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Artist CD Title Genre Rel.-Year Label
==========< J >==========        
J.D. Kelly  Imperfect Heart AOR 2021 AOR Blvd
J.J. Cale  To Tulsa and back Roots Rock 2005  
J.R. Blackmore Group  Still holding on AOR 2005  
Jace  Stolen Season AOR 2005  
Jace Pawlak Perspective AOR 2015 Marble Sky Music
Jace Pawlak Promise AOR 2016 Kivel Records
Jack Green Latest Game AOR 1986/2013 AAO Music
Jack Green Humanesque AOR 1993 BMG Music
Jack James  Moment of Truth AOR 1996  
Jack Russell  For you AOR 2002  
Jack Savoretti Written in Scars AOR 2015 BMG Music
Jack Savoretti Sleep no more AOR 2016 BMG Music
Jack Starrs Burning Starr The Orange Album Melodic HR 1989  
Jack Wagner  All I need Westcoast 1984/2007  
Jack Wagner  Don't give up your Day Job Westcoast 1987  
Jackdaw 4 Bipolar Diversions Melodic Rock 2007  
Jacklyn Marble Rose AOR 1996 Long Island Records
Jacks, The In Danger AOR 1985/2009 Retrospect Records
Jaded Heart  Inside Out Melodic HR 1994  
Jaded Heart  Slaves & Masters Melodic HR 1996  
Jaded Heart  Mystery Eyes Melodic HR 1998  
Jaded Heart  IV Melodic HR 1999  
Jaded Heart  The Journey will Never End Melodic HR 2002  
Jaded Heart  Trust Melodic HR 2004  
Jaded Heart  Helluva Time Melodic HR 2005  
Jaded Heart  Sinister Mind Melodic HR 2007  
Jaded Heart  Perfect Insanity Melodic HR 2009  
Jadis  More than meets the Eye Prog Rock 2005  
JAG The longest Road AOR 1990 Spark Music
JAG The only World in Town AOR 1991 Benson Music
Jagged Edge UK Fuel for your Soul Melodic HR    
Jail Job Eve The Mission Retro HR 2018 Hänsel & Gretel/MIG Music
Jaime Kyle  The passionate Kind AOR 1992  
Jaime Kyle  Back from Hollywood AOR 1996 Now & Then Records
Jake Thomas Rebel with a Cause AOR 1993 Blood Records
Jakob Samuel CoExist Melodic Rock 2021 Self released
James Byrd Group, The The Apocalypse Chime Melodic HR 1996 Shrapnel Records
James Christian  Rude Awakening AOR 1994  
James Christian  Meet the Man AOR 2004  
James Christian  Lay it All on Me AOR 2013  
James House The L.A. Tapes AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
James Project, The  Desert Bloom AOR 1996  
James Reyne  James Reyne AOR 1987  
James Reyne  Hard Reyne AOR 1989  
James Reyne  Any Day above Ground AOR 1991  
James Reyne  Design for Living AOR 1999  
Jamilya  Over the Edge Melodic Metal 1997  
Jan Hammer  Black Sheep/Hammer AOR 1979/2005  
Jan Hammer  Beyond the Mind's Eye AOR    
Jan Johansen  Jan Johansen AOR 1995  
Jan Johansen  X my Heart AOR 2003  
Jan Holberg Project, The Sense of Time AOR 2011 Nordic Records
Jan Holberg Project, The At your Service AOR 2013 Nordic Records
Jane Bogaert 5th Dimension Melodic Rock 2010  
Jane Doe Zero to Hero Melodic Rock 1995 X-Treme Records
Jaugernaut Take 'em there Prog Rock 1983/2003  
Java Change of Heart Melodic HR 2017 Escape Music
Javan  Somewhere in the Night AOR 1991  
Jay Ferguson All alone in the End Zone Melodic Rock 1976/2013 Rhino Records (3 on 2)
Jay Ferguson Thunder Island + Real Life ain't this Way Melodic Rock 1977/2013 Rhino Records (3 on 2)
Jay Graydon Airplay for the Planet Westcoast 1994  
Jay Miles 9 Hours Lite AOR 2005  
JC Desire AOR 1989 Vinyl Reissues
JD Miller World War X Melodic HR 2017 Mighty Music
JD Miller Afterglow Melodic HR 2019 Mighty Music
Jean-Jacques Goldman  Entre gris clair et gris foncé AOR 1987/2000  
Jef Scott Ten Stories AOR 1986/2013 YesterRock Records
Jeff Cosco & Don Mancuso Stuff from Years (Beers) ago AOR 2005 Self released
Jeff Healey  Hell to Pay Melodic HR    
Jeff Healey  Full Circle: The Live Anthology Melodic HR 2011 Eagle Records
Jeff Paris  Race to Paradise AOR 1986  
Jeff Paris  Race to Paradise AOR 1986/2023 Bad Reputation
Jeff Paris  Wired up AOR 1987  
Jeff Paris  Lucky this Time AOR 1993  
Jeff Paris  Smack AOR 1997  
Jeff Scott Soto  Prism Melodic HR 2002  
Jeff Scott Soto  Lost in the Translation Melodic HR 2004  
Jeff Scott Soto  Beautiful Mess Melodic HR 2009  
Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane AOR 1989 CBS Records
Jefferson Starship  Nuclear Furniture AOR 1971/1984  
Jefferson Starship  Freedom at Point Zero AOR 1979/1997  
Jefferson Starship  Windows of Heaven AOR 1999  
Jeffrey Ross Personal Obsession AOR 1988 Polydor
Jellyfish Spilt Milk AOR 1993  
Jellyfish Bellybutton AOR 1990  
Jelusick Follow the blind Man Melodic HR 2023 Escape Music
Jerome Mazza Outlaw Son Melodic Rock 2018 Escape Music
Jerusalem Jerusalem Melodic HR 1972/2008  
Jesse Colin Young The perfect Stranger Westcoast 1982/1996  
Jesse Colin Young The Highway is for Heroes Westcoast 1987/1996  
Jesse's Powertrip  Not so innocent AOR 1999  
Jesse Strange  Jesse Strange Melodic HR 1992  
Jesse Strange  Looking for some Strange Melodic HR 2006  
Jester It's Time Melodic Metal 1994 Megarock Records
Jet Red Jet Red Melodic HR 1989 Relativity Records
Jethro Tull Aqualung Melodic Rock 1971/1996 Chrysalis Records
Jethro Tull Too old to Rock 'n Roll Melodic Rock 1976/2002 Chrysalis Records
Jethro Tull Songs from the Wood Melodic Rock 1977/1983/2003 Chrysalis Records
Jethro Tull Broadsword and the Beast Melodic Rock 1983/2005 Chrysalis Records
Jethro Tull The very Best of Melodic Rock 2001 Chrysalis Records
Jettblack Disguises Melodic HR 2015 Cherry Red Records
Jett Black Night Flight Melodic Rock 1985/2022 Bad Reputation
Jetsam  Drive AOR 1997  
Jillson Deadly Girl Melodic HR 1990/2012 Retrospect Records
Jim Capaldi  Some come running AOR 1988  
Jim Capaldi  Prince of Darkness AOR    
Jim Croce  Photographs & Memories AOR 1972/1985  
Jim (Jidhed) Jim AOR 1990  
Jim Jidhed  Full Circle AOR 2003  
Jim Jidhed  Push on through AOR 2017 AOR Heaven Records
Jim Foster Power Lines AOR 1986/2010  
Jim Peterik & World Stage  Jim Peterik & World stage AOR 2000  
Jim Peterik & Marc Scherer Risk Everything AOR 2015 Frontiers Records
Jim Stapley Long Time coming AOR 2014 Mita Records
Jim Steinman Bad for Good Melodic Rock 2021 Sony Music Entertainment
Jimi Anderson Group Longtime comin' AOR 2017 Pride & Joy Music
Jimi Goare  The Age of Grace Melodic HR 2007 Retrospect Records
Jimi Jamison Crossroad Moments AOR 2008 Frontiers
Jimi Jamison Never too late AOR 2013 Icarus/Frontiers
Jimi Jamison Rock Hard AOR 2022 Iconoclassic
Jimi Jamison's Survivor Empires AOR 1999  
Jimmy Barnes  Jimmy Barnes  Melodic HR 1985/2003 Lemon Recordings
Jimmy Barnes  Change of Heart Melodic HR    
Jimmy Barnes  Freight Train Heart Melodic HR 1987  
Jimmy Barnes  Two Fires Melodic HR 1990 Atlantic Recording
Jimmy Barnes  Hits - Anthology of Singles and Rarities Melodic HR    
Jimmy Davies & Junction  Kick the Wall AOR 1987  
Jimmy Davies & Junction  Going the Distance AOR 2017 MelodicRock Records
Jimmy Harnen  Can't fight the Midnight AOR 1989  
Jimmy Lawrence  The World is Round AOR 1998  
Jimmy Martin  Kids of the rockin' Nation AOR ??  
Jimmy Messina One more Mile AOR 1983/2008 Wounded Bird Records
Jimmy Ryser Jimmy Ryser AOR 1990  
Jitters, The  The Jitters AOR 1987  
Joal Joal Melodic Rock 1989 Wea Musik GmbH
Joanna Dean Misbehavin' AOR 1988/2012 YesterRock Records
Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue AOR 1987 Lord Records
Joe E. Daddario  Living in the restless Age AOR 2000  
Joe Lamont  Secrets you keep AOR 1985/2010  
Joe Lynn Turner  Rescue you Melodic HR 1985/2004  
Joe Lynn Turner  Hurry up and wait Melodic HR 1999 MTM Music
Joe Lynn Turner  Holy Man Melodic HR 2000  
Joe Lynn Turner  Second Hand Life Melodic HR 2006  
Joe Pasquale  Prey AOR 1991  
Joe Walsh So what AOR 1974/1993 MCA Records
Joey Dalmon  Carousel AOR 1990/2006 Retrospect Records
Joey Summer Written on the Horizon Melodic Rock 2010  
Joey Summer One Bite from Paradise AOR 2012  
John Brannen  Mystery Street AOR 1988  
John Brannen  John Brannen AOR 1994  
John Brannen  Scarecrow AOR 2000 CoraZong Records
John Brannen  The good Thief AOR 2004  
John Brannen  Bravado AOR 2010  
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band  Extended Versions AOR 1992  
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band  Roadhouse AOR 1993  
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band  The unreleased Demos AOR 1993  
John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band  Tough all over AOR    
John Cody Ripped Jeans AOR 1989  
John Diva and the Rockets of Love Mama said Rock is dead Melodic HR 2019 Steamhammer / SPV
John Diva and the Rockets of Love American Amadeus Melodic HR 2021 Steamhammer / SPV
John Elefante  Windows of Heaven CCM AOR 1995  
John Elefante  Defying Gravity CCM AOR 1999  
John Elefante  On my Way to the Sun CCM AOR 2013  
John Elefante  The amazing Grace CCM AOR 2022 Escape Music
John Elefante + Mastedon Revolution of Mind AOR 2010  
John Entwistle  The Rock AOR 2005  
John Fannon Saved all the Pieces AOR 2013  
John Farnham  Whispering Jack AOR 1986  
John Fogerty  Wrote a Song for Everyone AOR 2013 Vanguard Records
John Keane  Straight away AOR 1999  
John Kilzer  Memory in the Making AOR 1988  
John Kilzer  Busman's Holiday AOR 1991  
John Kilzer  Hide away AOR 2014 Archer Records
John Lawry  Media Alert AOR 1990  
John Lawton Heartbeat Melodic HR 2000  
John Lawton Still payin' my Dues Melodic HR 2000/2009  
John Mayer Sob Rock AOR 2021 Columbia Records
John Mellencamp  Scarecrow Melodic HR    
John Mellencamp  Whenever we Wanted Melodic HR    
John Mellencamp  Lonesome Jubilee Melodic HR    
John Miles Rebel AOR 1976 Decca Record Ltd.
John Miles Transition AOR 1985/2010  
John Norum Face the Truth Melodic HR 1992 Sony Music Entertainment
John O'Banion John O'Banion AOR 1981  
John O'Banion Danger AOR 1982/2000  
John O'Banion White Light AOR 1985/2018 Sound Philosophy
John O'Kane  Solid AOR 1991  
John Palumbo  Blowing up Detroit AOR ?/2007  
John Palumbo  Victim of the Nightlife AOR 1989  
John Parr  John Parr  AOR 1984 Mercury West Germany
John Parr  Man with a Vision AOR 1992  
John Parr  Man in Motion AOR 2006  
John Payne Different Worlds AOR 2007  
John Payne & Andy Nye The Passion AOR 2008  
John Pratt Turn the Page Melodic Rock 2011  
John Rockwell  Crossfire Hi-Tech AOR    
John Schlitt Shake CCM Hard Rock 1995 Word Records
John Sloman Disappearances can be deceptive … AOR 1986 FM-Revolver Records
John Sloman Dark Matter AOR 2003 Majestic Rock Records
John Sykes Chapter One Melodic HR 1998  
John Taglieri  Leap of Faith AOR 2000  
John Thomas John Thomas AOR 2000  
John Waite  Ignition AOR 1982/2006 Rock Candy Records
John Waite  No Brakes AOR 1984  
John Waite  Mask of Smiles AOR 1985/2001 One Way Records
John Waite  Rovers Return AOR 1987  
John Waite  Temple Bar AOR 1995  
John Waite  When you were mine AOR 1997  
John Warren  Take me back AOR 1988  
John Warren  Private Motion AOR 1989  
John Warren  One Heart AOR 1990  
John West Permanent Mark Prog Rock 1998 Shrapnel Records
John West Long Time … no sing Melodic HR 2006 Frontiers Records
John West Days of Destiny Melodic HR 2023 MelodicRock Records
John Wetton  Rock of Faith AOR 2003  
Johnnie Degiuli Songs in Dee AOR 2003 Kindling Music
Johnny Lima  Johnny Lima  Melodic HR 1996 Shock Pop Records
Johnny Lima  Shine on Melodic HR 1999  
Johnny Lima  Made in California Melodic HR 2003  
Johnny Lima  Livin' out loud Melodic HR 2009 Shock Pop Music
Johnny van Zant Band, The The Last of the wild Ones Melodic Rock 1982/2012 Rock Candy Records
Joined Forces Joined Forces Melodic HR 1989/2010 Retrospect Records
Joker  Cool Deal Melodic HR 1992  
Jon Bon Jovi  Destination anywhere Melodic HR    
Jon Butcher Pictures from the Front Melodic HR 1989 Capitol Records
Jonah Whale  Dangerous Games AOR 1994  
Jonah Whale  Underworld AOR 1998  
Jonah Whale  Eccentricity AOR 2007  
Jonathan Cain Back to the Innocence AOR 1995  
Jonathan M Jonathan M AOR 1994  
Jones Gang, The Any Day now AOR 2005  
Joneses, The Hard Melodic HR 1990 Atlantic Recording
Jonny Lang Lie to me Blues Rock 1997  
Jonny Lang Wander this World Blues Rock 1998  
Jonny Lang Long Time coming Blues Rock 2003  
Jono Requiem Melodic Rock 2013 Jono Music
Jono Silence Melodic Rock 2015 Jono Music
Jono Life Melodic Rock 2017 Frontiers Records
Jorn The Gathering Melodic Metal 2007 Frontiers Records
Jorn Spirit black Melodic Metal 2009  
Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Dracula - Swing of Death Melodic Metal 2015 Frontiers Records
Joseph Lee Wood  Joseph Lee Wood AOR 1989  
Joshua  Intense Defense AOR 1988  
Journey  Infinity AOR 1978 CBS Inc.
Journey  Evolution AOR 1979/2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainm.
Journey  Departure AOR 1980/2009 Sony Music Entertainment
Journey  Escape AOR 1981  
Journey  Frontiers AOR 1983  
Journey  Greatest hits AOR 1988  
Journey  Raised on Radio AOR 1986  
Journey  Trial by Fire AOR 1996  
Journey  Arrival AOR 2001  
Journey  Generation AOR 2005  
Journey  Revelation AOR 2008  
Journey  Freedom AOR 2022 Frontiers Records
Judas Priest Painkiller Melodic Metal 1990/2001 Columbia/Sony Music
Judas Priest Firepower Melodic Metal 2018 Sony Music Entertainment
Jude Cole  Jude Cole Lite AOR 1987/2007  
Jude Cole  A View from 3rd Street Lite AOR 1990  
Jude Cole  Start the Car Lite AOR 1992  
Judie Tzuke I am the Phoenix AOR 2000  
Judie Tzuke Shoot the Moon AOR 2006  
Juice Newton Can't wait all Night AOR 1984/2009 Wounded Bird Records
Jukebox Heroes Jukebox Heroes AOR 1992/2023 Pride & Joy Music
Julian Angel Choreography sucks Melodic HR 2007  
Julian Angel's Beautiful Beast Adult Oriented Candy Melodic HR 2011  
Julie Masse  Circle of One AOR 1994  
Juliette & the Licks You're speaking my Language Pop Rock 2005 Hassle Records
Julliet  Julliet Melodic HR 1990  
Jungle  Nuts AOR 1994 Koch International
Jungle  For you tonight AOR 1998  
Junichi Kawauchi One Heart Westcoast 1988  
Junichi Kawauchi Sweet Westcoast 1989  
Junichi Kawauchi Juice Westcoast 1991  
Junkyard Drive Black Coffee Melodic Rock 2018 Mighty Music
Just-if-I  All one People AOR 1995  
==========< K >==========        
Kadavar The Isolation Tapes Prog Rock 2020 Robotor Records
Kamelot The black Halo Symphonic Metal 2005  
Kamelot Ghost Opera Symphonic Metal 2007 Steamhammer / SPV
Kamelot Epica Symphonic Metal 2009 Sanctuary Records
Kamelot Poetry for the Poisoned Symphonic Metal 2010 Edel Germany GmbH
Kamelot Silverthorn Symphonic Metal 2012 SPV GmbH
Kamelot Haven Symphonic Metal 2015 Kamelot Music LLC
Kamelot The Shadow Theory Symphonic Metal 2018 Napalm Records
Kamelot The Awakening Symphonic Metal 2023 Napalm Records
Kamera  X-Posure AOR 2004  
Kane Roberts  Saints and Sinners Melodic HR 1991  
Kane Roberts  Unsung Radio Melodic HR 2012  
Kanon  Crosscurrents Southern Rock 1992  
Kansas  Leftoverture Prog Rock 1976/2001 SIS
Kansas  Point of Know Return Prog Rock 1977/2002  
Kansas  Dust in the Wind (Best) Prog Rock 1984  
Kansas  Power Prog Rock 1986  
Kansas  In the Spirit of Things Prog Rock 1988  
Kansas  Freaks of Nature Prog Rock 1995  
Kansas  The Absence of Presence Prog Rock 2020 InsideOut Music
Karat Der blaue Planet AOR 1982/1993  
Karat Fünfte Jahreszeit AOR 1987/2010 Amiga/Sony
Karcius Grey White Silver Yellow & Gold Prog Metal 2022 Self released
Karo  Heavy Birthday AOR 2005  
Kathy Troccoli Images AOR 1986 Reunion Records
Kayak  Starlight Dancer Prog Rock 1977/2010  
Kayak  Merlin Prog Rock 1994  
Kayak  Coming up for Air Prog Rock 2008  
Kayak  Anywhere but here Prog Rock 2011  
KBC Band KBC Band AOR 1986  
Keane  Keane AOR 1981 Cool Sound
Keane  Today, Tomorrow & Tonight AOR 1982  
Keats  Keats AOR 1984  
Kee of Hearts  Kee of Hearts  Melodic Rock 2017 Frontiers Records
Keiko Terada  Body & Soul AOR 1992  
Keith Urban Be here Country AOR 2004  
Keldian  Heaven's Gate AOR 2007  
Keldian  Journey of Souls AOR 2008  
Keldian  Outbound AOR 2015 Perris Records
Keldian  Darkness and Light AOR 2017 Perris Records
Kelly Keagy  Time passes Melodic HR 2001  
Kelly Keagy  I'm alive Melodic HR 2007  
Kelly Keeling  Giving Sight to the Eye Melodic HR 2005  
Kelvin Fischer Love Hunter Melodic Rock 2008 Sportin' Sammy's Record Co
Kemilon Twisted Storm Melodic HR 2012  
Ken Hensley  Blood on the Highway Melodic HR 2006  
Ken Tamplin and Friends Wake the Nations Melodic HR 2004  
Kenny Leckremo Spectra Melodic Rock 2018 ISIC Music
Kenny Rogers Jr. yes - no / maybe Westcoast 1989 Cypress/A&M
Kens Dojo Reincarnation Melodic HR 2010  
Kens Dojo The Future looks bright Melodic HR 2021 Key Music
Kent Hilli The Rumble Melodic Rock 2021 Frontiers Records
Kent Hilli Nothing left to lose Melodic Rock 2023 Frontiers Records
Kentuck Headhunters, The  Electric Barnyard Southern Rock    
Kerry Livgren  Seeds of Change AOR 1980  
Kerry Livgren  When Things get electric AOR 1994 Numavox Records
Keven Jordan  No Sign of Rain AOR 1991  
Keven Jordan  Keven Jordan  AOR 1994 Sony Music Entertainment
Kevin Barrett Makin' Movies AOR 1992 CHS Records
Kevin Chalfant  Running with the Wind AOR 1997  
Kevin Connelly  Son of the Sun AOR 1996  
Kevin Lee & the lonesome City Kings  Restless AOR 1992  
Kevin Lee  Flip the Switch AOR 2006  
Kevin Paige Kevin Paige Pop Rock 1989  
Kevin Raleigh Delusions of Grandeur AOR 1989  
Kevin Wells Little Acts of Treason AOR 1985/2017 Sunset Dreams Records
Key, The (MTM) The World is Watching AOR 1997  
Keystone Runway Queen AOR 2006  
Keystone Flight to Paradise AOR 2011  
Kharma  Wonderland AOR 2000  
Khymera  Khymera AOR 2003  
Khymera  A new Promise AOR 2005  
Khymera  The greatest Wonder AOR 2008  
Khymera  Master of Illusions AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Khymera  Hold your Ground AOR 2023 Frontiers Records
Kick  Consider this … Melodic HR 1999  
Kick  New Horizon Melodic HR 2004  
Kick Axe  IV AOR 2004  
Kick the Kangaroo Bits & Pieces AOR 2003  
Kid Promise  My Generation AOR 1994  
Kidd Blue Big Trouble Melodic HR 2006/2017 CD Baby
Kidd Glove Kidd Glove AOR 2010  
Killer Break my Chains Melodic HR 2006 Membran Music Ltd
Killer Bee  Cracked up Melodic HR 1995  
Killing Joke  Night Time AOR 1987  
Kim Carnes Mistaken Identity AOR 1999  
Kim Meinert Too small to take it seriously Hi-Tech AOR 1994  
Kim Mitchell Akimbo alogo Melodic Rock 1984  
Kim Mitchell Rockland Melodic Rock 1989 Alert Music
Kimball / Jamison Kimball / Jamison AOR 2011 Frontiers Records
Kimberley Dahme Can't a Girl change her Mind AOR 2009  
Kingdragon Hide the Sun Melodic HR 2014  
King Company One for the Road Melodic HR 2016 Frontiers Records
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King Prog Rock /2005 Galileo Music
King King Standing in the Shadows Blues Rock 2013 Manhaton Records
King King Reaching for the Light Blues Rock 2015 Manhaton Records
King Kobra King Kobra Melodic HR 2011  
King of Hearts King of Hearts Westcoast 1994  
King's Call No Alibi Melodic HR 2008  
King's X Gretchen goes to Nebraska Melodic HR 1989 Atlantic Recording
Kingcrow In Crescendo Melodic Metal 2013  
Kingdom Come  Kingdom Come  AOR 1988 Polydor Records
Kingdom Come  In your Face AOR 1989  
Kingdom Come  Hands of Time AOR 1991  
Kingdom Come  Bad Image AOR 1993 WEA Records
Kingdom Come  Too AOR 2000  
Kings of the Sun  Full Frontal Attack Melodic HR 1990  
Kino  Picture Prog Rock 2005  
Kino  Radio Voltaire Prog Rock 2018 InsideOut Music
Kip Winger From the Moon to the Sun AOR 2008  
Kirk The final Dance Melodic Rock 2003  
Kirka  The Spell AOR 1987  
Kirka  R.O.C.K. AOR 1998  
Kirka  Strangers in the Night (2 track EP) AOR 2007  
Kirka  Sadness in your Eyes AOR 2007  
KISS  KISS  Melodic HR 1974 Mercury Records
KISS  Crazy Nights Melodic HR 1987 Mercury Records
KISS  The Best of … Volume 2 (20th Century Masters) Melodic HR 2004  
KISS  Sonic Boom Melodic HR 2009  
Kiss of the Gypsy Kiss of the Gypsy Melodic HR 1992/2024 Bad Reputation
Kissin' Dynamite Steel of Swabia Melodic HR 2008  
Kissin' Dynamite Addicted to Metal Melodic HR 2010  
Kissin' Dynamite Megalomania Melodic HR 2014 AFM Records
Kissin' Dynamite Generation Goodbye  Melodic HR 2016 AFM Records
Kissin' Dynamite Ecstasy Melodic HR 2018 Metal Blade Records
Kissin' Dynamite Not the End of the Road Melodic HR 2022 Napalm Records
Kite, The  The Kite AOR 1992  
Kix Blow my Fuse Melodic Rock 1988/2014 Rock Candy Records
Kjetil By Unrequited Love AOR 2008 Hit Music
KK Wilde Rock 'n Roll Melodic HR 1991 Platinum Records
Klaatu Klaatu & Hope Prog Rock    
Knights Reign Knights Reign Melodic HR 2019 Divebomb Records
Koo, The The Koo AOR 1985/2023 MelodicRock Records
Kooga Across the Water Melodic HR 2008 Krescendo Records
Konkurent  Escape from Paradise Melodic HR 2002  
Korea  Korea AOR 1997  
Korgis, The The Korgis AOR 1979/1999  
Korgis, The Sticky George AOR 1981/1999  
Korgis, The This World's for Everyone AOR 1991  
KPS (Klepsteen, Peiffer, Sampson) KPS AOR 2018 AOR Blvd
Krakatoa  Building Bridges AOR 1992  
Kresta  Damaged Passion Melodic HR 2006  
Kruk It will not come back Melodic HR 2011  
Kry, The  Let me say CCM AOR 2000  
Kryptonite Kryptonite Melodic Rock 2017 Frontiers Records
Krystal Plug this! Melodic HR 1994 DeRock Records Inc.
Kuni  Looking for Action (incl. Panther) Melodic Metal 1988  
Kurt Howell  Kurt Howell AOR 1992 Reprise Records
Kyle Vincent  Trust AOR 1992  
Kyle Vincent  Kyle Vincent AOR 1997  
Kyle Vincent  Where you are AOR 2009 Song Tree Records
==========< L >==========        
L.A. Cowboys, The  Endless Summer Westcoast 1993  
L.A. Cobra Shotgun Slinger Melodic HR 2017 Self released
L.A. Guns  L.A. Guns Melodic HR 1988  
L.A. Guns  Waking the Dead Melodic HR 2002  
L.R.S. (La Verdi - Ramos - Shotton)  Down to the Core Melodic Rock 2014 Frontiers Records
Laban Caught by Surprise Pop AOR 1986/2002  
Laban Roulette Pop AOR 1987/2002  
Labyrinth Architecture of a God Prog Metal 2017 Frontiers Records
Ladder, The (US)  The Ladder AOR 1986/2009 Wounded Bird Records
Ladder, The (US)  The Ladder AOR 1986/2023 Rock Candy Records
Ladder, The  Future Miracles AOR 2004  
Ladder, The  Sacred AOR 2007  
Laden Politics of Life Melodic HR 1995  
Lady Blush Mid Tempo Inc. Melodic Rock 1994 Maya Records
Ladyhawke Ladyhawke Melodic Rock 2008 Modular recordings
Ladyhawke Anxiety Melodic Rock 2012 Modular recordings
Laidlaw  The Foam Box Sessions Southern Rock 2006  
Lake  Lake I AOR 1976  
Lake  Lake II AOR 1978  
Lake  No Time for Heroes AOR 1984  
Lake  Ouch ! AOR    
Lake  Voices AOR 1985  
Lake  So what AOR 1986  
Lake  Greatest Hits AOR 1990  
Lake  Definitive Collection AOR 1997  
Lake  The Blast of Silence AOR 2006  
Lake  Wings of Freedom AOR 2013 Mad as Hell Productions
LALU Paint the Sky Prog Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
LaMarca LaMarca Pop AOR 1985/2014 Scotti Bros
LaMarca LaMarca Pop AOR 1985/2022 MelodicRock Records
Lamorna  The Rainhorse AOR 1999  
Lana Lane  Queen of the Ocean Prog Rock 1999  
Lana Lane  Secrets of Astrology Prog Rock 2000  
Lana Lane  Project Shangri-La Prog Rock 2002  
Lana Lane  Red Planet Boulevard Prog Rock 2007  
Lana Lane  Neptune Blue Prog Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Lance While the Giant sleeps AOR 1996 Empire Records
Lance Keltner  Lance Keltner AOR 1992  
Lance Keltner  Lance Keltner AOR 2005  
Lance Powers  Destination unknown AOR 1997  
Lance Powers  Lance Powers  AOR 2000 Avalon
Lancia Lancia Melodic HR 1992  
Land of Gypsies Land of Gypsies Melodic HR 2023 Frontiers Records
Land of Tales Land of Tales AOR 2008  
Landfall The Turning Point Melodic Rock 2020 Frontiers Records
Landfall Elevate Melodic Rock 2022 Frontiers Records
Landslide  Say Hello to the Night AOR 1990  
Lane  Diced Melodic HR 2007  
Lane  Supernatural Melodic HR 2014 Self released
Laneslide Flying high AOR 2013  
Laos  We want it AOR 1990  
Lapointe  Tie you Up AOR 1997  
Larouche Dancing after Midnight AOR 1989/2021 Steelheart Memories
Larry Lee Marooned Westcoast 1982/2016 Sony Music Entertainment
Larry Tagg  With a Skeleton Crew AOR 1995  
Larry Tagg  Rovers Return AOR 1997  
Larsen/Feiten Band Larsen/Feiten Band / Full Moon AOR 1982/2005  
Last Autumn's Dream  Last Autumn's Dream AOR 2004  
Last Autumn's Dream  Winter in Paradise AOR 2006  
Last Autumn's Dream  Saturn Skyline AOR 2007  
Last Autumn's Dream  Hunting Shadows AOR 2008  
Last Autumn's Dream  The very Best of LAD & Live in Germany AOR 2008  
Last Autumn's Dream  A Touch of Heaven AOR 2010  
Last Autumn's Dream  Nine Lives AOR 2011 XTC Productions AB.
Last Great Dreamers Crash Landing in Teenage Heaven Pop AOR 2014 Ray Records
Last Temptation Better late than never Melodic HR 1989/2009 Besves Music
Last Temptation Love wins Melodic HR 2023 MelodicRock Records
Last Union Twelve Melodic HR 2018 Rock of Angels Records
LastWorld Time Melodic Rock 2019 MelodicRock Records
LastWorld Over the Edge Melodic Rock 2020 Perris Records
Lava Cruisin' Westcoast 1981/2017 Preservation Records
Lava Prime Time Westcoast 1982/2015 Preservation Records
Lava Fire Westcoast 1984/2015 Preservation Records
Lava The Rhythm of Love Westcoast 1990/2017 Preservation Records
Lava Polarity Westcoast 2003  
Lava Engine  Lava Engine (EP) AOR 2008  
Law, The The Law AOR 1991 Atlantic Recording
Lawless R.I.S.E. Melodic HR 2014 Escape Music
Lazarus Dream Imaginary Life Melodic HR 2024 Pride & Joy Music
Le Mans  Le Mans AOR 1986/2010  YesterRock Records
Le Roux  Keep the Fire burning AOR 1979  
Le Roux  Up AOR 1980  
Le Roux  So fired up AOR 1983/2000  
LeCompt  LeCompt Glam Rock 1992  
Leather Heart Comeback Melodic Rock 2015 The Fish Factory
Lebrock Real Thing (EP) Hi-Tech AOR 2018 Self released
Lebrock Fuse Hi-Tech AOR 2021 FIXT Neon
Lec Zorn Project  It began in the Underground AOR 2007  
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Melodic HR 1969/1994 Atlantic Recording
Lee Aaron Call of the Wild Melodic HR 1985  
Lee Aaron Lee Aaron Melodic HR 1987  
Lee Aaron Bodyrock Melodic HR 1989  
Lee Aaron Some Girls do Melodic HR 1991  
Lee Small Jamaica Inn Melodic HR 2012 Escape Music
Lee Small The last Man on Earth Melodic HR 2023 Rough Trade
Lee Z Time Line Melodic HR 1995  
Left Side Dark Side Sky and Freedom Hi-Tech AOR 1995  
Legacy Legacy Melodic HR 1989/2010  
Legend Legend CCM AOR 1992 Word
Legion Shadow of the King Melodic HR 2006  
Legs Diamond  Legs Diamond  Melodic HR 1977/2018 Rock Candy Records
Legs Diamond  Out on Bail Melodic HR 1984  
Legs Diamond  Land of the Gun Melodic HR 1985/2020 Rock Candy Records
Legs Diamond  Out on Bail / Land of the Gun Melodic HR 1990 Music for Nations
Legs Diamond  Uncut Diamond Melodic HR 1999  
Legs Diamond  Diamonds are Forever Melodic HR 2005  
Lehigh Valley Rocks!  The Best of 1984 - 1994 Melodic HR 2007  
Lenita Erickson Lenita Erickson AOR 1996 Dream Circle Records
Lenny MacDowell Project, The  Lost Paradise AOR 1990  
Leo Sayer Voice in my Head AOR 2005  
Lessmann/Ziller  Glaub dran Melodic HR    
Levara Levara Melodic Rock 2021 Mascot Records
Level Level AOR 2023 MelodicRock Records
Leverage  Tides Melodic Metal 2006  
Leverage  Blind Fire Melodic Metal 2008  
Leverage  Tides Melodic Metal 2008  
Leverage  Circus Colossus Melodic Metal 2009 Spinefarm Records
Leverage  Determinus Melodic Metal 2019 Frontiers Records
Leverage  Above the Beyond Melodic Metal 2021 Frontiers Records
Leyden Zar  Leyden Zar Hi-Tech AOR 1985/1992  
Liaison Liaison AOR 1989  
Liaison Urgency AOR 1991  
Liaison Hard Hitter AOR 1992  
Liberation Suite  Water and Blood Melodic HR 1992  
Liberty 'n Justice Chasing a Cure L.P. Melodic HR 2011  
Licence Högt spel AOR 1981/2010 Zink Music
Liesegang-White  Visual Surveillance of Extremities Melodic HR 2005  
Life By Night Life By Night AOR 2021 Escape Music
Life By Night Glass Walls AOR 2021 Escape Music
Lifeforce  Within Sight AOR 1998  
Lifehouse  No name Face AOR 2000  
Lifeline Scream Melodic Rock 2015 Escape Music
Lifer  Lifer AOR 1980/2008 Retrospect Records
Light, The On a new Horizon AOR 1995  
Lightspeed  So exactly where are we ? AOR 1992  
Lightspeed  On second Thought AOR 1995  
Lightspeed  Waves AOR 2006  
Lightyears Lightyears AOR 2008 Retrospect Records
Lillian Axe Lillian Axe Melodic HR 1988/1992 MCA Records
Lillian Axe Love + War Melodic HR 1989/2017 Rock Candy Records
Lillian Axe Poetic Justice Melodic HR 1992 Music for Nations
Limit, The Dysfunction Melodic HR 1999 Outhouse Records
Limited Warranty  Limited Warranty AOR 1986/2007 Wounded Bird Records
Limousine  Roxs U AOR 1982/2007 Retrospect Records
Line of Fire  Line of Fire AOR 2005  
Line of Fire  Momentum AOR 2010  
Line Up Lucky One Melodic HR 1992 Bums Records
Line-Up in Paris Line-Up in Paris AOR 1993 A&M Records/Rammit Records/BEI
Linear  Linear AOR 1990  
Linear  Caught in the Middle AOR 1992  
Linman Heaven calls Melodic Rock 2023 MelodicRock Records
Lion  Trouble in Angel City Melodic HR 1981  
Lion Dangerous Attraction Melodic HR 1987/2017 20th Century Music
Lione - Conti Lione - Conti AOR 2018 Frontiers Records
Lionel's Dad Driving Music AOR 1998 Andromeda Discs
Lioncage The second Strike (II) AOR 2017 Pride & Joy Music
Lionheart  Hot Tonight AOR 1984  
Lionheart  Second Nature AOR 2022 Metalville
Lionheart  The Grace of a Dragonfly AOR 2024 Metalville
Lions & Ghosts  Velvet Kiss, Lick of the Lime Melodic HR 1987  
Lionville Lionville AOR 2011  
Lionville II AOR 2012  
Lionville A World of Fools AOR 2017 Frontiers Records
Lionville Magic is alive AOR 2020 Frontiers Records
Lisa Bernard  Prelude … AOR    
Lisa Hartman Til my Heart stops AOR 1988  
Lisa Lagoda  Half Moon Street AOR 1989  
Lisa Nemzo  Out of Desire AOR 1986  
Lisa Nemzo  Angel AOR 1987  
Lisa Price Priceless AOR 2013 YesterRock Records
Lita Ford  Dangerous Curves Melodic HR 1991  
Lita Ford  The Best of Melodic HR 1992  
Little Bob  Rendez-Vous in Angel City AOR    
Little Bob  Libero AOR 2002  
Little America  Little America AOR 1987/2005  
Little America  Fairgrounds AOR 1989/2005  
Little America  Anthology AOR 2022 MelodicRock Records
Little Angels Young Gods Melodic HR 1991  
Little Angels Jam Melodic HR 1992  
Little Angels Little of the Past Melodic HR 1994  
Little Caesar  Little Caesar Melodic HR 1990  
Little River Band  Diamantina Cocktail AOR 1977 EMI Australia Ltd
Little River Band  Greatest Hits AOR 1982  
Little River Band  The Net AOR 1983 Capitol Records
Little River Band  Playing to win AOR 1984 Capitol Records/Pasha
Little River Band  Get lucky AOR 1990  
Little Sister Ready and willing AOR 1990 Tusk Music Co.
Little Sister More than meets the Eye AOR 1991 Tusk Music Co.
Little Sister Along the Way AOR 1993  
Little Yankees All or Nothing AOR 1997 Massive Music
Living Colour  Time's up Melodic HR 1990  
Living Daylights  Living Daylights AOR 1993  
Living Note Do you believe AOR 2009  
Liz Larin  Test your Faith AOR 1993  
Loaded Dice Seven or Eleven Southern Rock 1997 Self released
Loaded Dice Dying Breed (4 track EP) Southern Rock 1999  
Lochinvar Lochinvar Melodic Rock 2001  
Lodgic Nomadic Sands AOR 1985/2011  
Lo'ko She-Bang! Lo'ko She-Bang! Melodic Rock 1990  
London Playa del Rock Melodic HR 1990 Noise International (Germany)
London Drive  Awake AOR 1996  
Lone Age Mama, look at me now Melodic HR 1991 T.A.O.B. Products
Lone Kent Granite & Sand AOR 1993  
Lonely Fire Call of the Wild Melodic Rock 2023 Self released
Lonely Robot Please come Home Prog Rock 2015 InsideOut Music
Lonely Robot The big Dream Prog Rock 2017 InsideOut Music
Lonely Robot Under Stars Prog Rock 2019 InsideOut Music
Lonerider Attitude Melodic HR 2019 Escape Music
Longplayer Longplayer Melodic Rock 2010  
Lori Bianco Lonely is the Night AOR 1990  
Lord Tracy  Deaf Gods of Babylon Melodic HR 1989  
Lordi The Monster Show Melodic HR 2004 Mayan Records
Los Angeles Los Angeles AOR 2007  
Los Angeles Neverland AOR 2009  
Lost & Found  Welcome to the real World Melodic HR 1988/2009 Retrospect Records
Lost Boys, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Melodic Rock 1987  
Lost in Thought Opus Arise Prog Metal 2011 Inner Wound Recordings
Lost Weekend  Lost Weekend AOR 1997  
Lost Weekend  Presence of Mind AOR 2000  
Lost Weekend  New Religion AOR 2002  
Lost Weekend  Fear and Innocence AOR 2008  
Lou Gramm  Ready or not AOR 1987  
Lou Gramm  Long hard Look AOR 1989  
Lou Gramm Band, The The Lou Gramm Band Melodic Rock 2009  
Loud & Clear  Disc-Connected Melodic HR 2002  
Loudguns Broken Highway Melodic HR 2012  
Louis Michael  Living for the Music AOR 1991  
Love.Might.Kill Brace for Impact Melodic HR 2011 Massacre Records
Love.Might.Kill 2 big 2 fail Melodic HR 2012 Massacre Records
Love Affair Love Affair Melodic Metal 2011 Retrospect Records
Love Affair Doyawanna Melodic HR 1981/2008 Retrospect Records
Love Affair Cleveland, 1983 Melodic HR 1983/2008 Retrospect Records
Love Child Love Child Melodic HR 1994  
Love Hunter  Love Hunter Melodic HR 1997  
Lover under Cover  Set the Night on Fire Melodic Rock 2012 Escape Music
Lover under Cover  Into the Night Melodic Rock 2014 Escape Music
Loverboy  Get Lucky AOR 1981  
Loverboy  Wildside AOR 1987  
Loverboy  Big Ones AOR 1989  
Loverboy  Loverboy Classics  Their greatest hits AOR 1994  
Loverboy  Just getting started AOR 2007  
Lovering  Calm before the Storm AOR 2000  
Lovetrick  Lovetrick Melodic HR 1990  
Lovetrick  No Rest for the Boys Melodic HR 1992  
Lovex  Divine Insanity Melodic HR 2007  
Lovex  Pretend or Surrender Melodic HR 2008  
Lovex  Watch out! Melodic HR 2011  
Luca Dirisio  Luca Dirisio AOR 2005  
Lucifer's Friend Lucifer's Friend Melodic HR 1970/2010 Universal Music Group
Lucifer's Friend Good Time Warrior Melodic HR 1978/2018 Warner Music
Lucifer's Friend Sneak me in Melodic HR 1980/2018 Warner Music
Lucifer's Friend Mean Machine Melodic HR 1981/2018 Warner Music
Lucifer's Friend II Sumogrip Melodic HR 1994  
Luley Today's Tomorrow Melodic Rock 2012 AOR Heaven Records
Lynch Mob Lynch Mob Melodic HR 1992/2021 Rock Candy Records
Lynn Allen We laugh at you Melodic HR 1989  
Lynn Allen And the Horse you rode in on Melodic HR 2007  
Lynn Allen Nine Melodic HR 2009  
Lynn Allen Retro Maniacs 1982 - 1988 (Limited Ed.) Melodic HR 2014 AOR Blvd
Lynn Allen Streetlight Melodic HR 2015 AOR Blvd
Lynx Sneak Attack AOR 1978  
Lyon King  Organized Opinions AOR 1991  
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Total No. Of CD's 5794     06.06.2024
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