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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year Label
==========< R >==========        
R.A.W.  First AOR 2004  
Ra  Duality Modern Rock 2005  
Rabbitt Boys will be Boys AOR 1989  
Rabbitt A Croak and a Grunt in the Night AOR 1977&2006 Voiceprint
Raccoon Waterfall AOR 1992  
Rachel Rachel Way to my Heart AOR 1991 Word Inc.
Rachel Rachel You oughta know by now AOR 1993 Word Inc.
Radakka Malice and Tranquility Melodic Metal 1995 Century Media
Radar  RPM AOR    
Radio Silence  Radio Silence Lite AOR 1997  
Radio Silence  Sirens Lite AOR 2001  
Radio Silence  Whose Skin are you under now? AOR 2009  
Radio Sun, The Outside looking in Melodic Rock 2016 AnderStein Music
Radioactive  Ceremony of Innocence Melodic Rock 2001  
Radioactive  Yeah Melodic Rock 2003  
Radioactive  Taken Melodic Rock 2005  
Radioactive  Four Melodic Rock 2015 Escape Music
Radioactive  X.X.X. Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Rage of Angels Dreamworld Melodic Rock 2013 Escape Music
Rage of Angels The Devil's new Tricks Melodic Rock 2016 Escape Music
Ragged Saints, The The Sound of Breaking Free Melodic Rock 2016 Power Prog
Ragged Saints, The Sonic Playground revisited Melodic Rock 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Raider Tokyo (EP) Melodic HR 2020 Swords & Chains Records
Rain  House of Dreams Melodic HR 2002  
Rain  Stronger Melodic HR 2006  
Rainbow  Rising Melodic HR 1976 Polydor Records
Rainbow  Difficult to cure Melodic HR 1981 Polydor Records
Rainbow  Straight between the Eyes Melodic HR 1982 Polydor Records
Rainbow  Bent out of Shape Melodic HR 1983 Polydor Records
Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore's) Stranger in us all Melodic HR 1995 BMG Entertainment
Rainbow  The very Best of … Melodic HR 1997 Polygram Records
Raine  Peace AOR 2000  
Rainlight Insomnia Melodic Rock 2023 Self released
Rainmaker  Rainmaker AOR 2000  
Raintimes Raintimes AOR 2017 Frontiers Records
Ralph Graham & Gay III No Alternative CCM AOR 1998  
Ralph van Manen  Face the Feeling AOR 1993 GMI Music Partners
Ralph van Manen  Vessel of Weakness AOR 1998  
Ramesh Open wide Pop AOR 1991  
Ramos  Living in the Light AOR 2003  
Ramos-Hugo The Dream AOR 2008  
Randy Meisner  Randy Meisner AOR 1982/2003  
Randy Meisner  Love me or leave me alone AOR 2003  
Ransom Ransom Melodic HR 1991/2021 Retroactive Records
Ransom Trouble in Paradise AOR 1997  
Rasmus, The  Dead Letters Melodic HR 2004  
Raspberry Park Scratchin' the Surface Melodic HR 2014 Power Prog
Raspberry Park At second Glance Melodic HR 2015 Power Prog
Rat Bat Blue  Squeak Melodic HR 1990  
Rated X Rated X Melodic HR 2014 Frontiers Records
Ratt  Out of the Cellar Melodic HR 1984 Atlantic Records
Ratt  Invasion of your Privacy Melodic HR 1985  
Ratt  Dancing undercover Melodic HR 1986 Atlantic Recording Corp
Ratt  Reach for the Sky Melodic HR 1988 Atlantic Recording Corp
Ratt  Detonator Melodic HR 1990 Atlantic Recording Corp
Ravyns, The The Ravyns AOR    
Ravyns, The (I'm a) Rav'n Maniac AOR    
Raw Silk  Silk under the Skin AOR 1990 Unisound Records
Rawkon Street Eagles Melodic HR 1986/2020 Metallic Blue Records
Ray Kennedy  Ray Kennedy AOR 1980  
Ray Lyell & the Storm  Ray Lyell & the Storm AOR 1992  
Ray Roper  I'm a Fighter AOR 1995  
Razor White Razor White Melodic Metal 2023 Lost Realm Records
Razor's Edge  Strange AOR 1999  
Razorback  Animal Anger Melodic Metal 2004  
Razormaid First Cutt Melodic HR 2000  
Reach The great Divine Melodic Rock 2018 Sun Hill Productions
Reasoning, The Awakening Melodic Rock 2007  
Rebel Heels  One by One by One AOR 1988  
Reckless  Reckless Melodic HR 1980/2008 Rock Candy Records
Reckless  Reckless Melodic HR 1994/2004  
Reckless Faith  Rattle The Cage CCM AOR 1993  
Reckless Love Reckless Love (Cool Edition) Melodic HR 2010  
Reckless Love Animal Attraction Melodic HR 2011  
Reckless Love Spirit Melodic HR 2013/2021 AFM Records
Red 7  When the Sun goes down AOR 1987  
Red Baron  Resurrection Melodic HR 1995  
Red Cat Traces Melodic Rock 1989  
Red Dawn  Never Say Surrender AOR 1993  
Red Fun Red Fun Melodic HR 1993 Music for Nations
Red Hot Chilli Peppers  Californication Melodic HR    
Red House, The  The Red House AOR 1990  
Red Phoenix Red Phoenix AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Red Rider  Over 60 minutes with Red Rider AOR    
Red River  The Crossing AOR 1998  
Red Sea  Blood Melodic HR 1994  
Red Siren  All is forgiven AOR 1989  
Redemption Snowfall on Judgment Day Melodic Metal 2009  
Redhaze Time 2 ride Melodic Rock 2022 Metal AOR
Reds'cool Bad Story Melodic Rock 2013  
Reece Universal Language Melodic HR 2009  
Reece Resilient Heart Melodic HR 2018 Mighty Music
Reece - Kronlund Solid Melodic HR 2011  
Refugee  Affairs in Babylon AOR 1985/2005  
Refugee  Burning from the Inside out AOR 1987/2008  
Regatta Regatta AOR 1989 BMG/RCA Records
Reggie Knighton Band, The The Reggie Knighton Band AOR 2010 Rock Candy Records
Relay  Switch Melodic HR 2003  
Relay  Circuit Breaker Melodic HR 2006  
Rembrandts, The  Lost together AOR 2003  
Remedy Something that your Eyes won't see Melodic HR 2022 S-Rock Music Production
Renaissance  Ashes are burning AOR 1973  
Renaissance  Turn of the Cards AOR 1974  
Renaissance  Scheherazade AOR 1975  
Renaissance  Novella AOR 1977  
Renaissance  A Song for all Seasons AOR 1978  
Renaissance  Azure d'Or AOR 1979  
Renegade  Back from the Dead AOR 2001  
Renegade  On the Edge AOR 2004  
Renegade (SWE)  Ravages of Time Melodic HR 1994  
Reno Harper Shadows AOR 2002  
REO Speedwagon  You can Tune a Piano, but you can't Tuna Fish AOR 1978  
REO Speedwagon  Nine Lives AOR 1979/2013 Rock Candy Records
REO Speedwagon  Hi Infidelity AOR 1980  
REO Speedwagon  Good Trouble AOR 1982/2013 Rock Candy Records
REO Speedwagon  Find your own Way Home AOR 2007  
Rescue Rescue AOR 1990 Long Island Records
Rescue Rescue AOR 1990/2022 AOR Blvd Records
Restless Alone in the Dark Melodic HR 1988  
Restless Heart Wheels Country AOR 1986  
Restless Heart Big Dreams in a small Town Country AOR 1988  
Restless Spirit Restless Spirit Melodic Rock 2019 Frontiers Records
Result, The  The Result AOR 1992  
Return  Attitudes AOR 1988  
Return  Straight down the Line AOR 1989  
Return  Replay AOR 1991  
Return  V AOR 1992  
Return  Return AOR 2005  
Revertigo Revertigo Melodic HR 2018 Frontiers Records
Revlin Project Beyond the Dreams AOR 2023 Lions Pride Music
Revolution Road Revolution Road Melodic Rock 2013 Avenue of Allies
Revolution Saints Revolution Saints Melodic Rock 2015 Frontiers Records
Revolution Saints Light in the Dark Melodic Rock 2017 Frontiers Records
Revolution Saints Rise Melodic Rock 2020 Frontiers Records
Rex Smith Camouflage AOR 1983/2009 Wounded Bird Records
Rhapsody Sweden  Strange Vibrations Melodic HR 1978/2005  
Rian Out of the Darkness Melodic Rock 2017 MelodicRock Records
Rian Twenty-Three Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Ric Ocasek  This Side of Paradise AOR 1985  
Richard Marx  Richard Marx  AOR 1987  
Richard Marx  Repeat Offender AOR 1989  
Richard Marx  Paid Vacation AOR 1994  
Richie Sambora  Stranger in this Town AOR 1991  
Richie Sambora  Midnight Rider AOR 1992 Not Guilty release
Richie Sambora  Undiscovered Soul AOR 1998  
Richie Sambora  Aftermath of the Lowdown AOR 2012 Warner Music
Rick Bowles Free for the Evening Westcoast 1982 Polygram Records
Rick Cua  Wear your Colors CCM AOR 1986/2022 Sparrow Records
Rick Cua  The Way Love is CCM AOR 1992  
Rick Cua  Times ten CCM AOR 1995  
Rick Mathews Only the Young AOR 1991 Holllywood Records
Rick Price  Heaven knows AOR 1992  
Rick Price  Tamborine Mountain AOR 1995 Sony Music Productions
Rick Riso  Gotta have the real Thing Westcoast 1985  
Rick Riso  Shouting at the Walls Westcoast 1987  
Rick Springfield  The early Sound City Session AOR 1983/2007  
Rick Springfield  Living in Oz AOR 1983/2008 Rock Candy Records
Rick Springfield  Tao AOR 1985/2008 Rock Candy Records
Rick Springfield  Rock of Life AOR 1988  
Rick Springfield  Karma AOR 1999  
Rick Springfield  Written in Rock AOR 2005  
Rick Springfield  Venus in Overdrive AOR 2008  
Rick Springfield  Songs for the End of the World AOR 2013  
Rick Wakeman Journey to the Center of the Earth Melodic Rock 2005  
Ricky Warwick  Tattoos & Alibis AOR 2003  
Riddler All the Way to the Top AOR 1991  
Riders, The Pierced Arrow Melodic Rock 2016 429 Records
Riff  Mission Love AOR 1989 BMG Ariola
Riff Raff Vinyl Futures AOR 1981/2010  
Riggs Riggs AOR 1982/2011 Wounded Bird Records
Rik Emmett Absolutely Melodic Rock 1990 Rockit Sounds Inc.
Rin Tin Tin  Swazi-Beat AOR 1984  
Rio  Borderland AOR 1985/2010  
Rio  Borderland AOR 1985/2023 MelodicRock Records
Rise Through the Son Melodic HR 2002  
Rise, The  Bluezone Melodic HR 2004  
Rising Wings Reach Melodic HR 2023 Pride & Joy Music
Risque Risque AOR 2023 AOR Blvd Records
Rival Sons Great Western Valkyrie (Tour edition) Melodic HR 2014 Earache Records
Rival Sons Hollow Bones Melodic HR 2016 Earache Records
Riverside  Out of myself Prog Rock 2004 InsideOut Music
Riverside  Second Life Syndrome Prog Rock 2005 InsideOut Music
Riverside  Rapid Eye Movement Prog Rock 2007 InsideOut Music
Riverside  Shrine of New Generation Slaves Prog Rock 2013 InsideOut Music
Riverside  Wasteland Prog Rock 2018 InsideOut Music
Riverworks Riverworks Melodic Rock 1996 Self released
Road Breaking out Melodic Rock 1986/2022 Norske Albumklassikere
Roadhouse Roadhouse Melodic HR 1991  
Roadmaster  Hey World AOR 1979 Rock Candy Records
Roadmaster  Fortress AOR 1980  
Roadstar Grand Hotel Melodic HR 2006  
Roadstar Glass Mountain Melodic HR 2007  
Rob Lamothe  Being Human AOR 1998  
Rob Moratti Victory AOR 2011  
Rob Moratti Transcendent AOR 2016 Escape Music
Rob Moratti Renaissance AOR 2019 AOR Heaven Records
Rob Moratti Paragon AOR 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Rob Moratti Epical AOR 2022 Frontiers Records
Rob Thomas Chip Tooth Smile Melodic Rock 2019 Atlantic Records
Robbie Dupree Street Corner Heroes Westcoast 1981/2013  
Robbie LaBlanc Double Trouble AOR 2021 Escape Music
Robbie Patton Orders from Headquarters AOR 1982/2010  
Robbie Robertson Storyville Melodic Rock 1991  
Robby Valentine  Robby Valentine  Pomp Rock 1992  
Robby Valentine  The magic Infinity Pomp Rock 1993  
Robby Valentine  Valentine Pomp Rock 1995  
Robby Valentine  4 United Pomp Rock 1997  
Robby Valentine  Believing is Seeing Pomp Rock 2000  
Robby Valentine  The most beautiful Pain Pomp Rock 2006  
Robby Valentine  Falling down in Misanthropolis Pomp Rock 2007  
Robby Valentine  Bizarro World Pomp Rock 2014 Valentine Records
Robert Barone  Cool blue Halo AOR 1988  
Robert Barone  Primal Dream AOR 1990  
Robert Barone  Clouds over Eden AOR 1992  
Robert Berry  Pilgrimage to a Point AOR 1993  
Robert Berry  The dividing Line AOR 2008  
Robert Burton  Robert Burton AOR 1987  
Robert Fleischman  World in your Eyes AOR 2002  
Robert Hart  Robert Hart AOR 1992  
Robert Hart  Robert Hart / Cries & Whispers AOR 2013 Escape Music
Robert Hart  Circus Life AOR Melodic Rock Escape Music
Robert Lamm Life is good in my Neighborhood AOR 1993  
Robert Plant  Now and Zen Melodic HR 1989  
Robert Plant  Fate of Nations Melodic HR 1993 Fontana
Robert Tepper  No easy Way out AOR 1986  
Robert Tepper  Modern Madness AOR 1988  
Robert Tepper  No Rest for the wounded Heart AOR 1996  
Robert Tepper  Better than the Rest AOR 2019 AOR Heaven Records
Robin Over all seven Seas AOR 1990 AMP Records
Robin Auld Love kills (3-track EP) AOR 1995 South Africa
Robin Auld Love kills AOR 1996 South Africa
Robin Beck  Trouble or Nothin Melodic Rock 1989  
Robin Beck  Human Instinct Melodic Rock 1992  
Robin Beck  Do you miss me Melodic Rock 2005 Frontiers Records
Robin Beck  The great Escape Melodic Rock 2010  
Robin George Dangerous Music AOR 1985 Castle Music
Robin Miller If you had a Heart AOR 1992  
Robin Red Robin Red Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Robin Trower  Bridge of Sighs AOR 1999  
Robin Trower  In the Line of Fire / Passion AOR 2004  
Robin Zander Robin Zander Melodic Rock 1993  
Roch Voisine On the Outside AOR 1990  
Roch Voisine Kissing Rain AOR 1996  
Rocha Unum Westcoast 2017 Raging Planet
Rock Boulevard Stand and Fight Melodic HR 1987/2020 Metallic Blue Records
Rock Boulevard I got what you want Melodic HR 1990/2020 Metallic Blue Records
Rock Boulevard Rock Boulevard Melodic HR 1990/2005 Retrospect Records
Rock of Norway presents Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock and AOR, Vol. 1 Melodic HR 2022 Norske Albumklassikere
Rock of Norway presents Norwegian Melodic Hard Rock and AOR, Vol. 2 Melodic HR 2023 Norske Albumklassikere
Rockarma  Bring it! Melodic HR 2008  
Rocket Scientists  Oblivion Days Prog Rock 1999  
Rod Marenna / Alex Meister Out of reach Melodic HR 2020 Lions Pride Music
Rods, The The Rods Melodic HR 1981/2021 High Roller Records
Roger Daltrey Under a raging Moon Melodic Rock 1985 10 Records Ltd.
Rokbox  Rokbox AOR 1997  
Roko  Roko AOR 1990  
Roko  Open Invitation AOR 1992  
Roko  Think about tomorrow AOR 1994  
Roko  Fantasy AOR 1996  
Roll-Ups Low Dives for Highballs Pop AOR 1979  
Rolling Stones, The  Flashpoint Melodic HR    
Rolling Stones, The  No Security Melodic HR    
Rolling Stones, The  Steel Wheels Melodic HR    
Rolling Stones, The  Tattoo you Melodic HR    
Rolling Stones, The  Undercover Melodic HR    
Rolling Stones, The  Voodoo Lounge Melodic HR    
Roman Naked Stories Hi-Tech AOR 1994  
Roman Grey  Edge of the Shadow AOR 1988 Attic Records Limited
Romantics, The The very Best of … AOR 2011  
Romeo Riot Sing it loud Melodic HR 2017 Kivel Records
Romeo's Daughter Romeo's Daughter AOR 1988  
Romeo's Daughter Rapture AOR 2012  
Ron Bolton Band  Ron Bolton Band AOR 1983/2009  
Ron Collins  Simple Man CCM AOR 1992  
Ronnie Atkins One Shot Melodic HR 2021 Frontiers Records
Ronnie Atkins Make it count Melodic HR 2022 Frontiers Records
Ronny Lee Original Retro AOR 2014  
Room Experience Room Experience AOR 2015 MelodicRock Records
Room Experience Another Time and Place AOR 2020 Art of Melody Music
Rooney Calling the World Pop AOR 2007 Geffen
Rooster  Rooster Melodic HR    
Roq Royale Roq Royale Melodic Rock 2012  
Rosanna's Raiders Fire from Heaven (The collective Works) Melodic Metal 2007  
Rosco Martinez  Rosco Martinez Westcoast 1994  
Rose Tattoo  Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw Melodic HR 1989  
Rossington Band, The  Love your Man Southern Rock 1988  
Roth Brock Project Roth Brock Project Melodic HR 2016 Frontiers Records
Rough Cutt  Rough Cutt/Rough Cutt wants you (2 on 1) AOR 1985/2005  
Rough Silk  Mephisto Melodic Metal 1997  
Rough Silk  Wheels of Time Melodic Metal 1999  
Rough Silk  Symphony of Life Melodic Metal 2001  
Roulette (SW) Better late than never AOR 2008  
Roulette (SW) Now! AOR 2019 Black Lodge Records
Roulette (US) Lifeline AOR 2001  
Roulette/T.C. Jester If Time … AOR 1991/2019 Steelheart Records
Rox Diamond  Rox Diamond Melodic HR 1992  
Roxy Blue Want some? Melodic HR 1992 Geffen Records
Roxanne Roxanne Melodic HR 1988/2008  
Roxus  Nightstreet Melodic HR 1992  
Roxxi Drive it to ya hard! Melodic HR 1990 Rock Hard Records
Royal Court of China Geared & Primed Melodic Rock 1989 A&M Records
Royal Flush Royal Flush Melodic HR 2019 Rubicon Music
Royal Hunt  Moving Target Prog Rock 1996 Seagull International
Royal Hunt  Paradox Prog Rock 1997 Majestic Entertainment
Royal Hunt  Fear Prog Rock 1999 Majestic Entertainment
Royal Hunt  The Mission Prog Rock 2001 Frontiers Records
RPM  Revolutions per Minute/Phonogenic AOR 1984 Retrospect Records
RPWL  God has failed Prog Rock 2000 Gentle Art of Music
RPWL  World through my Eyes Prog Rock 2005 Gentle Art of Music
RPWL  Beyond Man and Time Prog Rock 2012 Tokyo Music
RPWL  Outer Space Prog Rock 2019 Gentle Art of Music
RPWL  Trying to Kiss the Sun Prog Rock 2022 Gentle Art of Music
RPWL  Crime Scene Prog Rock 2023 Gentle Art of Music
RTZ  Return to Zero Melodic HR 1991  
RTZ  Lost Melodic HR 1998  
Rubicon  Land of Dreams Melodic HR 1992  
Ruby Faith & the Waiting World  Best of … AOR 2000  
Rudy's Journey Rudy's Journey Melodic Rock 2001  
Runaway Wild, The The Runaway Wild Melodic Rock 2023 Self released
Runaway Wild, The Wild Night Melodic Rock 2023 Maximum Noir
Runner Runner AOR 1979/2003  
Runner Falling Hearts Melodic HR 1991/2022 Steelheart Memories
Runrig  The Stamping Ground Folk Rock 2001  
Rush  2112 Prog Rock 1976  
Rush  A Farewell to Kings Prog Rock 1977  
Rush  Permanent Waves Prog Rock 1980 Mercury Records
Rush  Moving Pictures Prog Rock 1981  
Rush  Signals Prog Rock 1982 Mercury Records
Rush  Power Windows Prog Rock 1985 Polygram Records
Rusha  Come Alive AOR 1988  
Russ Ballard  Barnet Dogs AOR 1980  
Russ Ballard  Russ Ballard AOR 1984  
Russ Ballard  The Fire still Burns AOR 1985  
Russ Ballard  Voices  The best of … AOR    
Russ Ballard  Book of Love AOR 2006  
Russ Irvin  Russ Irvin AOR 1991  
Russ Taff  Walls of of Glass CCM AOR 1983/?? Myrrh
Russ Taff  Medals CCM AOR 1985  
Russ Taff  Russ Taff  CCM AOR 1987 Myrrh, a div. of Word
Russ Taff  Under their Influence CCM AOR 1991  
Russ Taff  We will stand CCM AOR 1994  
Russell Wall of Love Westcoast 1995 Long Island Records
Russia Russia AOR 1980/2008 Wounded Bird Records
Rust n' Rage One for the Road Melodic HR 2022 Frontiers Records
Rydholm & Säfsund Kaleidoscope AOR 2024 GodisPåScen
==========< S >==========        
S.I.N.  Somewhere into Nowhere Melodic HR 2003  
S.I.N.  Equilibrium Melodic HR 2005  
S.N.A.K.E III Melodic HR 2023 Lions Pride Music
Sabu  Between the Light Melodic HR 1998  
Sacred Season  Sacred Season AOR 1994  
Sacred Season  No Man's Land AOR 1998  
Sacred Season  Sacred Season (4-track EP) AOR 1996  
Safire Safire AOR 1995/2013 Self released
Safire All because of you AOR 2013 Self released
Saffire From Ashes to Fire AOR 2013 Inner Wound Recordings
Saffire For the greater Good AOR 2015 AOR Heaven Records
Saffire Where the Monsters dwell AOR 2018 Perris Records
Saga  Saga Prog AOR 1978/1994 Polydor
Saga  Images at Twilight Prog AOR 1979  
Saga  Behaviour Prog AOR 1985/1994  
Saga  Wildest Dreams Prog AOR 1987 Zaruma N.V.
Saga  The Security of Illusion Prog AOR 1993  
Saga  Silent Knight Prog AOR 1980/1994  
Saga  House of Cards Prog AOR 2001  
Saga  The very Best of Saga Prog AOR    
Saga  Trust Prog AOR 2006  
Saga  The human Condition Prog AOR 2009  
Sahara (Sweden)  Sahara AOR 2001  
Sahara (US)  Going crazy Melodic HR 1992  
Sahara (US)  The seventh House Melodic HR 1994  
Sahara Rain (SW) Sand in your Hands Melodic HR 2009 Suisa
Sahara Snow Sahara Snow AOR 1997 MTM
Sahara Steel Sahara Steel Melodic HR 2001  
Sahin (feat. Ludvik) The 7th King of Legoland Melodic HR 1999 Tonstudio Hof
Sahin (feat. Ludvik) Sweet Prince Melodic HR 2003 Tonstudio Hof
Sahin (feat. Ludvik) Lie to me Melodic HR 2011  
Saigon Soul Shaker Melodic HR 1994 Saigon Publishing
Saigon Kick Saigon Kick Melodic HR 1990/2018 Rock Candy Records
Saint Saint AOR 1984/2006 Retrospect Records
Saints & Sinners Saints & Sinners Melodic HR 1992  
Saker Saker Melodic HR 1996/2010 Retrospect Records
Salute Toy Soldier AOR 2009  
Salute Heart of the Machine AOR 2010  
Sam Alex  Pieces AOR 2004  
Sam Millar More Cheese please Melodic Rock 2023 Self released
Sammy Gray City of Angels Melodic Rock 2004  
Sand & Gold Remember my Name AOR 1997 Kick Music
Sandalinas  Living on the Edge Metal 2005  
Sandy Stewart Cat Dancer AOR 2009  
Santa Ana Winds Santa Ana Winds AOR 2016 AOR Blvd
Santa Ana Winds Steele Breeze AOR 2021 AOR Blvd
Santers Shot down in Flames AOR 1981/2009  
Santers Racing Time AOR 1982/2009  
Santers Guitar Alley AOR 1984/2009  
Santers Top Secrecy AOR 1999 AOR Heaven Records
Sapphire Eyes Sapphire Eyes AOR 2012  
Sapphire Eyes Breath of Ages AOR 2018 The Junction
Sapphire Eyes Magic Moments AOR 2020 Pride & Joy
Sara Sucks Ride it hard Melodic HR 2019 Self released
Sara Sucks Sons of Victory Melodic HR 2019 Sky Studio
Saracen  Heroes, Saints & Fools Prog Rock 1992  
Saracen  Vox in Excelso Prog Rock 2006  
Saracen  Marilyn Prog Rock 2011  
Saraya  Saraya AOR 1989  
Saraya  Saraya (Reissue) AOR 1989/2010  
Saraya  When the Blackbirg sings AOR 1991 Polygram Records
Sargant Fury  Still want more Melodic HR 1991  
Sargant Fury  Little Fish Melodic HR 1993  
Sargant Fury  Turn the Page Melodic HR 1995  
Saris Curse of Time Melodic HR 2009  
Saris Until we have Faces Melodic HR 2014 Duck Dive Music
Sass Jordan  Rough & Tough AOR 2001  
Satellite  A Street between Sunrise and Sunset Prog Rock 2003  
Satellite  Evening Games Prog Rock 2004  
Satin Satin Melodic Rock 2014  
Satin It's about Time Melodic Rock 2017 Verum Music
Satin Appetition Melodic Rock 2022 Verum Music
Satrox Heaven sent Melodic HR 1990 CBS Records (Switzerland)
Satrox Energy Melodic HR 1992 Columbia Records
Savage Affair Actual Reality AOR 1996 Mercury Records
Savannah  Savannah AOR 1998  
Savannah Forever's come & gone AOR 2000  
Savatage Hall of the Mountain King Melodic Metal 1987/2011 Edel Germany
Savatage Gutter Ballet Melodic Metal 1989 Atlantic Records
Save Haven Save Haven Melodic HR 2004  
Savourey Dreamland Melodic HR 1998 Thunder Record
Sawyer Brown Buick Country AOR 1991  
Sawyer Brown Outskirts of Town Country AOR 1993  
Saxon Innocence is no Excuse Melodic HR 2000 Axe Killer
Saxon Destiny Melodic HR 2001 Axe Killer
Say  Heart Still Beats AOR 1992  
Sayit  Sayit AOR 1999  
Sayit  Louder AOR 2003  
Scandal (feat. Patty Smyth) Warriors AOR 1984  
Scarecrow Scarecrow Melodic HR 1991 Red Light Entertainment
Scarlet Rose Prime AOR 1995  
Scarlett One Night long Melodic Rock 2019 Steelheart Records
Scarlett and Black  Scarlett and Black AOR 1988  
Scherer/Batten Battlezone AOR 2017 MelodicRock Records
Schooltree Rise Melodic Rock 2012 Self released
Schubert in Rock Schubert in Rock Melodic Rock 2014  
Score, The The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Melodic HR 2009 Retrospect Records
Scorpions  Love at first Sting Melodic HR 1984  
Scorpions  Humanity Hour 1 Melodic HR 2007  
Scorpions  Sting in the Tail Melodic HR 2010  
Scott Stewart & the other Side Scott Stewart & the other Side Westcoast 1987  
Scott Wenzel Heart like Thunder CCM HR 1993 WAL, Word Records
Scram Scram Melodic Rock 1980/2009 Retrospect Records
Scream in Eden Original Sin Melodic Rock 2008 Z Records
Screaming Eagles High Class Rock n' Roll Melodic HR 2023 Self released
Screaming Stukas  A Lotta Rhythm Melodic HR 2005  
Screams Screams Pop AOR 1979/1993 MCA Records
Scrooge South Side Songs Melodic Rock 1993/2023 Steelheart Memories
Seasons in Color  Nothin' but new AOR 1991  
Second Heat  Second Heat Melodic HR 2004  
Second Way  First Strike AOR 2000  
Second Way  Changing Times AOR 2005  
Second Wind  Shelf Life AOR 1995  
Secret The End of the Road Melodic Rock 2014 MelodicRock Records
Secret Stop this World Melodic Rock 2022 Self released
Secret Heroes Loose, High & Fire Melodic HR 2004 Rockparade Records
Secret Powers Lies and Fairy Tales AOR 2010 Square Tire Music
Secret Silence Escape from Reality Prog Rock 1996  
Secret Smile  A Road less traveled AOR 2003  
Secret Smile  Hurry up and Wait AOR 2005 Metal Mayhem Music
Sedona Dragonfly Melodic HR 1998  
Sedona Golden Valley AOR 2010  
Senior Management, The Heart & Soul Melodic Rock 2018 Melodic Rock Records
September When, The Mother I've been kissed AOR 1991 Warner Music
Sequel Back Melodic HR 2007  
Serenity Fallen Sanctuary Melodic Metal 2008 Napalm Records
Sergeant  Sergeant Melodic HR 1984/2007  
Sergeant  Streetwise Melodic HR 1986/2007  
Serpentine A Touch of Heaven AOR 2010  
Serpentine Living and Dying in High Definition AOR 2011  
Serpentine Circle of Knives AOR 2015 AOR Heaven Records
Serpentine Sky Serpentine Sky Melodic Rock 2015 MelodicRock Records
Servant World of Sand Melodic HR 2006  
Seth Marsh Whole lotta Noise AOR 1991  
Seven 7 AOR 2014  
Seven Shattered AOR 2016 Escape Music
Seventh Crystal Delirium Melodic HR 2022 Frontiers Records
Seventh Crystal Wonderland Melodic HR 2023 Frontiers Records
Seventh Key  Seventh Key AOR 2001  
Seventh Key  The raging Fire AOR 2004  
Seventh Key  I will survive AOR 2013  
Seventh Son  Seventh Son AOR 1990  
Seventh Wonder Become Prog Metal 2005 Lion Music
Seventh Wonder Waiting in the Wings Prog Metal 2006 Lion Music
Seventh Wonder Mercy falls Prog Metal 2008/2023 Frontiers Records
Seventh Wonder The great Escape Prog Metal 2010 Lion Music
Seventh Wonder Tiara Prog Metal 2018 Frontiers Records
Seventh Wonder The Testament Prog Metal 2022 Frontiers Records
Seventhsign Perpetualdestiny Prog Metal 1996  
Sgt. Roxx Weapon of Miss Distraction Melodic HR 2009  
Sha-Boom  The Race is on AOR 2005  
Shadow Circus In a dark and stormy Night Melodic Metal 2013  
Shadow Gallery  Carved in Stone Prog Rock 1995  
Shadow Gallery  Tyranny Prog Rock 1998 Roadrunner Records
Shadow Gallery  Room V Prog Rock 2005  
Shadow Gallery  Digital Ghosts Prog Rock 2009 InsideOut Music
Shadow Gang Livin' in the City Melodic HR 1997  
Shadow King  Shadow King AOR 1991  
Shadow Page Band Hanging by a Thread AOR 1985/2024 AOR Blvd Records
Shadowland  Falling Prog Rock 2007  
Shadowman  Land of the Living AOR 2004  
Shadowman  Different Angles AOR 2006  
Shadowman  Ghost in the Mirror AOR 2008  
Shadowman  Watching over you AOR 2011  
Shadows Fade  Shadows Fade Melodic HR 2004  
Shaft of Steel Shaft of Steel Melodic Metal 2014 Self released
Shaft of Steel Steel Heartbeat Melodic Metal 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Shakra  Power Ride Melodic HR 2001  
Shakra  Rising Melodic HR 2003  
Shakra  Infected Melodic HR 2007 AFM Records
Shanghai Take another Bite Melodic HR 2000 Kivel Records
Shannon  Shannon Melodic HR 2003/2007  
Shannon Noll  That's what I'm talking about AOR 2004  
Shannon Noll  Lift AOR 2005  
Shannon Noll  A Million Suns AOR 2011  
Shark Island  S'cool Bus Melodic HR 1987/2022 Self released
Shark Island  Law of the Order Melodic HR 1989  
Shark Island  Gathering of the Faithful Melodic HR 2006  
Sharon O'Neill Foreign Affairs AOR 1983  
Sharp Edges Slice of Life Melodic HR 2006  
Sharx  On the Rock Melodic HR 1985/2005 Retrospect Records
Shatoo A true Story Hi-Tech AOR 1987/2014 SP Records
Shatoo Floodlights Hi-Tech AOR 2013 Sub Culture Records
Shaw - Blades Hallucination AOR 1995 Warner Bros. Records
Shawn Phillips  2nd Contribution Prog Folk-Rock 1970  
Shawn Phillips  Collaboration Prog Folk-Rock 1971/2006 A&M Records
Shawn Phillips  No Category Prog Folk-Rock 2004  
Shayle Standing in the Shadows AOR 1993  
She's China  The Night of Illusion AOR 1989  
She's China  A long Way Home AOR 1994  
She and the Band Emotional Bandits AOR 1991 BMG Ariola
Shea Roxi 1988 Melodic HR 2014 AOR Blvd
Sheela Burned down AOR 1995 LBT-Records
Sheela Changes AOR 1996  
Sheela The Process … AOR 2003 LBT-Records
Sheela Straight hearted One AOR 2000 LBT-Records
Sheila Little Darlin' AOR 1981/2006  
Shell & the Ocean  Turn Blue Hi-Tech AOR 1989  
Shelter  First Stop AOR 1983  
Shelter (CCM)  Shelter CCM AOR 1991  
Shelter (CCM)  Hands Heavenward CCM AOR 2006  
Sheltering Sky  Hot, hazy and human AOR 1992  
Sherbs, The  The Skill AOR 1980  
Sherbs, The  Defying Gravity AOR 1981  
Sheriff  Sheriff AOR 1982  
Shinedown The Sound of Madness Modern Rock 2008 Atlantic Records
Shinedown Amaryllis Modern Rock 2012  
Shineth 11 of 10 AOR 2006  
Shining Line Shining Line AOR 2010  
Shiva Desert Dreams AOR 2003 MTM Music
Shogun Shogun AOR 1987/2012 Steelheart Records
Shogun 31 Days AOR 1987/2012 Steelheart Records
Shogun The lost Album AOR 1987/2019 Steelheart Records
Shooting Star  Silent Scream AOR 1985  
Shooting Star  Touch me Tonight (Best of …) AOR 1989  
Shooting Star  Burning AOR 1999  
Shooting Star  It's not over AOR 1991  
Shooting Star  Leap of Faith AOR 2000  
Short Circuit Shock to the System (1987 - 1991) AOR 2022 AOR Blvd
Short Notice  … Just breathe AOR 1999  
Shotgun Symphony  Shotgun Symphony AOR 1993  
Shotgun Symphony  On the Line of Fire AOR 1997  
Shotgun Symphony  Sea of Desire AOR 1999  
Shout Shout Melodic HR 1997 Escape Music
Showdown Showdown AOR 2012 Self released
Shugazzer  Shift Melodic HR 2003  
Shy  Excess all Areas AOR 1987/2001  
Shy  Unfinished Business AOR 2002  
Shy  Sunset and Vine AOR 2005  
Shy  Shy  AOR 2011 Escape Music
Shyanne  Shyanne AOR 1982/2008 Retrospect Records
Shyboy  Shyboy Melodic HR 1998  
Shylock  Pyronized Melodic HR 2001  
Shylock  Welcome to Illusion Melodic HR 2004  
Shylock  RockBuster Melodic HR 2010  
Siam Language of Menace Melodic HR 1994 Now and Then
Sic Vikki  Kiss me in French Melodic HR 1993  
Side∙Walk Side∙Walk Westcoast 1990  
Sideway Look Taming the Blade Melodic Rock 1994  
Siena Root Pioneers Melodic Rock 2015 Cleopatra Records
Siena Root A Dream of lasting Peace Melodic Rock 2017 MIG Music
Sign, The  Signals of Life Melodic HR 2000  
Signal  Loud & Clear AOR 1989  
Signal Red Under the Radar Melodic HR 2018 Escape Music
Silence  Utopia AOR 2002  
Silence  Nostalgia AOR 2004  
Silence  Open Road AOR 2008  
Silence  City (Days) AOR 2012  
Silence  City (Nights) AOR 2012  
Silence Lost (CH) Pay for it Melodic HR 2016 Self released
Silent  The bright Side AOR 2001  
Silent Faces Chrome Hi-Tech AOR 1996 EMI Electrola
Silent Majority  Power AOR 1994  
Silent Memorial Cosmic Handball Prog Metal 1998/2009  
Silent Memorial Retrospective Prog Metal 2009  
Silent Rage Don't touch me there Melodic HR 1989  
Silent Running  Walk on Fire AOR 1987  
Silent Running  Deep AOR 1989 Atlantic Records
Silent Tiger  Ready for Attack Melodic Rock 2020 MelodicRock Records
Silent Tiger  Twist of Fate Melodic Rock 2023 Pride & Joy
Silent Witness Silent Witness Melodic HR 1997 Escape Music
Silent Witness Thrills Melodic HR 2001 Escape Music
Silked and Stained Love on the Road Melodic Rock 2017 Lions Pride Music
Silked and Stained Goes up to Eleven Melodic Rock 2019 Lions Pride Music
Siloam  Dying to live Melodic HR 1995  
Silver  Silver Melodic HR 2001  
Silver  Dream Machines Melodic HR 2002  
Silver  Intruder Melodic HR 2003  
Silver  Gold Melodic HR 2005  
Silver Condor  Trouble at Home AOR 1983/2002  
Silver Condor (Joe Cerisano) Studio Cuts Rarities and Live across America AOR 2018 MelodicRock Records
Silver Lake Silver Lake Prog Metal 2011 SG Records
Silver Lake Every Shape and Size Prog Metal 2013 SG Records
Silver Lake by Esa Holopainen Prog Metal 2021 Nuclear Blast
Simple Service Life is Dog Food Melodic HR ??  
Simon Chase  The Thrill of the Chase AOR 1995  
Simon Chase  The Witch Doctor AOR 1996  
Simon Says … Spin this AOR 1991/2020 Escape Music
Since April Escape Melodic HR 2019 Self released
Sing Sing  Sing Sing Melodic HR 1994  
Sinners, The Come fly with us AOR 1993 Warner Music
Sinnocence State of Grace Melodic HR 2020 Steelheart Records
Six by Six Six by Six Melodic Rock 2022 InsideOut Music
Six Silver Suns As Archons fall Melodic Rock 2021 AOR Heaven Records
Sixx: A.M. The Heroine Diaries Melodic HR 2007  
Skagarack  Skagarack Melodic Rock 1986/2007  
Skagarack  Hungry for a Game Melodic Rock 1988  
Skagarack  A Slice of Heaven Melodic Rock 1989  
Skagarack  Big Time Melodic Rock 1993  
Skagarack  Heart and Soul Melodic Rock 2023 Thunderstruck Productions
Skärlet Skärlet Melodic Rock 2016 Skärlet Music
Skid Row  Skid Row Melodic HR 1989  
Skid Row  Slave to the grind Melodic HR 1991  
Skid Row  The Gang's all here Melodic HR 2022 ear Music
Skills Different Worlds Melodic HR 2022 Frontiers Records
Skin Deep On the Rampage Melodic HR 1992 On Air Records
Skin Deep Hot City Melodic HR 1993 On Air Records
Skin Tag  Beauty Mark Melodic HR 2001  
Skintrade Skintrade Melodic HR 1983/1993  
Skitzotik  Skitzotik Melodic HR 1995  
Sko/Torp  On a long lonely Night AOR 1990  
Sko/Torp  Familiar Roads AOR 1992  
Slamer  Nowhere Land AOR 2006  
Slaughter Give it to ya Melodic HR 1990 Chryalis Records
Slav Simanic  Let it go Prog Metal 2002  
Slaves of New Brunswick  Slaves of New Brunswick AOR 1991  
Slears Turbulent Waters Melodic Rock 2018 Cargo Records
Sleep Token Take me back to Eden Prog Rock 2023 Spinefarm Music
Slyce  Slyce AOR 1990  
Smalltown  The last great Goodbye AOR 2007  
Smalltown Heroes  Human Soup AOR 1997  
Smash n' Grab Inheritance of Power Melodic HR 1992  
Smilek Sentimental Highway Melodic HR 2000  
Smith/Kotzen Smith/Kotzen Melodic HR 2021 BMG Records
Smooth Reunion  Cleaning up the Business Westcoast 2008  
Snail Snail/Flow AOR 1979/2009  
Snake Charmer (SW) Smoke and Mirrors Melodic HR 1993 Arctic Production
Snake Charmer (SW) Smoke and Mirrors Melodic HR 1993  
Snake Charmer (SW) Backyard Boogaloo Melodic HR 1998/2003  
Snake Eye  Ritual Instinct Melodic HR 2006  
Snakes, The Once bitten …. Melodic HR 1998/2016 Sanctuary Records
Snakes in Paradise  Snakes in Paradise Melodic HR 1994  
Snakes in Paradise  Garden of Eden Melodic HR 1998  
Snakes in Paradise  Yesterday & Today Melodic HR 2001  
Snakes in Paradise  Dangerous Love Melodic HR 2002  
Snakecharmer Snakecharmer Melodic HR 2013 Frontiers Records
Sneaker Sneaker AOR 1981  
Sneaker Loose in the World AOR 1982/1997  
Snowball Follow the white Line Funk Rock 1980/2011 Sireena Records
Snowfall Cold Silence AOR 2013 Escape Music
Snowmen Rock 'n Roll Communication 1982 - 83 Prog AOR 1982/2018 F.N.A. Records
Snowy White and the White Flames No Faith required Blues Rock 1996 RPM Records
Snowy White and the White Flames The Way it is … Blues Rock 2004 White Flames Music
Snowy White Goldtop - Groups & Sessions Blues Rock 1995 rpm Records
Sojourn  Lookin' for more AOR 1985/2007  
Sojourn  Different Points of View AOR 1989/2017 Rewind Records
Sojourn  World of Spirits AOR 2001  
Soleil Moon  Worlds apart AOR 2000 MFO Records
Soleil Moon  On the Way to Everything AOR 2012 Frontiers Records
Soleil Moon  Warriors AOR 2019 Frontiers Records
Something Corporate  Leaving through the Window Modern Rock 2002  
Son of Man State of Dystopia Melodic HR 2020 Esoteric Antenna
Sonic Station Sonic Station Westcoast 2012  
Sonic X  Sonic X Melodic HR 2005  
Sons of Angels Sons of Angels Melodic HR 1990 Atlantic Records
Sons of Angels Slumber with the Lion Melodic HR 2001  
Sons of Apollo Psychotic Symphony Melodic Metal 2017 Sonic Music/Inside Out
Soul Doctor  Soul Doctor Melodic HR 2001  
Soul Doctor  Systems go wild! Melodic HR 2003  
Soul Doctor  For a Fistful of Dollars Melodic HR 2005  
Soul Doctor  Way back to the Bone Melodic HR 2009  
Soul Seller Back to Life AOR 2011 Avenue of Allies
Soul Sirkus  World Play Melodic HR 2004  
Southern Empire Southern Empire Prog Rock 2015 Giant Electric Pea
Southern Empire Civilisation Prog Rock 2018 Giant Electric Pea
Southern Empire Another World Prog Rock 2023 Giant Electric Pea
Southern Sons  Southern Sons  AOR 1990 BMG Arista/Ariola Ltd.
Southern Sons  Nothing but the Truth AOR 1992  
Southgang  Tainted Angel Melodic HR 2004  
Southgang  Group Therapy Melodic HR 1992/2022 Bad Reputation
Space Elevator Space Elevator Melodic Rock 2014  
Space Elevator Space Elevator II Melodic Rock 2018 Steamhammer, SPV GmbH
Sparklands Tomocyclus Melodic Rock 2013 Avenue of Allies
Sparks Hippopotamus AOR 2017 BMG Rights Management
Spectra Spectra Melodic Rock 2018 IDIC Music
Spektra Spektra Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Speed Limit Money Shot Melodic Rock 2010  
Speedway BLVD.  Speedway BLVD. Pomp Rock 2002  
Sphinx Here we are Prog AOR 2021 Golden Core Records
Spiced Ice  Spiced Ice AOR 1990  
Spider Spider / Between the Lines AOR 2004 Renaissance Rec
Spina & Sullivan 12 by 8 by 3 AOR 2008 Retrospect Records
Spin Gallery  Standing tall Hi-Tech AOR 2004  
Spin Gallery  Embrace Hi-Tech AOR 2009  
Spiral Key An Error of Judgement Prog Metal 2018 Pride & Joy Music
Spock's Beard Noise Floor Prog Rock 2018 InsideOut Music
Spoons, The  Vertigo Tango AOR 1988  
Spread Eagle  Open to the Public Melodic HR 1993  
Spy Spy Melodic Rock 1980 Sony Music
Spys  Spys/Behind Enemy Lines AOR 1982/1983  
Squared Strange Affairs AOR 2022 Self released
SR-71  Now You See Inside Modern Rock 2000  
SR-71  Tomorrow Modern Rock 2002  
St. Paradise St. Paradise Melodic HR 1979/1998  
St. Paul Down to the Wire AOR 1990  
St. Valentine St. Valentine Melodic HR 2022 20th Century Music
St. Warren  Honest Planet Melodic HR 1992  
St. Warren  Return to Honest Planet Melodic HR 2009 FnA Records
St. Warren  Rock of Eden Melodic HR 2009 FnA Records
Stabilizers Tyranny Hi-Tech AOR 1986 Columbia Records
Stage Dolls  Commandos Melodic HR 1986  
Stage Dolls  Stage Dolls AOR 1989  
Stage Dolls  Stripped AOR 1991  
Stage Dolls  Dig AOR 1997  
Stage Dolls  Good Times AOR 2003  
Stage Dolls  Get a Life AOR 2004  
Stage Dolls  Always AOR 2010  
Stala & So. Play another Round Melodic HR 2013 Escape Music
Stan Bush & Barrage  Stan Bush & Barrage AOR 1987/2011 Rock Candy Records
Stan Bush & Barrage  Heaven AOR 1998  
Stan Bush  Stan Bush  AOR 1983/2011 Rock Candy Records
Stan Bush  Every Beat of my Heart AOR 1992  
Stan Bush  The Child within AOR 1996  
Stan Bush  Shine AOR 2004  
Stan Bush  In this Life AOR 2007  
Stan Bush  Dream the Dream AOR 2010  
Stan Bush  Change the World AOR 2017 Cargo Records
Stan Meissner  Dangerous Games AOR 1984  
Stan Meissner  Windows to Light AOR 1986  
Stan Meissner  Undertow AOR 1992  
Stand Up  Final Conflict Prog Rock 1997  
Star One - Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Space Metal Prog Metal 2002 InsideOut Music
Star One - Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Victims of the modern Age Prog Metal 2010 InsideOut Music
Star.Gate Escaping the Illusion Melodic HR 2024 Steel Gallery Records
Starbreaker  Starbreaker Melodic Metal 2005  
Starbreaker  Love's dying Wish Melodic Metal 2008  
Starbreaker  Dysphoria Melodic Metal 2019 Frontiers Records
Starcastle Starcastle Pomp Rock 1976/2011 MelodicRock Records
Starcastle Citadel Pomp Rock 1977/2009 MelodicRock Records
Starcastle Fountains of Light Pomp Rock 1977/2010 Rock Candy Records
Starchase Afterlife Melodic Rock 2018 MelodicRock Records
Stardust Highway to Heartbreak AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Stardust Kingdom of Illusion AOR 2023 Frontiers Records
Stargazer Stargazer Melodic HR 1994 Long Island Records
Stargazer Stargazer Melodic HR 2009  
Stargazery Eye on the Sky Melodic HR 2011  
Starquake Times that matter Prog Rock 2015 Pure Rock Records
Starship Love among the Cannibals AOR 1989 BMG Music
Starship Loveless Fascination AOR 2013 Litte Gedget Music
Starz Attention Shoppers! Melodic Rock 2004  
State, The Elementary AOR 1988 BMG Ariola
State Cows State Cows AOR 2010 Avenue of Allies
State Cows The second One AOR 2013 Avenue of Allies
State of Mind  Memory Lane Melodic HR 2004  
State of Rock A Point of Destiny Melodic HR 2010  
State of Salazar All the Way Melodic Rock 2014 Frontiers Records
State of Salazar Superhero Melodic Rock 2018 Frontiers Records
Stateline Stateline Melodic HR 2009 AOR-FM
Statement One for the Money AOR 1993 Face Records
Statetrooper The Calling Melodic HR 2004  
Station Station AOR 2015 Electric Cheetah Records
Station More than the Moon AOR 2018 Station Music LLC
Station Stained Glass AOR 2019 Station Music LLC
Stealin Horses  Stealin Horses AOR 1988  
Steamtrain On the Move … Melodic HR 1994  
Steel Breeze  Peace of Mind AOR 1982  
Steel Breeze  Steel Breeze AOR 1982  
Steel Breeze  Heart on the Line AOR 1983  
Steel Breeze  Lost in the 80's AOR 1997  
Steelheart  Steelheart Melodic HR 1990  
Steelheart  Tangled in Reins Melodic HR 1992 MCA Records
Steelhouse Lane  Metallic Blue Melodic HR 1998  
Steelhouse Lane  Slaves of the new World Melodic HR 1999  
Steelwind  Heaven's calling AOR 2000  
Steelwind  Jawhook AOR 2003  
Steeplechase  Steeplechase AOR 1981  
Stef Burns  Swamp Tea Instr. Rock 1999  
Stefan Andersson Emperors' Day Pop AOR 1992  
Stefan Andersson Walk right on Pop AOR 1999  
Stencil Forest Opening Act AOR 2004  
Stencil Forest The Abyss AOR 2005  
Stephen Bishop  Bowling in Paris Westcoast 1999  
Stephen Crane Kicks AOR 1984/2016 Sunset Dreams Records
Steve Augeri Seven Ways 'til Sunday AOR 2023 Self released
Steve Camp Fire and Ice CCM AOR 1984  
Steve Camp One on One CCM AOR 1986  
Steve Camp Consider the Cost CCM AOR 1991  
Steve Emm Dangerous Goods Melodic Rock 2023 Steelheart Records
Steve Emm Framework Melodic Rock 2024 Steelheart Records
Steve Lukather Ever changing Times AOR 2008  
Steve Marrs Somebody Somewhere Westcoast 2013 Sony Music Japan
Steve Perry  Street Talk AOR 1984/2006  
Steve Perry  For the Love of strange Medicin AOR 1994/2006  
Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys Melodic HR 1989 Warner Brothers
Steve Thomson  Steve Thomson Melodic HR 1989  
Steve Walsh  Black Butterfly AOR 2017 Escape Music
Steven McClintock Soundtrack Heroes AOR 2022 Melodic Rock Records
Steven Wilson Grace for Drowning Prog Rock 2011  
Steven Wilson The Raven that refused to sing Prog Rock 2013 Kscope Music
Steven Wilson Hand.Cannot.Erase Prog Rock 2015 Kscope Music
Steven Wilson To the Bone Prog Rock 2017 Caroline International
Stevie Vann Stevie Vann AOR 1995  
Stilletto Stilletto Melodic HR 1990/2021 20th Century Music
Stilskin Off the Grid Melodic Rock 2024 Self released
Stillwater Runnin' free Southern Rock 1998 Waterfall Records
Stingray  Stingray AOR 1979  
Stingray  Better the Devil you know AOR 1979/1991  
Stingray  Operation Stingray AOR 1981  
Stingray  Revisited AOR 2009  
Stone by Stone  Stone by Stone AOR 1993  
Stone Fury  Burns like a Star AOR 1984/2008  
Stone Fury  Let them talk AOR 1986/2008  
Stone Fury  The Best of … AOR 1988  
Stone Soup Spooge AOR 1997  
Stonebolt  New Set of Changes AOR 1980/2022  
Stonebolt  Regeneration AOR 1999  
Stoneflower Crack a little Smile Melodic Rock 2003 Storyteller Records
Stoneflower Destination anywhere Melodic Rock 2014 Self released
Stoneflower Finally Melodic Rock 2020 AOR Heaven Records
StoneLake Uncharted Souls Melodic Metal 2008  
StoneLake Thunder and Rain Melodic HR 2018 Melodic Rock Records
Stonewall / Weekend Stonewall / Weekend Melodic HR 1990 Air International Records
Storm  Storm AOR 1979/2006 Rock Candy Records
Storm  Storm II AOR 1979/2006 Rock Candy Records
Storm, The  The Storm AOR 1991  
Storm, The  Eye of the Storm AOR 1995  
Storm, The (feat. K. Nichols) Sweet Surrender AOR 1992/2010 Retrospect Records
Storm, The (SWE) Black Luck Melodic Rock 2010  
Stormburst Highway to Heaven Melodic HR 2020 AOR Heaven Records
Storming Heaven  Life in Paradise AOR 1996  
Stormwing Stormwing Melodic Rock 1994 Solvejg
Story of the Year The black Swan Modern Rock 2008 Epitaph Europe
Storyteller  Corridor of Windows AOR 2000  
Straight Lines Straight Lines AOR 1980/2017 Sony Music Entertainment
Straight Lines Run for Cover AOR 1981/2017 Sony Music Entertainment
Straight Shooter My Time - Your Time Melodic HR 1980/1988  
Strand, The The Strand AOR 1980/2011 Rock Candy Records
Stranded  Long Way to Heaven AOR 1999  
Strange Advance  2wo Hi-Tech AOR 1985  
Strange Advance  The Distance between Hi-Tech AOR 1988 Capitol Records
Stranger  No Rules Melodic HR 1989/2005 Retrospect Records
Stranger  No more dirty Deals Melodic HR 1991 Retrospect Records
Stranger (GE) Pretty Angels Melodic HR 1990/2012 Battle Cry Records
Stranger (Spain) Emotion Melodic Rock 2013  
Strangerland Echoes from the Past Melodic Rock 2023 Lions Pride Music
Strangers Survival Melodic Rock 2015 The Fish Factory
Strangeways  Strangeways AOR 1984/2006  
Strangeways  Native Sons AOR 1987  
Strangeways  Walk in the Fire AOR 1989  
Strangeways  Living in the Dangerzone AOR 2003  
Strategy Secrets Melodic HR 2022 Steelheart Records
Stratosphere Fire Flight Melodic Metal 2010  
Stratovarius  Infinite Melodic Metal 2000  
Strawbs, The  Grave new World Prog Rock 1972/1989 A&M Records
Strawbs, The  Bursting at the Seams Prog Rock 1973  
Strawbs, The  Hero and Heroine Prog Rock 1974  
Strawbs, The  Ghosts Prog Rock 1974/1998 A&M Records
Strawbs, The  Nomadness Prog Rock 1975/2008  
Strawbs, The  Deep Cuts Prog Rock 1976/2005  
Strawbs, The  Burning for you Prog Rock 1977/2007  
Strawbs, The  Halycon Days Prog Rock 1998 A&M Records
Strawbs, The  Concert Classics - Volume 6 Prog Rock 1999  Renaissance Records
Strawbs, The  Dancing to the Devil's Beat Melodic HR 2009  
Streamline Streamline Melodic HR 2017 Self released
Streetheart  Drugstore Dancer Melodic HR 1980  
Streetheart  Streetheart Melodic HR 1982 Capitol Records
Streetheart  Dancing with Danger Melodic HR 1983/2013 Rock Candy Records
Streetheart  Over 60 mins with … Melodic HR 1989  
Streetlight Ignition Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Streetlore Streetlore Melodic Rock 2022 Art of Melody Music
Street Legal  Thunderdome Melodic HR 2000  
Street Legal  Bite the Bullet Melodic HR 2009  
Street Talk  Collaboration AOR 1997  
Street Talk  Transition AOR 2000  
Street Talk  Restoration AOR 2002  
Street Talk  V AOR 2006  
Street Walker … it don't come cheap Melodic HR 1995 Madjan Productions
Streets  1st AOR 1983/2013 Rock Candy Records
Streets  Crimes in Mind AOR 1985  
Stress Killing me Night and Day Melodic HR 2001  
Stretch  Elastique AOR 1975/2012  
Stretch  The Story of Elmer Gantry AOR 1996  
Strike We're back Melodic Rock 2014  
Striker Struck by Lightning (EP) AOR 2009  
Stripped Gypsy Troubadours of Fortune Melodic HR 2023 Steelheart Memories
Struts, The Everybody wants Glam Rock 2016 Universal Music Canada
Strutt Dreams AOR 1990  
Strutz Through the Ages Melodic Rock 2013 Steelheart Memories
Strykenine Strykenine I Melodic Rock 2021 Pride & Joy Music
Stryper  Against the Law Melodic Metal 1990 Enigma Records
Stryper  Reborn Melodic Metal 2005  
Stuart Smith  Heaven and Earth AOR 1998  
Stun Leer  Once Melodic HR 1997  
Stupid Angel  Stupid Angel Melodic HR 1999  
Sturm und Drang Rock 'n Roll Children Melodic HR 2009  
Styx  Equinox AOR 1975/1987  
Styx  The grand Illusion AOR 1977  
Styx  Paradise Theater AOR 1980  
Styx  Kilroy was here AOR 1983  
Styx  Edge of the Century AOR 1990  
Styx  Cyclorama AOR 2003  
Submytion  Finally AOR 1992  
Subsignal Touchstones Prog Rock 2011  
Subway  Dangerous Games Melodic HR 1990  
Subway  Hold on to your Dreams Melodic HR 1992  
Subway  Light of the Night Melodic Rock 1993 Victor Entertainment
Subway  Taste the Difference Melodic Rock 1994  
Subway  Subway Melodic HR 1998  
Subway  Lola's Theme Melodic HR 2010  
Sugarcreek  Fortune AOR 2002  
Summers Summers AOR 2013  
Sun 'n Steel Writings on the Wall Melodic HR 1997 Point Music
Sun 'n Steel Wicked World Melodic HR 2001 Point Music
Sunshine JIve  Sunshine Jive AOR 1998  
Sunstorm  Sunstorm AOR 2006  
Sunstorm  House of Dreams AOR 2009  
Sunstorm  Emotional Fire AOR 2012  
Sunstorm  Edge of Tomorrow AOR 2016 Frontiers Records
Sunstorm  The Road to Hell AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Sunstrike Rock your World Melodic Rock 2014 AOR Heaven Records
Sunstrike Ready II strike Melodic Rock 2016 AOR Heaven Records
Suntower Suntower Melodic HR 1994 Stepping Stone Records
Supremacy Influence Melodic HR 2023 Lions Pride Music
Surgin' When Midnight comes Melodic HR 1985 Tokyo Music
Surgin' Electric Nights - The final Chapter Melodic HR 2003 Majestic Rock Records
Surrender (CA)  Surrender AOR 1979/2004  
Surrender (US)  Better Later than Never AOR 2005  
Survivor  Premonition AOR 1981  
Survivor  Caught in the Game AOR 1983  
Survivor  Vital Signs AOR 1984  
Survivor  When Seconds count AOR 1986  
Survivor  Too hot to sleep AOR 1988  
Survivor  Eye of the Tiger AOR 1990 Volcano Entertainment
Survivor  Reach AOR 2006  
Sven Larsson Sunlight and Shadow Westcoast 2010  
Sven Schumacher Sven Schumacher Westcoast 2001  
Swedish Erotica  Swedish Erotica  Glam Rock 1989 Virgin Records
Swedish Erotica  Too Daze Gone Glam Rock 2005  
Swedish Funk Connection 1987 Westcoast 2018 Yell Music Ltd.
Sweet Cheater  Eatin' ain't cheatin' Glam Rock 2006  
Sweet Comfort Band  Breakin' the Ice CCM AOR 1978  
Sweet Comfort Band  Hold on tight! CCM AOR 1979  
Sweet Comfort Band  Perfect Timing CCM AOR 1981  
Sweet Comfort Band  Cutting Edge CCM AOR 1982/2009 Retroactive Records
Sweet Crystal Power 'n Glory - Resurrected Masters Melodic Rock 1985/2003  
Sweet Crystal Still standing … Melodic Rock 2001  
Sweet Crystal III Melodic Rock 2010  
Sweet Crystal 5 Carat Rock Melodic Rock 2016 Nightcrier Music
Sweet Sin Sweet Sin Melodic HR 1988/2018 Steelheart Memories
Sweet Sister Flora & Fauna Melodic Rock 1994  
Sweet Sybil Sweet Sybil Melodic HR 1992/2009  
Swingin' Thing  Keep on swingin' Glam Rock 2006  
Sybill Sybill AOR 1987/2005  
Syd Arthur Sound Mirror Prog Rock 2014 Harvest Records
Sydney Sydney AOR 1991 K-tel
Sylvain Stabile Carte Blanche Westcoast 1993  
Symphony of Sweden Inner Demons Melodic Rock 2021 Firechild AB
Symphony of Sweden Saints of Yesterday Melodic Rock 2022 Firechild AB
Symphony of Sweden Haunted Melodic Rock 2024 Firechild AB
Syndia Syndia Melodic Rock 1992  
Syre It ain't pretty being easy Glam Rock 1990 Red Light Records
Syzygy A glorious Disturbance Prog Rock 2013  
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