOR 2005  
Martin Briley  It comes in Waves AOR 2006  
Martin Miller Maze of my Mind Prog Rock 2023 Self released
Martin Orford The old Road Prog Rock 2008  
Martin Page In the House of Stone and Light AOR 1994 PolyGram Records/Mercury
Martin Stenmark  One AOR 2003  
Martin's Dam  The Healing AOR 1995  
Martin's Dam  Sky above AOR 1998  
Martina Edoff We will align Melodic Rock 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Marvel Everafter Melodic HR 2003  
Marvelous 3  ReadySexGo Modern Rock 2000  
Masaki Feed the Flame Melodic Rock 2023 Lions Pride Music
Mason Big Illusion AOR 1992  
Mason Inside your Head AOR 1995  
Masquerade  Masquerade Melodic Metal 1992  
Masquerade  One Night Stand Melodic HR 1988/2010 Retrospect Records
Mass  New Birth Melodic HR 1985 Retrospect Records
Mass  Voices in the Night Melodic HR 1989 Retrospect Records
Mass  Crack of Dawn Melodic HR 2007 Escape Records
Mass  Sea of Black Melodic HR 2010  
Mass  When 2 Worlds collide Melodic HR 2018 Escape Records
Mat Sinner Back to the Bullet Melodic HR 1990 High Gain
Mastedon  It's a Jungle out there Melodic HR 1989  
Mastedon  Lofcaudio Melodic HR 1990  
Mastedon  Mastedon 3 Melodic HR 2009  
Masterplan  Masterplan Melodic Metal 2003  
Masterplan  Aeronautics Melodic Metal 2005  
Masterplan  MK II Melodic Metal 2007  
Masterplan  Time to be King Melodic Metal 2010 AFM Records
Matchbox 20  Yourself or Someone like you Modern Rock 1997  
Matchbox 20  Mad Season Modern Rock 2000  
Matchbox 20  More than you Think you Are Modern Rock 2003  
Matrex I'll always remember Melodic HR 2005  
Mats Karlsson The Optimist Melodic Rock 2019 MK Music
Matthew Ward Fade to white Melodic Rock 1988  
Matthew Ward Fortress Melodic Rock 1990  
Maverick (NIR) Quid Pro Quo Melodic HR 2014 Massacre Records
Maverick (NIR) Cold Star Dancer Melodic HR 2018 Metalopolis Records
Maverick (NIR) Ethereality Melodic HR 2021 Metalopolis Records
Maverick (ES) Break it up Melodic Rock 2015 The Fish Factory
Max, The Shadows in the Shade AOR 1989  
Max, The Vinyl Valentine AOR 1992  
Max Bacon  From the Banks of the River Irwell AOR 2002  
Max Carl Circle AOR 1985  
Max Werner Not the Opera Westcoast 1995  
Maxime  Behave yourself Melodic HR 1995  
Maxus Maxus Westcoast 1981  
Maxx Explosion Forever Melodic HR 2013 Kivel Records
Maxx Explosion Dirty Angels Melodic HR 2015 Kivel Records
Maxxwell All in Melodic HR 2011 Sony Music
Maxxwell Metalized Melodic HR 2018 Self released
May-Linn May-Linn Melodic HR 1988 Shark Records
Mayank (feat. Gui Oliver) Mayank AOR 2021 Frontiers Records
Mayday  Mayday AOR 1981  
Mayday  Revenge AOR 1982  
McAuley Schenker Group (MSG)  MSG Melodic HR 1991  
McAuley Schenker Group (MSG)  Perfect Timing Melodic HR    
McQueen Street  McQueen Street Glam Rock 1991 SBK Records
Meadia, The  The Meadia AOR 1997  
Meat Loaf  Bat out of Hell Melodic HR 1977  
Meat Loaf  Bat out of Hell II - Back into Hell Melodic HR 1993  
Mecca  Mecca AOR 2002  
Mecca  Undeniable AOR 2011  
Mecca  III AOR 2016 MelodicRock Records
Mecca  The Demos AOR 2017 MelodicRock Records
Mecca  Everlasting AOR 2023 Frontiers Records
Mechanix Regenerator Melodic HR 2002  
Medusa Stone Ghosts (EP) Southern Rock 2006  
Megaphones, The  The Megaphones AOR 1996  
Mehida  Blood & Water Melodic Metal 2007  
Melidian  Lost in the Wild Melodic HR 1989  
Melodica  Long way from Home AOR 2000  
Melodica  Lovemetal AOR 2001  
MelodicRock.com Compilation 2 AOR   MelodicRock Records
MelodicRock.com Compilation 3 AOR   MelodicRock Records
MelodicRock.com Compilation 14 - Defiant Melodic Rock 2023 MelodicRock Records
Melvin James  The Passenger AOR 1987  
Memoria Avenue Memoria Avenue AOR 2021 Frontiers Records
Mennen  Back to the real World Melodic Metal 1996  
Mere Mortals Immortalized Melodic Rock 1987/2022 Heaven And Hell Records
Meridian Metallurgy Melodic Metal 2013 Mighty Music
Meridian Breaking the Surface Melodic Metal 2016 Mighty Music
Meridian Margin of Error Melodic Metal 2019 Mighty Music
Meridian 4th Dimension Melodic Metal 2022 From the Vaults
Merzy  Rock the Blues Melodic HR 1991  
Message  Message (1975) Prog Rock 1975  
Message  Message AOR 1995  
Message  Fine Line AOR 1998  
Message  Outside looking in AOR 2000  
Messano  Messano Melodic HR 1988/2007 Retrospect Records
Metallica Metallica Melodic HR 1991 Self released
Metropolis  The Power of the Night AOR 1999  
Mezz She's to die for AOR 1994  
Michael Anderson  Sound Alarm Melodic Rock 1988  
Michael Anderson  Michael Anderson  Melodic Rock 1990  
Michael Bolton  Michael Bolton  AOR 1983  
Michael Bolton  Everybody's Crazy AOR 1985  
Michael Bolton  The Hunger AOR 1987  
Michael Bolton  Soul Provider AOR 1989  
Michael Bolton  Time, Love & Tenderness AOR 1991  
Michael Bolton  Timeless (The Classics) AOR 1992  
Michael Bolton  The one Thing AOR 1993  
Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard Power to win Melodic HR 2022 RMB Records
Michael C. Dragon Dragon of Transsylvania AOR 1997/2010   
Michael Catton Point of no Return AOR 2023 Mighty Music
Michael Damian Where do we go from here AOR 1989  
Michael Des Barres Somebody up there likes me AOR 1986/2013  
Michael Furlong  Use it or lose it AOR 1985 Retrospect Records
Michael Furlong  Breakaway AOR 1987 Retrospect Records
Michael Fury Affairs in Babylon AOR 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Michael Gleason Children of Choices AOR 1990  
Michael Kiske  Instant Clarity AOR 1996  
Michael Kratz Live your Life AOR 2018 Art Of Melody Music
Michael learns to Rock Colours Pop AOR 1993  
Michael learns to Rock Played on Pepper Pop AOR 1995  
Michael Morales  Michael Morales AOR 1989  
Michael Morales  Thump AOR 1991  
Michael Morales  That's the Way AOR 1999  
Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien AOR 1990  
Michael Omartian  The Race CCM AOR 1991  
Michael Omartian  White Horse & Adam again CCM AOR 1991  
Michael Riesenbeck Shouting Silence AOR 2004  
Michael Ruff Speaking in Melodies AOR 1993  
Michael Sadler Clear Progressive AOR 2004  
Michael Sciuto  Edge AOR 1999  
Michael Sembello  Without Walls AOR 1986 A&M Records
Michael Sembello  The lost Years AOR 2003  
Michael W. Smith  i 2 (Eye) AOR 1988  
Michael W. Smith  Go West, young Man AOR 1990 Reunion Records
Michael W. Smith  Change your World AOR 1992  
Michael Stanley Band  Stagepass AOR 1977  
Michael Stanley Band  Heartland AOR 1980/1992 Razor & Tie Music
Michael Stanley Band  You can't fight Fashion AOR 1983  
Michael Stanley Band  Inside Moves AOR 1984  
Michael Sweet  Michael Sweet AOR 1994  
Michael Sweet  Ten Melodic Rock 2019 Frontiers Records
Michael Tomlinson  Living Things Westcoast 1991  
Michael Thompson Band  How long AOR 1989/2007  
Michael Thompson Band  Future Past AOR 2012 Frontiers Records
Michael Thompson Band  The Love goes on AOR 2023 Frontiers Records
Michael Vescera A Sign of Things to come Melodic Rock 2008  
Michel van Dyke Kozmetika Pop Rock 1995  
Michel White and the White Michel White and the White Melodic Rock 1987/2003 Atlantic
Michael Z Five seven maybe five eight AOR 1994 Long Island Records
Mick Jagger  Wandering Spirit Melodic HR    
Midland Let it roll Country Rock 2019 Universal Records
Midnight See the Light AOR 1992  
Midnight Blue  Take the Money and run Melodic HR 1994  
Midnight Sun Metal Machine Melodic Metal 2001  
Midnite City Midnite City Melodic Rock 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Midnite City There goes the Neighbourhood Melodic Rock 2018 AOR Heaven Records
Midnite City Itch you can't scratch Melodic Rock 2021 Roulette Media Records
Midnite City In at the deep End Melodic Rock 2023 Pride & Joy Records
Midnite Club  Runnning out of Lies AOR 2003  
Midnite Club  Circus of Life AOR 2005  
Mighty Purple Bohica Melodic HR 1994  
Mikael Erlandsson  The 1 AOR 1994  
Mikael Erlandsson  Under the Sun AOR 1996  
Mikael Erlandsson  The Gift AOR 2003  
Mikael Erlandsson  Capricorn Six AOR 2019 AOR Heaven Records
Mike Florio Arisen Melodic Rock 2006 CD Baby
Mike Oldfield QE2 Melodic Rock 1980  
Mike Reno  Renovation AOR 2002  
Mike Tramp  Capricorn AOR 1997  
Mike Tramp  Recovering the Wasted Years AOR 2001  
Mike Tramp  More to Life than This AOR 2003  
Miles Above Further Modern Rock 2003  
Miles of Will Wild Ride (EP) Melodic Rock 2012 Self released
Millenium  Millenium  Melodic HR 1998 Saraya Recordings
Millenium  The Best of .. and more Melodic HR 2004  
Millenium (PL) Ego Prog Rock 2013 Lynx Music
Millennya Time has come AOR 1998  
Million  We, Ourselves and Us Melodic HR 1995  
Million  Kingsize Melodic HR 2004  
Million Dollar Beggars Million Dollar Beggars Melodic HR 2009  
Million Dollar Secret Under the Surface Hi-Tech AOR 1989  
Mills Darby  Never Look Back AOR 1991  
Mind Key Pulse for a Graveheart Prog Metal 2009  
Mind's Eye A Work of Art Prog Rock 2002  
Mind's Eye Walking on H2O Prog Rock 2006 Lion Music
Mind's Eye A Gentleman's Hurricane Prog Rock 2007  
Mindstorm  Mindstorm AOR 1987  
Mirror Mirror Kick it! Melodic Rock 2006 Social Records Production
Misha Calvin  Evolution Melodic HR 1993/2004  
Miss Behaviour Heart of Midwinter Melodic Rock 2006/2023 Pride & Joy Records
Miss Behaviour Last standing Woman Melodic Rock 2010  
Miss Behaviour Double Agent Melodic Rock 2014 AOR Heaven Records
Miss Behaviour Ghost Play Melodic Rock 2016 AOR Heaven Records
Mission, The  Children Melodic HR    
Missouri Welcome to Missouri (Best of) Melodic Rock 1978/1991 V&R Records
Mister Wonderful New Religion … Melodic Rock 2023 Kivel Records
Mitch Malloy  Mitch Malloy AOR 1992  
Mitch Malloy  Shine AOR 2001  
Mitch Malloy  88 AOR 2003  
Mob Rules Radical Peace Melodic Metal 2009 AFM Records
ModX Secrets AOR 2023 Atenzia Records
Mogg/Way  Edge of the World Melodic HR 1997  
Molly Hatchet Molly Hatchet Southern Rock 1978  
Molly Hatchet Flirtin' with Desaster Southern Rock 1979/2001  
Mona Lisa The Collection - Part 1 Melodic HR 1987/2023 Steelheart Memories
Mona Lisa The Collection - Part 2 Melodic HR 1993/2023 Steelheart Memories
Monarch Monarch Melodic HR 1998 Frontiers Records
Money Talks Money Talks Hi-Tech AOR 1990  
Monkey See Monkey See Melodic HR 1997  
Monro  Monro AOR 1987/2007 Retrospect Records
Monro  Monro AOR 1987/2021 Steelheart Memories
Monsoon Caroline's Spine Melodic HR 1997  
Monster  Through the Eyes of the World Melodic HR 1995 Long Island Records
Montreal Montreal AOR 1987/2009 Retrospect Records
Montrose Montrose AOR 2009 Rock Candy Records
Monuments Galore  Monuments Galore AOR 1993  
Moon Safari  Blomljud Prog Rock 2008 Self released
Moon Safari  Lover's End Prog Rock 2010  
Moon Safari  Himlabacken Vol. 1 Prog Rock 2012 Blomljud Records
Moon Safari  Himlabacken Vol. 2 Prog Rock 2023 Blomljud Records
Moonjam 1991 AOR 1991 Replay Records
Moonland Moonland Melodic Rock 2014 Frontiers Records
Moonpark Good Spirit Melodic Rock 2024 Self released
Moonstone Project  Time to take a Stand Melodic HR 2006  
Morano Incognito Melodic HR 2019 Self released
Moratti  Legends of tomorrow Melodic HR 1996  
Moriah Moriah Melodic Rock 1990/2015 Baby Moriah Music
Moriah Mirror Man Melodic Rock 1992/2015 Baby Moriah Music
Moritz  City Streets AOR 1986/2008  
Moritz  Undivided AOR 2011  
Moritz  SOS AOR 2013  
Morningstar Morningstar AOR 1978/2018 Rock Candy Records
Morningstar Venus AOR 1998 Sony Music Entertainment
Mother Road Drive Melodic Rock 2014 AOR Heaven Records
Mott The Hoople All the young Dudes AOR 1972/2014 Sony BMG Music
Mott The Hoople Shouting & Pointing AOR 2009  
Moxy  V Melodic HR 2001  
MPG MPG AOR 1981/2010 Retrospect Records
MPG Deluxe Edition AOR 1981/2023 MelodicRock Records
Mr. Big  Lean into it Melodic HR 1991  
Mr. Big  Big, Bigger, Biggest Melodic HR 1996  
Mr. Big  Back to Budokan Melodic HR 2009  
Mr. Mister  Welcome to the real World AOR 1985 RCA/Ariola International
Mr. Mister  Go on AOR 1987  
Mr. Mister  Pull AOR 2010 Little Dume Recordings
Mr. Scary The World can wait AOR 2009  
Multi-Story East/West Prog AOR 1985 Kinetic Discs
Munich  You never know AOR 1987  
Murder Bay Never was an Angel Melodic HR 1991/2012 Tokyo Music
Murder of my Sweet, The Divanity Melodic Metal 2010 Frontiers Records
Murder of my Sweet, The Beth out of Hell Melodic Metal 2015 Frontiers Records
Muse Will of the People Modern Rock 2022 Warner Records
Mutiny Within Mutiny Within Melodic Metal 2010  
Mydra  Mydra AOR 1988  
Mydra  II AOR 2002  
Myland No Man's Land AOR 2008  
Mylon & Broken Heart  Big World CCM AOR 1989  
Mylon & Broken Heart  Crank it up CCM AOR 1990  
Myon Slideshow Prog AOR 2005  
Myrath Hope Prog Metal 2007 Brennus Music
Myrath Desert Call Prog Metal 2010 XIII BIS Records
Myrath Tales of the Sands Prog Metal 2011 Nightmare Records
Myrath Shehili Prog Metal 2019 ear Music
Mystery (BE) Mystery Melodic HR 1991  
Mystery (BE) Backwards Melodic HR 1994  
Mystery (CA) Theatre of the Mind Prog Rock 1995 Unicorn Records
Mystery (CA) Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face Prog Rock 2007  
Mystery (CA) One among the Living Prog Rock 2010 Unicorn Digital
Mystery (CA) The World is a Game Prog Rock 2012 Unicorn Digital
Mystery (CA) Delusion Rain Prog Rock 2015 Unicorn Digital
Mystery (CA) Lies and Butterflies Prog Rock 2018 Unicorn Digital
Mystery (CA) Caught in the Whirlwind of Time Prog Rock 2020 Unicorn Digital
Mystery (CA) Redemption Prog Rock 2023 Unicorn Digital
Mysterell  Sensational AOR 2004  
Mystic Healer Mystic Healer AOR 1998  
Myth of Innocence Myth of Innocence AOR 1994  
==========< N >==========        
N.O.W Force of Nature Melodic Rock 2010  
N.O.W Bohemian Kingdom Melodic Rock 2013  
Naked End Game AOR 2015 Escape Records
Naked City  Crawlin' AOR 2008 Retrospect Records
Nantucket  Nantucket  Melodic HR 1978/2003 Wounded Bird Records
Nantucket  V Melodic HR 1985/2007 Retrospect Records
Narnia Awakening Prog Metal 1998 Nuclear Blast
Narnia Ghost Town Prog Metal 2023 Narnia Songs
Nation (CH) Take off AOR 1990  
Nation (SW) Chased by Time Melodic Metal 1994 SMC Records
Native Window Native Window Melodic Rock 2008  
Nazareth Sound Elixir Melodic Rock 1983/1999  
Nazca  The white Wheel Prog Rock 2003  
Negative Neondaze Melodic HR 2010  
Neil Morse Testimony Prog Rock 2003 Inside Out/Sony Music
Neil Norman & Bobby Sexton  Facing Destiny AOR 1990  
Nektar Remember the Future Prog Rock 1973/2002 Bellaphon Records
Nektar Man in the Moon Prog Rock 2002  
Nelson  After the Rain AOR 1990  
Nelson  Because they can AOR 1995  
Nelson  Imaginator AOR 1996  
Nelson  The Silence is broken AOR 1997  
Nelson  Before the Rain AOR 2010  
Nelson  Lightning strikes twice AOR 2010  
Nelson  Life AOR 1999  
NEO a4 NEO a4 AOR 1988  
NEO a4 The hard Way AOR 1989  
Neondaze Neondaze Melodic HR 2008  
Neonfly Outshine the Sun AOR 2011  
Neonfly Strangers in Paradise AOR 2014 Inner Wound Recordings
Neonfly The Future, tonight AOR 2021 Noble Demon / UCM One GmbH
Nestor Kids in a Ghost Town AOR 2021 Nestor Prestor Music Group
Network  Nightwork AOR 1978 Japan
Network  Crashin' Hollywood Melodic HR 1989  
Neve Identify Yourself Melodic Rock 1999 SME Records
Neverland  Neverland Melodic HR 1991  
New England  New England (Jap.) AOR 1979/1993  
New England  Explorer Suite AOR    
New Frontier  New Frontier AOR 1988  
New Horizon Gate of the Gods Melodic Metal 2022 Frontiers Records
New Roses, The Deadman's Voice Sleaze Rock 2016 Napalm Records
New Roses, The One more for the Road Sleaze Rock 2018 Napalm Records
New Roses, The Sweet Poison Sleaze Rock 2022 Napalm Records
Newman  Newman AOR 1997  
Newman  One Step closer AOR 1999  
Newman  Dance in the Fire AOR 2000  
Newman  Sign of modern Times AOR 2003  
Newman  Heaven knows AOR 2006  
Newman  Primitive Soul AOR 2007  
Newman  Decade AOR 2008  
Newman  The Art of Balance AOR 2010  
Newman  Under southern Skies AOR 2011  
Newman  Siren AOR 2013  
Newman  The Elegance Machine AOR 2015 AOR Heaven Records
Newman  Aerial AOR 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Newman  Colour in Sound AOR 2024 AOR Blvd Records
Next, The A World without Windows Hi-Tech AOR 1992 Alpha Records AB
Nexx  Colours AOR 2003  
Nexx  Another Dawn AOR 2006  
Niagara  Now or never Melodic HR 1995  
Nicholson  Under the Influences AOR ??  
Nick Carter  Now or never AOR 2002  
Nick Gilder City Nights / Frequency AOR 1976/2006  
Nick Gilder Nick Gilder AOR 1985/2103  
Nickelback  Silver Side up Melodic HR    
Nickelback  Dark Horse Melodic HR 2008  
Nickoloff Envy Melodic HR 2024 Kivel Records
Nielsen/Pearson  Nielsen/Pearson & Blind Luck Westcoast 1980/1983  
Night Flight Orchestra, The Internal Affairs Melodic Rock 2012 Coroner Records
Night Flight Orchestra, The Skyline Whispers Melodic Rock 2015 Coroner Records
Night Flight Orchestra, The Amber Galactic Melodic Rock 2017 Nuclear Blast
Night Flight Orchestra, The Sometimes the World ain't enough Melodic Rock 2018 Nuclear Blast
Night Flight Orchestra, The Aeromantic Melodic Rock 2020 Nuclear Blast
Night Flight Orchestra, The Aeromantic II Melodic Rock 2021 Nuclear Blast
Night Pleasure Hotel Portraits Melodic Rock 2024 Art Of Melody Music
Night Ranger  Dawn Patrol Melodic HR 1982  
Night Ranger  Midnight Madness Melodic HR 1983 Geffen Records
Night Ranger  Big Life Melodic HR 1987  
Night Ranger  Man in Motion Melodic HR 1988  
Night Ranger  Neverland Melodic HR 1997  
Night Ranger  Rockin' Shibuya 2007 Melodic HR 2008  
Night Shift  Full Moon Westcoast 2007  
Nightblaze Nightblaze Melodic Rock 2024 Art Of Melody Music
Nighthawk Prowler Melodic HR 2023 Mighty Music
Nightingale The closing Chronicles Melodic Metal 1996  
Nightwish  Oceanborn Melodic Metal 1998  
Nightwish  Over the Hills and Far Away Melodic Metal 2001  
Nightwish  Once Melodic Metal 2004  
Nightwish  Dark Passion Play Melodic Metal 2007  
Night Work Nightwork AOR 1986/2021 Steelheart Memories
Nils Poulsen  Sings with the x-Prom Kings AOR 1991  
Nils Poulsen  Return from the Zombie Beach AOR 1993  
Nine-T-Nine Keep the Flame alive AOR 2009  
Nine-T-Nine Time and Water AOR 2019 Alster Records
Nitrate Real World Melodic Rock 2018 MelodicRock Records
Nitrate Open wide Melodic Rock 2019 AOR Heaven Records
Nitrate Renegade Melodic Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Nitrate Feel the Heat Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Niva Magnitude Melodic Rock 2013  
No Credit  Ready for Surprise AOR 1989  
No Credit  Interrelated AOR 1993  
No Exqze Too hard to handle AOR 1988 Phonogram B.V.
No Hot Ashes No Hot Ashes Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
No Love Lost No Love Lost Melodic Rock 2011 Self released
No Name  Zodiac Prog Rock 1993/2014 Sacem Records
No Name  The secret Garden Prog Rock 1995  
No Name  The other Side Prog Rock 1998  
No Name  4 Prog Rock 2006 Musea
No Ordering Machine  It's all about Time AOR 2001  
No Sweat  No Sweat AOR 1990  
No Sweat  Tear down the Walls (2-tracks EP) AOR 1990  
Noiseworks  Noiseworks AOR 1987  
Noiseworks  Touch AOR 1988  
Norden Light  Shadows from the Wilderness Melodic HR 1987  
Nordic Union Nordic Union AOR 2016 Frontiers Records
Nordic Union Second Coming AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Nordic Union Animalistic AOR 2022 Frontiers Records
Nordica Rebel Heart Melodic Rock 2003 Adrenaline Records
Northern Light  Northern Light AOR 2005  
Norway  Night Dreams AOR 1997  
Norway  Arrival AOR 2000  
Norway  Rising up from Ashes AOR 2006  
Notorious Notorious AOR 1990 WEA Records
Nouveaux  Beginnings CCM AOR 1994  
Novak  Forever Endeavour AOR 2005  
Novella  One big Sky Melodic HR 1991  
Novella  A liquid Earth Melodic HR 1992  
Now, The Overnight Stay Melodic Rock 1989  
Nubian Rose Mountain Melodic Rock 2012  
Number Nine Everybody's Crazy Melodic HR 1990 Artifex Music
Number Nine Colours Melodic HR 1993 Triangel Records
Nural The Weight of the World Modern Rock 2005  
==========< O >==========        
O'Ryan  Something strong AOR 1991  
O'Ryan  Initiate AOR    
Ocean Hills Santa Monica Melodic HR 2020 AFM Records
Ochsenknecht Ochsenknecht Melodic Rock 1992 Metronome
Oda Power of Love Melodic Rock 1983 Loud Records
Odyssey Desperado Don't miss the Sunset AOR 2020 Lions Pride Music
OffRoad  Make it through Melodic HR 2002  
OffRoad  On the Road again Melodic HR 2005  
Off the Edge Off the Edge Melodic Rock 1982/2012  
Off the Edge On the Run Melodic Rock 1999  
Off the Edge Just another Band Melodic Rock 2000  
Off the Edge Unfinished Business Melodic Rock 2002  
Off the Edge Site under Construction Melodic Rock 2004  
Off the Edge meets Clint & Co. Off the Edge meets Clint & Co. Melodic Rock 2012  
Old Gods of Asgard Rebirth: Greatest Hits Melodic Rock 2023 Insomniac Music
Ole Borud Shakin' the Ground Westcoast 2009  
Olivier Constantin Personal AOR 1995  
Omar Hakim Rhythm deep AOR 1989  
Omega Az Arc AOR 2004  
On the Rise  On the Rise AOR 2003  
On the Rise  Dream Zone AOR 2009  
One 2 One Imagine it AOR 1992  
One and the Same Someday AOR 2002  
One Desire One Desire Melodic Rock 2017 Frontiers Records
One Desire Midnight Empire Melodic Rock 2020 Frontiers Records
One Eyed Gypsy One Eyed Gypsy Melodic Rock 2000  
One Horse Blue  One Horse Blue AOR 1993  
One Nation Strong enough AOR 1989  
One Two  Getting better Lite AOR 1993  
Onesko Bogert Ceo Project Big electric Cream Jam  Blues Rock 2009  
Oney  Good Guys wear black Melodic HR 1988/2005 Retrospect Records
Only Child  Only Child Melodic HR 1988  
Only Child  Only Child Melodic HR 2010  
Open Skyz  Open Skyz AOR 1993  
Optimystical Distant Encounter AOR 2009  
Opus  Magical Touch AOR 1990  
Opus  Millenium Edition AOR 2000  
Order, The 1986 Melodic Rock 2012 Massacre Records
Orion 321  Bottom of the Sky AOR 2001  
Orion the Hunter  Orion the Hunter AOR 1984  
Orleans  Ride AOR 1996  
Orphan  Lonely at Night / Salute AOR 1983  
Orphan Project  Orphan found Prog Rock 2003  
Orphan Project  II (EP) Prog Rock 2008  
Orphan Project  Spooning out the Sea Prog Rock 2009  
Orphann Up for Adoption Melodic HR 2010 Retrospect Records
Oshin Feels like Heaven AOR 199?  
Oslo Don't turn your Back Melodic Rock 199/2022 Metallic Bue Records
Osukaru Salvation Melodic Rock 2012 Stay Gold Japan
Osukaru Triumphant Melodic Rock 2013  
Osukaru Transition Melodic Rock 2015 City of Lights Records
Osukaru Last Call (The EP Recordings) Melodic Rock 2018 City of Lights Records
Osukaru Starbound Melodic Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Ousey / Mann Is Anybody listening Melodic Rock 2022 Escape Records
Out of Mind Living in another World Prog AOR 1997  
Out of this World Out of this World Melodic Rock 2021 Self released
Outfield, The  Play Deep Lite AOR 1985  
Outfield, The  Bangin' Lite AOR 1987  
Outfield, The  Voices of Babylon Lite AOR 1989  
Outfield, The  Rockeye Lite AOR 1992  
Outfield, The  Extra Innings Lite AOR 1999  
Outfield, The  RePlay Lite AOR 2011  
Outland  Different Worlds AOR 2003  
Outland  Long Way Home AOR 2004  
Outland  Where do we go from here AOR 2022 MR Records
Outlasted Into the Night AOR 2016 MelodicRock Records
Outlaw Blood Outlaw Blood Melodic HR 1991 Atlantic Recording Corp.
Outloud We'll rock you to Hell and back again! Melodic HR 2009  
Outloud More Catastrophe Melodic HR 2012  
Outrider  No Way out AOR 1991  
Outside Edge  Running Hot Melodic HR 1986  
Outside Edge  More Edge Melodic HR 1987  
Over the Edge  Over the Edge AOR 2004  
Overland  Break away AOR 2008  
Overland  Diamond Dealer AOR 2009  
Overland  Contagious AOR 2016 Escape Records
Oxido Breaking down the Walls Melodic Rock 1990 Mercury Records
Oxygen Final Warning Melodic Rock 2012  
Oz Hawe Petterson's Rendezvous Rendezvous Melodic Rock 2014 Pride & Joy Records
Oz Knozz 10.000 Days & Nights Melodic HR 2008  
Ozone Self Defence AOR 2015 Escape Records
Ozz No Prisoners AOR 2009  
Ozzy Osbourne No more tears Melodic HR 1991/2002 Sony Music
==========< P >==========        
P.M. Heat Breaking the Ice Melodic HR 1990/2023 Metallic Blue Records
Pagan's Mind Celestial Entrance Melodic Metal 2002  
Pages  Pages Westcoast 1978 Epic Records
Pages  Pages Westcoast 1981  
PAL Prime AOR 2018 AOR Heaven Records
Palace  Brave new World Hi-Tech AOR 1988  
Palace (SW) Master of the Universe Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Palace (SW) Binary Music Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
Palace (SW) Rock and Roll Radio Melodic Rock 2020 Frontiers Records
Pallas The Messenger Prog Rock 2023 Self released
Pangea  Manchild AOR 1997  
Pangea  The First AOR 1998  
Panic Division, The  Versus AOR 2005  
Panic Division, The  Songs from the Glasshouse AOR 2007  
Panik A Page torn … Modern Rock 2004  
Panorama Around the World Melodic HR 2018 Rock of Angels Records
Papa Roach  The Paramour Session Modern Rock 2000  
Paradise  Do or Die Melodic Rock 1992  
Paradise  Light the Fire AOR 2001  
Paradise Inc. Time Melodic Rock 2011 Avenue of Allies
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost AOR 1989 MCA Records
Paradox (CA) Paradox AOR 1989 MCA Records
Paradox (CA) Obvious Puzzle AOR 1991 MCA Records
Paradox (DK) Games in Wonderland AOR 1992 Replay Records
Parber & Kerstein  Stories from the Heart AOR 2001  
Paris Only one Life AOR 2013 Avenue of Allies
Paris The World outside AOR 2016 MelodicRock Records
Paris 50/50 AOR 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Paris Black Paris Black AOR 1990  
Parish Envision Melodic HR 1988/2018 Vanity Music Group
Parlor Trixx Step into my Parlor Melodic HR 2002 Self released
Partland Brothers, The Between Worlds AOR 1990 Capitol Records
Partland Brothers, The Part Land, Part Water AOR 1993 No Bull Records
Passion High Emotion Melodic Rock 1996 Galaxy Records
Passion Play Time stands still Melodic Rock 1997  
Passion Street  Million Miles away AOR 1994  
Pat Benatar Tropico AOR 1984/1998 BGO Records
Pat Benatar Seven the hard Way AOR 1985/1998 BGO Records
Patriarch First Hand - Second Verse Melodic HR 2021 Cult Rock Classics
Patrick Simmons  Arcade Westcoast    
Patriot Patriot AOR 1984/2009 Retrospect Records
Pattern-Seeking Animals Pattern-Seeking Animals Prog Rock 2019 Inside Out/Sony Music
Pattern-Seeking Animals Prehensile Tales Prog Rock 2020 Inside Out/Sony Music
Pattern-Seeking Animals Only passing through Prog Rock 2022 Inside Out/Sony Music
Patty Smyth  Patty Smyth AOR 1992  
Paul Anka Somebody loves you AOR 1989  
Paul Bliss The Edge of Coincidence AOR 1999  
Paul Brady Trick or Treat AOR 1999  
Paul Carrack  It ain't over AOR 2003  
Paul Davis Paul Davis AOR 1980  
Paul Davis Cool Nights AOR 1981/2009 Sony Music - AORCity 1000
Paul Dean Hard Core Melodic HR 1988 CBS Records
Paul Godfrey Band, The  More of the same Excellence (The Anthology) AOR 2008  
Paul Janz  Highly strung AOR 1984  
Paul Janz  Electricity AOR 1987  
Paul Janz  Renegade Romantic AOR 1990  
Paul Janz  Trust AOR 1992  
Paul King Joy Hi-Tech AOR 1987 CBS Records
Paul Laine  Stick it in your Ear Melodic HR 1990/2011 AOR Heaven Records
Paul Laine  Can't get enuff Melodic Rock 1996  
Paul Oxley's Unit Both Sides of the Equator AOR 1982 Sony Music/Columbia
Paul Oxley's Unit The Magic AOR 1996  
Paul Rodgers  Now AOR 1997  
Paul Sabu  Paul Sabu Melodic HR 1994  
Paul Sabu  Heartbreak Melodic HR 2006  
Paul Sabu  Strange Messiah Melodic HR 2007  
Paul Smith Back to who I am CCM AOR 2007  
Paul Young Chronicles AOR 2011  
Pauline Gillan Band Hearts of Fire Melodic HR 2022 Aqua Net Records
Pavlov's Dog  Pampered Menial Prog Rock 1975  
Pavlov's Dog  At the Sound of the Bell Prog Rock 1976  
Pavlov's Dog  St. Louis Hounds Prog Rock 1977  
Pavlov's Dog 2000 End of the World Prog Rock 1995  
Peaches & Bobo Simple Emotions Westcoast 1993  
Pearl Little immaculate white Fox Melodic Rock 2010  
Pendragon  Jewel Prog Rock 1985 Toff Records
Pendragon  The World Prog Rock 1991 Toff Records
Pendragon  Fallen Dreams + Angels (EP) Prog Rock 1994 Toff Records
Pendragon  Window of Life Prog Rock 1996  
Pendragon  Not of this World Prog Rock 2001  
Pendragon  The Masquerade Overture Prog Rock 2005 Snapper Music
Pendragon  Pure Prog Rock 2008  
Pendragon  Passion Prog Rock 2011 Pendragon Toff Records
PEO  Look what I've started AOR 2005  
PEO  Better not forget/The Man behind the Face AOR 2009  
PEO  Welcome to the Party AOR 2016 AOR Heaven Records
Perfect Crime  Blonde on Blonde AOR 1990  
Perfect Plan All Rise AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Perfect Plan Time for a Miracle AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Perfect Plan Brace for Impact AOR 2022 Frontiers Records
Perfect Strangers Outside lookin' in Melodic HR 1989 Avalon (Japan)
Perfect View Hold your Dreams AOR 2010  
Perfect View Bushido AOR 2023 Lions Pride Music
Peroux Wheels keep turnin' AOR 1988/2013 Steelheart Memories
Persia Persia Melodic HR 1991 Iron Works Records
Person to Person Person to Person Melodic Rock 2023 MelodicRock Records
Perticone Underdog Stuff in the Basement Melodic Rock 2023 Lions Pride Music
Pete Prescott  Turn it up AOR 1991  
Pete Sandberg  Back in Business AOR 1997  
Pete Sandberg's Jade Origin AOR 2000  
Peter Cetera  Solitude/Solitaire AOR 1986  
Peter Cupples Half the Effort, twice the Effect AOR 1984  
Peter Cupples Changes AOR 1994 PolyGram
Peter Frampton  Premonition AOR 1986  
Peter Friestedt  The LA Project Westcoast 2002  
Peter Friestedt  The LA Project II Westcoast 2008  
Peter Goalby Easy with the Heartaches AOR 2021 Explore Rights Management
Peter Goalby I will come runnin' AOR 2022 Explore Rights Management
Peter H. Nilsson Little American Dream AOR 2019 AOR Heaven Records
Peter H. Nilsson Sign of myself AOR 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Peter Stevens Band Taken by the Light AOR/CCM 1997 Sphinx Ministry
Petra  Beat the System AOR/CCM 1984 Star Song Records
Petra  This means War AOR/CCM 1987  
Petra  On Fire AOR/CCM 1988 Star Song Records
Petra  Beyond Belief AOR/CCM 1990  
Petra  No Doubt AOR/CCM 1995  
Petra  Still means War AOR/CCM 2002  
Phantom 5 Phantom 5 Melodic Rock 2016 Frontiers Records
Phantom Blue Built to perform Melodic HR 1993 Roadrunner Records
Phantom Elite Blue Blood Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Phantom's Opera  Act IV AOR 2003  
Phase II Phase Origin Melodic Rock 2013 Rock CD Records
Phase 4  Game of Love AOR 1994  
Phenomena  Phenomena AOR 1985  
Phenomena  Dream Runner AOR 1987  
Phenomena  Innervision AOR 1993  
Phenomena, from Tom Galley, the Creator of .. Blind Faith AOR 2011  
Phil & The Noise Foolin' around Country AOR 1991 BMG Ariola
Phil Cristian  No Prisoner AOR 1997  
Phil Lanzon If you think I'm crazy Melodic Rock 2017 Phil Lanzon Ditties
Phil Lanzon 48 Seconds Melodic Rock 2019 Phil Lanzon Ditties
Phil Reynolds  Blue Monday AOR 1998  
Phil Vincent  Calm before the Storm AOR 1997  
Phil Vincent  Life is a Game AOR 1997  
Phil Vincent  No Turning Back AOR 1998  
Phil Vincent  Thunder in the East AOR 2000  
Phil Vincent  Tragic AOR 2001  
Philip Bardowell  In a perfect World AOR 2000  
Philip Bardowell  In the Cut AOR 2005  
Picasso Trigger Abstract Addiction      
Pillar  For the Love of the Game Melodic HR 2008  
Pilot From the Album of the same Name (Magic) AOR 1991  
Pink Cream 69  Pink Cream 69 Melodic HR 1989  
Pink Cream 69  One Size fits All Melodic HR 1991  
Pink Cream 69  Games People play Melodic HR 1993  
Pink Cream 69  Electrified Melodic HR 1998  
Pink Cream 69  Sonic Dynamite Melodic HR 2000  
Pink Cream 69  Endangered Melodic HR 2001  
Pink Cream 69  Thunderdome Melodic HR 2004  
Pink Cream 69  In10Sity Melodic HR 2007  
Pink Cream 69  Ceremonial closed Melodic HR 2013 Frontiers Records
Pink Cream 69  Headstrong Melodic HR 2017 Frontiers Records
Pink Flamingos  Pink Flamingos AOR 2000  
Pink Floyd The dark Side of the Moon Prog Rock 1973 EMI Records
Pink Floyd The dark Side of the Moon Prog Rock 1973/2003  
Pink Floyd Wish you were here Prog Rock 1975/1994 EMI Records
Pink Floyd The Wall Prog Rock 1979/2016 Pink Floyd Records
Pink Floyd A momentary Lapse of Reason Prog Rock 1987 EMI Records
Pink Floyd Echoes - The Best of … Prog Rock 2001 EMI Records
Pinnacle Point Winds of Change AOR 2017 Perris Records
Pinnacle Point Symphony of Mind AOR 2020 Escape Records
Pioneers In a State of Rock Melodic Rock 1984/2022 Norske Albumklassikere
Place Vendome  Place Vendome Melodic Metal 2005  
Place Vendome  Streets of Fire Melodic HR 2009  
Place Vendome  Thunder in the Distance Melodic HR 2013  
Places of Power  Now is the Hour AOR 2009  
Planet 3 A Heart from the big Machine AOR 1990  
Planet Alliance  Planet Alliance Melodic Metal 2006  
Planet P Project  Planet P Project AOR 1983  
Planet P Project  Pink World AOR 1984/2008 Renaissance Rec
Planet Thirteen One Way Ticket Melodic HR 2005  
Platens  Between Two Horizons AOR 2004  
Platforms The Future that never happened AOR 2021 MelodicRock Records
Platinum Blonde  Standing in the Dark AOR 1984/2014 Sony Music
Platinum Blonde  Seven Year Itch  1982 - 1989 AOR 1999  
Platitude  Secrets of Life Prog Rock 2003  
Platitude  Silence speaks Prog Rock 2006  
Player  Spies of Life Westcoast 1981/2012  
Player  Lost in Reality Westcoast 1996  
Player  The Best of …Baby come back Westcoast 1998  
Player  Too many Reasons Westcoast 2013 Frontiers Records
Pleasure Dome For your personal Amusement Melodic HR 2008  
Plenty  A Taste of Plenty Westcoast 1997 Kick Music
PM Street of Dreams AOR 1993 Little Flock Records
Poco Legend AOR 1978  
Poco Ultimate Collection AOR 1998  
Poets of the Fall Signs of Life Melodic Rock 2005 Insomniac Music
Poets of the Fall Carnival of Rust Melodic Rock 2006 Insomniac Music
Poets of the Fall Revolution Roulette Melodic Rock 2008 Insomniac Music
Poets of the Fall Twilight Theater Melodic Rock 2010 Insomniac Music
Poets of the Fall Clearview Melodic Rock 2016 Insomniac Music
Poets of the Fall Ghostlight Melodic Rock 2022 Insomniac Music
Poison  Look what the Cat dragged in Glam Rock 1986  
Poison  Flesh & Blood Glam Rock 1990  
Poker Face  Game of Love Melodic HR 1993  
Poker Face  Next! Melodic HR 1996  
Pokerface  Life's a Gamble Melodic HR 1996  
Pole Position (US) Pole Position Melodic HR 1993  
Poley/Rivera Only Human Melodic HR 2008 Angelmilk Records
Pont Neuf  Pont Neuf AOR 1990  
Poodles, The  Metal will stand tall Melodic HR 2006  
Poodles, The  Sweet Trade Melodic HR 2007  
Poodles, The  Clash of the Elements Melodic HR 2009  
Poodles, The  Performocracy Melodic HR 2011  
Poodles, The  Devil in the Details Melodic HR 2015 Gain
Poodles, The  Prisma Melodic HR 2017 Gain
Poor Boy  Poor Boy AOR ??  
Popa Chubby  Booty and the Beast AOR    
Porcupine Tree  The Sky moves sideways Prog Rock 1995 Snapper Music Ltd.
Porcupine Tree  In Absenta Prog Rock 2002  
Porcupine Tree  Deadwing Prog Rock 2006  
Porcupine Tree  Fear of a blank Planet Prog Rock 2007  
Porcupine Tree  The Incident Prog Rock 2009 Roadrunner Records
Porcupine Tree  Signify Prog Rock 2011 Snapper Music LTtd.
Porcupine Tree  Closure / Continuation Prog Rock 2022 Sony Music
Power Justice of Fire Melodic Metal 1995 Sony Records
Power Station, The  The Power Station AOR 2005  
Powerglide  On the Edge: 1984 - 1988 AOR 1984/2009 Retrospect Records
Powerglide  Where do we go from here AOR 1991  
Powerplay Hypnotized Melodic Rock 1992  
Powerplay All those Years Melodic Rock 2015 Target Group
Powersurge Powersurge Melodic Metal 1991 Roadrunner Records
Powerworld Powerworld Melodic Metal 2008  
Prayer  Wrong Address AOR 2005  
Prayer  Danger in the Dark Melodic Rock 2012  
Praying Mantis  Time tells no Lies AOR 1981/2005  
Praying Mantis  A Cry for the new World AOR 1993  
Praying Mantis  Captured alive in Tokyo AOR 1996  
Praying Mantis  Forever in Time AOR 1998  
Praying Mantis  Nowhere to Hide AOR 2000  
Praying Mantis  The Journey goes On AOR 2003  
Praying Mantis  Sanctuary AOR 2009  
Present Innovation  Life & Love & Fantasy Prog Rock 1995  
President, The By Appointment of AOR 1983  
President, The Muscles AOR 1985/2024 Big Pink Records
Press, The Words: Hot off the Press AOR 1987/2009 Retrospect Records
Presto Ballet  Peace among the Ruins Prog Rock 2005 Inside Out/ SPV
Presto Ballet  The lost Art of Time Travel Prog Rock 2008 Progrock Records
Presto Ballet  Invisible Places Prog Rock 2005 Body of Work Records
Pretty Boy  Metro Sessions Melodic HR 1988/2008 Retrospect Records
Pretty Boy Floyd  Leather Boyz with Electric Toy Glam Rock 1989  
Pretty Maids  Red, Hot and Heavy Melodic Metal 1984 Sony Music
Pretty Maids  Future World Melodic Metal 1987 Sony Music
Pretty Maids  Jump the Gun Melodic Metal 1990 CBS Records
Pretty Maids  Sin-Decade Melodic Metal 1992 Columbia/Sony Music
Pretty Maids  Scream Melodic Metal 1995 Massacre Records
Pretty Maids  Spooked Melodic Metal 1997 Massacre Records
Pretty Maids  Carpe Diem Melodic Metal 2000 Massacre Records
Pretty Maids  Planet Panic Melodic Metal 2002 Massacre Records
Pretty Maids  Wake up to the real World Melodic Metal 2006 Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids  Pandemonium Melodic Metal 2010 Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids  Motherland Melodic Metal 2013 Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids  Louder than ever Melodic Metal 2014 Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids  Kingmaker Melodic Metal 2016 Frontiers Records
Pretty Maids  Undress your Madness Melodic Metal 2019 Frontiers Records
Pretty Reckless, The Going to Hell Melodic HR 2014 Cooking Vinyl Ltd.
Preview  Preview AOR 1983/2000  
Prey The Hunter Melodic HR 2005  
Pride of Lions  Pride of Lions AOR 2004  
Pride of Lions  The Destiny Stone AOR 2005  
Pride of Lions  The Roaring of Dreams AOR 2007  
Pride of Lions  Immortal AOR 2012 Frontiers Records
Pride of Lions  Fearless AOR 2017 Frontiers Records
Pride (UK)  Far from the Edge AOR 2000  
Pride (UK)  Signs of Purity AOR 2003  
Pride (Sw)  Pride AOR 2008  
Primal Fear  Seven Seals Melodic HR 2005  
Primal Fear  New Religion Melodic HR 2007  
Prime Circle Jekyll & Hyde Modern Rock   Syndora Records
Prime Suspect Prime Suspect AOR 2010  
Prime Time  The Unknown AOR 1998 Rising Sun Productions
Prime Time  Free the Dream AOR 2000  
Prism Armageddon AOR 1979/20?? Ariola America
Prism Beat Street AOR 1983/2008  
Prisoner  Blind AOR 2000  
Prisoner  II AOR 2001  
Private Angel  Truth AOR 1990  
Private Angel  Selling off Time in Wonderland AOR 2006  
Private Life  Private Life AOR 1999  
Private Line  Evel Knievel Factor Glam Rock 2006 Bad Habits Records
Prizoner Voodoo Melodic HR 1994 Strugglebaby Records
Prodigal Electric Eye Prog Rock 2018 Retroactive Records
Producers, The  The Producers / You make the Heat AOR 1981/2000 One Way Records
Producers, The  Run for your Life AOR 1985/2012  
Producers, The  Run for your Life AOR 1985/2014 YesterRock Records
Producers, The  Coelacanth AOR 2001  
Producers Made in Basing Street AOR 2012  
Profuna Ocean Watching the closing Sky Prog Rock 2009  
Project, The  The Project AOR 1991  
Project L.E.E. Now or Never AOR 1994 Demolition Records
Promise, The  The Promise AOR 1995  
Promise, The  Humanfire AOR 1999  
Promotion Not for Sale Melodic Rock 1997 Self released
Prophet & Driver  Prophet (2 bands on 1 CD) Melodic HR 1985/1993  
Prophet  Cycle of the Moon Melodic HR 1988  
Prototype  Prototype AOR 1983/2001  
Pseudo Echo  Love an Adventure AOR 1987  
Pseudo Echo  Race AOR 1989  
Public Domain  Radio Nights AOR 1997  
Pulp Culture The Age of Fun Pop AOR 1992 Papagayo
Pulse  Pulse AOR 2002  
Pulse  Worlds apart AOR 2004  
Pure Prairie League Can't hold back AOR 1979/1998  
Pure Reason Revolution The dark Third Prog Rock 2007 InsideOut Music
Purple Cross  Eyes of the Mirror AOR 2000  
Purple Heart Purple Heart AOR 1990 Igeli Records
Push (DK) Maximum Entertainment Melodic HR 1996  
Push (DK) Shaken, not stirred Melodic HR 1998 Z Records
Push (DK) On the Run Melodic HR 2000 Avalon
Push (UK) Strange World AOR 2010  
==========< Q >==========        
NRG. Hi-Tech AOR 1989  
Q5  Steel the Light Melodic HR 1995  
Q5  When the Mirror cracks Melodic HR 1986  
Q.Stone  Q Stone Blues Rock 1989  
Q.Stone  Pink on Blue Blues Rock 1990 CBS Records
Q.Stone  No Substitute Blues Rock 1993 Columbia/Sony Music
Quade  Heavens Break Melodic HR 1990  
Quadra Nixx Quadra Nixx AOR 2014 Head Dance Records
Quarterback  Trampled under Foot Melodic HR 1992  
Quarterflash Quarterflash AOR 1981 Geffen Records
Quarterflash Girl in the Wind AOR 1991 Sony Music Entertainment
Queen II Melodic Rock 1974/2011 Virgin EMI Records
Queen A Night at the Opera Melodic Rock 1975/1993 Queen Productions Ltd.
Queen Classic Queen Melodic Rock 1992 Hollywood Records
Queensryche  Rage for Order Melodic Metal 1986  
Queensryche  Operation Mindcrime Melodic Metal 1988  
Queensryche  Empire Melodic Metal 1990  
Queensryche  Promised Land Melodic Metal 1994 EMI Records
Quest, The Change Prog Rock 1996  
Quiet Heart  Quiet Heart Westcoast 1994  
Quireboys Bitter sweet & twisted Melodic HR 1993  
Quota  Stick to your Guns Melodic HR 1992  
Qwest  Dream Zone AOR 1984  
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Total No. Of CD's 5794     06.06.2024
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